The Bloodline System - Chapter 302 - Completing Daily Tasks

Chapter 302 - Completing Daily Tasks

Chapter 302 - Completing Daily Tasks



<Become The Most Powerful Mixedblood On Earth>


"Huh?" Gustav totally didn't expect this, so he was a little surprised.



<+300,000 Credits>

<Bloodline upgrade>

<Level up ×3>

<Universal Enlightenment>

<+2 Bloodline Unlocks>

[Punishment For Failure]



<Five years>

[Host will meet his end if the quest is not completed within the time frame required]


'Good rewards but death again?' Gustav said internally with a slight frown.

Even though he didn't know what Universal Enlightenment was supposed to entail, he knew it wouldn't be bad, just like the others.

Gustav sat up with a look of contemplation as he pondered about the whole situation.

He had five years to achieve all these, which was almost impossible from the looks of things.

Channelling your bloodline to even the serial rank normally took multiple years of training, regardless of your bloodline grade.

Although a higher bloodline grade meant faster channeling and easier breakthroughs. Nevertheless, becoming the most powerful mixedblood in just five years was an impossible feat.

Miss Aimee was practically the fastest-growing mixedblood in history. However, she had started training from a young age, unlike Gustav, who only started less than a year ago.

At Gustav's current age, Miss Aimee was already going on missions and was already close to the serial rank.

Whereas Gustave is still at the Zulu rank.

Gustav sighed as he thought of all these, 'The system says it would be pointless, and I would die either way even if the death punishment was not included if I fail to complete the quest... I guess this is ride or die. I have to put my best into completing both quests,' Gustav said internally with a look of determination.

Although the system hadn't revealed a lot to him, he knew very well that the system was in possession of knowledge that far exceeded that of any library or person living on the face of the earth.

This was why he knew the system wasn't messing around if it said he would die anyways if the quest wasn't completed in five years, and it allowed him to stay alive.

Gustav wanted more information which was why he kept arguing with the system, but it would seem the system honestly couldn't tell him more about what the challenge truly was.

Gustav stood to his feet and went to brush his teeth.

It was still around 3:30 am, but Gustav had decided not to go back to bed until he completed his daily tasks.

His daily tasks got more difficult by the day due to his strength that also increased.

However, it was not really a problem for him to complete them. It was only more time taking.

Gustav also had his own personal daily tasks he created that included his training schedule asides from that of the system.

His personal tasks included combat training by himself within the border, six hours of bloodline channelling, reading both online and books he got from a public library, and doing more research on mixedbreeds, the MBO, and powerful organizations in the world.

The only issue he foresaw was completing the system's daily tasks in the MBO training camps.

Although he could act like he was training even more while completing these tasks, he was worried because the daily tasks were versatile.

He might be asked to complete a task where he needed an instrument that could only be found in the city.

He could only hope that things wouldn't be that way.

Gustav wore a black hoodie went out of his apartment.

The instant he arrived outside, he dashed in the direction of the heart of the city.


As he sped off across the silent roads, his mind wandered off to what he had achieved in this short period, and he thought of what he might achieve in the next five years.

Regardless he wasn't really bothered, but he was quite curious.

He was swooshing past small buildings at a breakneck speed, making use of the main road instead of that of the pedestrians.

He could already see large buildings in the distance since he had already gone past the edge of the city that looked like a rural area.

The teleportation circles and spatial rings were still active on the roads even by this time.

As Gustav ran further, he arrived in the more urban parts of the city and kept running.

At this point, he would occasionally see one or two vehicles pass through this area.

'Today's daily tasks are pretty crazy, huh?' Gustav said internally as he shook his head, but he was actually excited since he has wanted to try out one of the tasks.

'First off...' Gustav stared at the tall building he was closing in on in the distance.

The building was shaped to look like a spiralling icicle, and it was on the left side of the road amidst many other sky scrappers in this area.

It was over three hundred storeys tall from Gustav's observation.


Gustav sped towards it at full sprint capacity jumping above the roadblock that arose to stop pedestrian movement due to a vehicle approaching from the other side.


Gustav jumped above the truck-like vehicle and arrived in front of the building in an instant.


Winds blew across the vicinity as Gustav took steps forward and started running on the surface of the sky scrapper.

Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap!

The surface made light tapping sounds as his feet movement transported him one thousand feet across the surface of the skyscraper in a single instant.

Gustav stared at the top of the skyscraper as he kept running across its surface that was constructed in a spiralling format.

Gustav had to keep running round as he ascended. It was like he was being given a chance to see the entire city in a 360° format.

The more he ascended, the more he was able to see the city view.

In a few more seconds, he arrived at the top of the skyscraper, which had something like a small balcony there.

Gustav pulled himself up and stared at the city from this point of view.

'What a nice view,' Gustav took a few seconds to stare at the city before checking out the system notification that appeared in his line of sight.

[Daily task completed (1/3): Run across the surface of a sixteen thousand feet building ✓]