The Bloodline System - Chapter 301 - Five Year Quests

Chapter 301 - Five Year Quests

Chapter 301 - Five Year Quests

[Five-year quest has been issued]

This was the first time Gustav was being woken up by a quest, so he knew it had to be serious.

Gustav opened up his notification panel to check out what the quest details were all about.



<Located Dimension six in planet Humbad>


Gustav stared at the panel with a look of astonishment as he read the details of the quest internally.

"Dimension six in planet Humbad?" He muttered with a look of confusion.

In the next instant, his eyes suddenly widened as he remembered something.

"Planet Humbad... The home planet of the Slarkovs..." Gustav muttered after recalling this from the historical books.

"Why would the system be issuing me an invalid quest. The planet was destroyed long ago, which was what caused them to relocate back to earth... How does it expect me to find this dimension six within a planet that has already been destroyed?" This looked extremely confusing to Gustav, so he decided to ask the system.

'Hey System... Why give me a quest to find somewhere that doesn't exist?' Gustav said internally.

("Who says it doesn't exist?")

The familiar cute, and thin, feminine voice resounded in his mind.

'Planet Humbad was destroyed thousands of years ago, so how do I find a place within a planet that doesn't exist anymore?' Gustav asked with a slight expression of annoyance.

("I ask again who says it doesn't exist anymore?") The system voiced internally once again.

'Hey, did you forget about the part where I mentioned it was destroyed thousands of years back? According to the history books, the Slarkovs descended to earth because they predicted the destruction of their planet, which eventually got destroyed,' Gustav argued with the system since the quest was practically impossible with these facts.

("You are really a dumbo...")

The system insulted Gustav.

Gustav; "..."

("They predicted the destruction of their planet and left... But were they there to see its destruction?") The system asked.

'Of Cou...' Gustav paused midway and placed his hand on his chin with a look of contemplation.

'What exactly are you trying to say?' Gustav asked, 'Are you saying planet Humbad might still be in existence?' he added with a look of disbelief.

("Who knows? Just make sure the quest is completed. Sooner or later, you'll discover the truth if you dig deep enough,") she voiced out before turning quiet.

Gustav didn't bother trying to bring the system back to this topic because he knew all too well that the system would stop replying to him at this point.

'Could it really be possible that the planet still exists? But it was said in the history books that hundred of years later, a research team was sent from earth to investigate. They found nothing in the part of the galaxy where planted Humbad used to be,' Gustav couldn't wrap his head around all this.

It was all too confusing, but he had decided to dig deep and do proper research about it.

Due to this, Gustav had even forgotten to check the other details of the quests for the rewards, so he decided to check them now.


[Rewards For Quest Completion]

<+5 A Grade Bloodlines Unlocks>

<Class Level Up>

<+100,000,000 EXP>

<+3 Unique Skills Unlock>

<All Abilities: Evolutional Upgrade>

<Original Bloodline Level Up: S-grade>


Gustav's eyes widened slightly as he saw them, 'These are too good to be true,' He was pleasantly surprised by the bountiful rewards.

'Class level up... I can't even use the power of my current class,' Gustav smiled wryly as he stared at this.

'Hey System, one more question... Any idea on how to use this power called YARKI?' Gustav asked internally.

("Figure it out yourself or there's no point,") The system responded.

'Thanks for nothing,' Gustav said internally with a look of repression.

Gustav went back to checking the rewards and nodding with a look of delight after reading each one of them.

'S grade... Does such a bloodline actually exist?' Gustav wondered as he stared at the last reward.

("Have you checked out the punishment?") The system suddenly asked while Gustav was contemplating.

'Oh yeah, you and punishments... It's probably gonna be hidden like the others, right?' Gustav said internally with a scoff while looking further downwards.


[Punishment For Failure]



<Five years>

[Host will meet his end if the quest is not completed within the time frame required]


Gustav's eyes widened as he noticed the punishment.

"What is with you and death? You try to kill me on our first encounter, and from what I remember, you once gave me a quest with punishment as death... Should I remind you that you also wouldn't survive without me?" Gustav said with a tone of annoyance.

("I'd prefer to meet my end than to remain within a useless host,") The system replied with an uncaring tone.

Gustav; "..."

("Besides... If you cannot complete these quests, you have no hope of taking on what is to come which will eventually lead to death, so failure leads to death either way,")

The system foreshadowed again.

Gustav's had a look of contemplation as he heard that. It was obvious that the system had a lot of things it was keeping from him, which caused him to worry.

He didn't want to end up failing due to lack of information, but he understood that the system had built-in protocols that prevented it from sharing everything.

He just hoped that just as it had put this quest out, the process of completion would cause things to be revealed to him slowly.

"Wait... You said quests?" Gustav's mind went back to a few moments ago, where the system used plural form instead of singular.

("Yes... Did you assume there was only one quest?") The system responded with a ridiculing tone as if it was trying to say Gustav was too lazy.

Gustav; "..."

[Another Five-Year Quest Has Been Issued]

A new notification suddenly popped up in Gustav's line of sight.

He wasted no time in requesting for the full details of the notification to be displayed.



<Become The Most Powerful Mixedblood On Earth>