The Bloodline System - Chapter 300 - Back To The Present

Chapter 300 - Back To The Present

Chapter 300 - Back To The Present

"Boss!" Both of them shouted out at the same time as they approached Gustav with a respectful look.

Gustav stared at these two men with a solemn attitude.

"How has it been going?" Gustav asked.

"Fine, boss," They both voiced out together.

The one on the left had an alpaca-shaped face with a stout build. His black hair looked rough and unkempt. However, his overall look was a little fearsome.

The other one had a large build and green dots all over his face and other exposed body parts.

"Braun, Durk, I suppose you have reports for me," Gustav stated, and they both nodded in response.

"Good, let's go discuss at the coffee shop," Gustav proposed.

They headed towards the coffee shop within the neighborhood to discuss.


Within a room-sized shop across the street that leads to the bus station, several tables and chairs arranged in columns could be seen, along with a counter on the far left end.

The voices of people chattering away within the room while sipping on drinks in mugs and cups could be heard.

On the third seating area towards the right, a group of three could be seen sitting around a table.

A young lad and two fearsome-looking men.

They all had coffee in front of them as they discussed.

"Boss, we successfully captured twenty-two of the Cumbasa Turkey mixedbreeds," The man with an alpaca-shaped face, sitting on the front left side of the young lad, voiced out.

"We have kept them in the storage facility, and just as you ordered, a butcher has been arranged," The other man with green dots all over his face said.

The man with the alpaca-shaped face was Braun, while the one with green dots all over his body was Durk.

Gustav had hired these two men three weeks before the start of the MBO entrance test, and he gave them specific details of what the job would be all about.

Although there were more people who had wanted to join them, Gustav decided to start with these two first.

They were mixedbloods on the serial rank with zero experience in hunting. However, they used to be guards in small office places and organizations in the city.

When they found out Gustav's pay was more, they decided to change ship.

They were surprised when they found out that he was just a kid and wanted to bail out at first until they saw the stacks of cash.

However, cash wasn't enough. They actually wanted someone who was strong enough so they wouldn't be led to their death. So, Gustav proved himself by fighting both of them together and winning.

He saw potential in their combat experience as guards, which was why he hired them.

They both have low-grade bloodlines, but since they were serial ranked, he knew they'd be able to handle many of the low leveled mixedbreeds.

He was only able to defeat them due to his strength gained from having multiple bloodlines.

Other mixedbreed hunters had to go to the outskirts of the city and even farther to hunt down mixedbreeds. On the contrary, Gustav only had to bring these two into the border with him to hunt down mixedbreeds.

It was easy access that everyone wasn't privileged to have.

Gustav provided them with tools, and they had been hunting down mixedbreeds since.

When they witnessed the way he killed mixedbreeds within the border, they became intrigued about his real identity, but since he never revealed anything to them, they were left to wonder about it.

At the moment, they were giving Gustav a report of their hunts during his two weeks of absence due to the MBO entrance test.

They were overwhelmed when they witnessed Gustav's performance on screens all across the city.

They were glad that they were employed by someone who was currently a superstar in the city. They saw him on different billboards all across the city.

At the moment, the eyes of everyone present within the shop would occasionally glance in their direction, wondering if their sight was working well due to Gustav being within.

Gustav repeatedly nodded as he listened to their reports.

"Has Chinguon restaurant made any requests lately?" Gustav asked.

"Yes, they sent a list of requests to our site. I left them pending since you hadn't returned," Braun replied.

"Are all the items listed available in our storehouse?" Gustav asked.

"Yes, they are," Braun replied.

"Next time, you don't have to wait for me to sell them. Once the items requested are available, start the delivery process at once," Gustav answered.

Both of them nodded as they heard that.

'Looks like I'll need to get a secretary and some more workers... Having just two isn't enough,' Gustav said internally.

His reason for not employing more was due to not seeing anyone that met up with his requirements.

Now that he knew he'd be gone in two weeks, he wanted to set everything in order before he left.

'I'll also need someone to supervise these guys in my absence... Miss Aimee is out of the question since she'll also be leaving the city after I'm gone,' Gustav felt this was another issue that needed to be solved.


About two hours later, Gustav had gotten back home and decided to rest early so he would wake up in the middle of the night to complete his daily tasks.

He and Miss Aimee had already planned their time of meeting during the week, so he knew he still had some time to put some things in order, like his agency.

Gustav felt this would be the best time to expand since he was now well known across the city. However, he was still thinking of the best way possible to execute his plans so he would achieve the best results.

'So, the system will be issuing out the quest tomorrow... I wonder what it will be?' Gustav thought before he went to bed.

He knew dwelling on it wouldn't be sensible, so he shrugged the thought off his mind and tucked in for the night.


The following day around three am in the middle of the night, Gustav awoke to a ringing sound in his head.

He opened his eyes with a slightly sleepy expression.

"Oh... Finally, it's here," He muttered as he stared at the notification that appeared in his line of sight.

[Five-year quest has been issued]