The Bloodline System - Chapter 286 - Other Self

Chapter 286 - Other Self

Chapter 286 - Other Self

Gustav walked till the rock was right in front of him and placed his hand on it.


The rock instantly lit up like a star, shining a blinding light across the vicinity.

Miss Aimee shut her eyes for an instant due to the suddenly blinding green light that spread across their surroundings.

From above the base, it could be seen that the mansion was glowing immensely due to the brightness.

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

Alarms went off all across the base as every mechanical equipment in the vicinity shut down for a few seconds.

Everyone in the base looked towards the source of the bright green light that pierced into the sky like a giant spear.


In a few seconds, it died down and disappeared. Still, it had already raised an alarm, so officials were headed towards the mansion with speed.

They were all equipped with one weapon or the other, and the moment the light died down completely, seven officials dashed into the storage room.

"Hmm?" They noticed miss Aimee standing in front, staring at them with a cold look.

"What do you want?" She asked.

"U... M... Young miss we noticed..." Before the one in front could complete his sentence, miss Aimee interrupted.

"Get out! I'm busy,"

This order wasn't repeated. The moment Miss Aimee said this, every single one of them filed out.

Those who were on their way here were stopped by those that Miss Aimee sent out of the place.

Once they knew miss Aimee was responsible, they didn't bother trying to investigate it.

After they had all left, Miss Aimee turned around to stare at Gustav, who was standing in front with his palm still placed on the rock.


Suddenly, cracks started to appear, all from Gustav's palm position to the other parts of the rock.

Miss Aimee was shocked by this occurrence once again. She knew just how many times Yung Jo had performed lots of experiments trying to split open the rock but right before her eyes, Gustav only placed his hand on the rock for it to crack open.


The rock burst apart into fragments, and a small dark-red firefly-like glow could be seen floating above the spot where the rock formerly was.

It flew to Gustav's face and floated around him.

"Uh, not again," Gustav voiced out before opening his mouth.


The glow flew straight into his mouth, causing Gustav to display a slightly disgusted look.

Gustav's eyes glowed crimson for a few seconds after that before he returned back to normal.

He stared at the fragments of green rock scattered across the place with a look of astonishment.

"Now it's your turn to explain some things to me," Miss Aimee voiced out from behind.

Gustav smiled wryly as he turned around to face miss Aimee.

"But miss Aimee hasn't completed her narration earlier," Gustav reminded.

The both of them stared at each other for a bit before miss Aimee broke the silence.

"We have to leave here first... Grab your things. We're going back to Plankton city," Miss Aimee said before turning around.

Gustav, too started walking forward, but then he remembered something and turned back around.

He stared at the rock fragments on the ground and squatted.

Zing! Zing! Zing! Zing!

He placed every single one of them into his storage device before heading out.

'Did you finish the merge?' Gustav asked internally as he arrived within the room he slept in.

("Merge is complete... I am currently retrieving my full set of memories,")

The system replied Gustav.

Gustav nodded in response with a look of contemplation.

He quickly moved into the mansion and started preparing to leave.

Angy, Maltida, Glade, and Falco also prepared themselves to leave and be with their family for the next two weeks before they would return here.

In about an hour, everyone was set to leave.

A private aircraft had been prepared for them to leave, and everyone boarded it, including Miss Aimee.

E.E was the only one who lived in a different city among them, so he had to join the aircraft that was returning the participants from his city.

While they were on the flight back home, Gustav sat by himself with a contemplative expression.

'Who knew that miss Aimee would be the one to find your other self... And she got it from the man, Yung Jo,' Gustav thought.

Back in the storage room, Gustav had received a notification from the system the moment he closed in on the stone.


[Fragment Of The System Found]

[Host Is Required To Make Contact With The Rock To Commence System Merge]


When Gustav first saw these notifications, he was confused at first, but he remembered the system mentioning that it had to sacrifice a part of itself to save up energy to get to this galaxy.

Gustav only thought it shut down that part of itself or absorbed it to gain more energy. He didn't know that the system actually meant that it disengaged a part of itself.

The system explained to him that this part of itself was also lost in space and probably drifted aimlessly. Since it wasn't active, it must have landed on this planet by coincidence.

How the rock covered it up was unknown. However, it had helped hide the signature energy of the system, which was why it could not locate its other half. However, it also helped because sensors would have been able to pick it up the moment it was exposed without a host since it wasn't functional.

"Gustav, what was that light?" Angy asked from the side of the aircraft.

"Miss Aimee was showing me a technique and ended up using too much power," Gustav answered instantly with a dismissive expression.

Angy stared at miss Aimee from her seating position with a look of understanding.

She totally bought what Gustav said after finding out that miss Aimee was a part of the MBO.

"What are you gonna do in the next two weeks?" Angy asked again with an inquisitive look.

"Nothing much... Just pack my items and get ready to move out, I guess," Gustav replied without much thought.

"Oh, okay... Would you..." Angy muttered with a shy look.

"Would I what?" Gustav asked with a look of confusion.

"Would you like to go out with me on one of these days?" Angy asked while staring at Gustav with a shy look and reddened cheeks.