The Bloodline System - Chapter 287 - Homecoming

Chapter 287 - Homecoming

Chapter 287 - Homecoming

"Would you like to go out with me on one of these days?" Angy asked while staring at Gustav with a shy look and reddened cheeks.

"Hmm? You mean like a date?" Gustav asked bluntly.

Angy's cheek reddened even more as she heard that, "Da... da... date... Not l..." She repeatedly stammered while trying to connected words together, but she was failing miserably at it.

At this moment, her cheeks could be mistaken for tomatoes.

"Alright, I agree," Gustav answered.

Angy immediately stopped her jabbering after hearing that and turned her face away with speed to stare at the other side.

"But not this week... Next week will not be bad," Gustav added.

"Okay," Angy muttered in reply.

Even though a viable look of delight and excitement could be seen on her face, Internally, her heart was pounding so fast that she thought it would come out of her chest.

'He said yes,' Angy turned to stare at Glade, who on the other side was giving her a thumbs up.

'How is it going?' Gustav asked internally.

("Retrieval process is still ongoing,")

The system replied.

("Shouldn't you be more worried about your date?") The system teased with its little girl voice turning thinner and cuter.

'That is the least of my concerns right now... Too many other important things to worry about,' Gustav responded seriously.

("Hah, I forgot you were a robot... You're more of a system than I am... You will remain a virgin forever,")

The system responded with this and stopped talking as a whole.

Gustav; "..." 'This damn thing is cursing me again,'


About thirty minutes later, they arrived at Plankton city's international airport.

As expected, the airport was crowded with lots of people, but the spot they landed, in particular, was reserved so people could hardly be seen around there.

This was where Glade, Falco, and Maltida said their goodbyes since their families came to pick them in this particular area

from the look of things.

A man with a long white horn and greenish skin came alone to pick Glade while convoys of cars came to pick Falco and Maltida up.

Both were from prestigious families in the cities, so they were treasured even more now that they had successfully gotten enlisted into the MBO.

The people from each family who arrived with the convoy had plans of approaching Gustav with the intention of forming a bridge. Nonetheless, the moment they saw miss Aimee, they changed their minds and scurried away with both of them.

Miss Aimee already had her bike brought over, so she drove Gustav and Angy out of the airport.

Gustav was once again glad to see the familiar-looking city as they travelled through the roads even.

He stared at the massive buildings and the sidewalks with the teleportation circles that made trekking faster and then the massive spatial rings in different corners of the road with vehicles streaming in and out of them.

He knew he wouldn't be staying for long in the city, so he wanted to enjoy the view this time.

He never liked society, but he couldn't deny that he would miss the beautiful city.

Breaking News! Breaking News!

-"The successful Candidates From The MBO Entrance Test Have Been Revealed!"

-"These Are The Top Hundred Candidates From Plankton City!"

-"Gustav Crimson The Rising Star Tops The Worldwide Ranking Boards!"

-"The Successful Candidates Have Arrived Back In The City!"

-"We Have Footages of..."

All over the city, media outlets were all sharing similar news.

Some skyscrapers displayed footage of some events that went down during the test phase and also the included performances of the first hundred that managed to get enlisted.

Gustav was mostly being mentioned because not only did he get the highest number of points among the top hundred, but he was also the highest among all the Candidates that passed in the entire world.

He had become a hot topic, not only in the city but also in other civilized parts of the world.

Big families were having meetings at the moment to think of a way of forming a bond with him.

If not for miss Aimee driving extremely fast, ready to hit anyone that tried to stand in her way, Gustav and Angy would have been detained in the airport by reporters who had gotten tipped at the time of arrival.

In a few minutes, they arrived in front of Gustav's apartment, where Angy's parents were already waiting for them.

Her parents' eyes turned teary the moment they saw their daughter and went to hug her when she got down from miss Aimee's hoverbike.

The entire neighborhood had come out of their houses to welcome them, and everywhere erupted with excitement.

Miss Aimee didn't stay long. She left after telling Gustav what time they were going to meet the next day.

Gustav could not get away from all the greetings and chatting for the next one hour since everyone was excited to see the star of the entrance test.

Girls in the neighborhood were all on him, trying to get in his good graces. Even their parents were pushing them more.

They had no idea that Gustav only saw them as nuisances, no matter how beautiful they were.

Angy also didn't stay put in one place. Whenever any girl was trying to hit on Gustav, she would appear.

After two hours had gone by, Gustav finally got the chance to leave the ongoing neighborhood celebration.

He arrived in front of his apartment.

"So, this is how these popular celebrity figures feel?" Gustav sighed as he noticed everything that was placed in front of his door.

Pink letters with lipsticks along with flowers of different kinds could be seen in front of his door.

"Good thing the MBO camp is very far from here," Gustav thanked the stars that he would be leaving the city two weeks from now.

He couldn't imagine having to live like this.


He opened his door and walked into his apartment.

It was only two weeks, but it felt like he had been away for longer. The dust particles that settled on different spots of the living room also made it look like that.

[Memories Successfully Recovered]

The moment Gustav was about to start cleaning, he noticed this notification in his line of sight.