The Bloodline System - Chapter 285 - Making Contact With The Green Rock

Chapter 285 - Making Contact With The Green Rock

Chapter 285 - Making Contact With The Green Rock

E.E was confused at this point, wondering how Gustav was already a special class but still participated in the test. The rest understood since they witnessed it themselves.

"Which is why we have prepared a special reward for you," Great commander Shion added.

"Oh?" Gustav voiced out with an intrigued look.

"Gustav Crimson... you have been granted the rank of a Caiser, and your training years in the MBO camp have been shortened to two years. You will join one of the cadet squads as vice-captain and go on low-ranked missions from time to time after your first six months of training.

You are also entitled to the privileges of a special class and more," Great commander Shion listed out.

When he was done, everyone except Miss Aimee and Gustav himself had their eyes and mouth slightly open in surprise.

Although they were surprised, they felt this was an appropriate reward for Gustav since he was the one who actually battled the Vindruella.

"I refuse," Gustav voiced out with a look of disagreement.

The entire place was plagued with silence once again after hearing Gustav's statement.

This time their eyes widened more than before as they stared at Gustav with a shocked expression wondering what he was thinking.

"The rewards are not promising enough," Gustav waved with a dismissive expression as he leaned against the chair.

Miss Aimee smiled internally as she heard Gustav speak. She hadn't said a word yet because she wasn't involved in the topic. She was only here as a witness and secretly to protect Gustav just in case.

"Hmm? What else would you want then?" Even great commander Shion was surprised, but he acted cool and asked.

"I want a favor added to that list," Gustav said while crossing his leg.

"I haven't agreed to keep the Caskia Ruins incident a secret. I nearly lost my life there, along with many others. I also

managed to end the existence of two dangerous creatures. One of which already killed countless others. This isn't enough," Gustav explained.

"I want you to owe me a favor that I can cash out on in the future," Gustav added.

Great commander Shion stared at Gustav with an expression of interest.

'This lad is quite the daring one. Even though he has Aimee behind him, trying to negotiate with a great commander while using the incident as a kind of leverage is really rash. The confidence he carries is a little too much for his age,' Great commander Shion thought.

He was really intrigued by Gustav's personality.

Angy and E.E, along with the others, were about to tell Gustav not to be too rash and just accept the initial proposal, but before they could open their mouths, Commander Shion responded.

"Okay... I agree," He said with a light smile.

"Huh?" They all voiced out with confusion once again.

'He agreed just like that,' They had expected a different response. Still, great commander Shion just agreed to Gustav like that.

"So long as it is within my power, whatever favour you ask of will be granted by me," He added.

Gustav smirked and nodded, "Then we have a deal,"

Gustav was glad it worked out like he wanted. With this, he would have another assurance, but he decided he would only make use of that favor when he really needed it.

Great commander Shion said a few more things, including information on the MBO training camp, before coming to a conclusion.

"Now I shall take my leave... Glade, come with me," Great commander Shion voiced out before standing up to leave.

Glade stood to her feet and followed commander Shion.

"Aimee," Commander Shion voiced out while turning around to stare at her.

"Your grandfather sends his greetings... He'll be arriving on earth in a few days," He voiced out before walking out the door with Glade.

Miss Aimee frowned upon hearing that and kept staring at the door even after great Commander Shion had left.

The whole place was filled with excitement due to the rewards.

While Gustav was intrigued about what he heard last, 'Miss Aimee's grandfather? Who is he?' Gustav turned to stare at miss Aimee after hearing that.

"Miss Aimee?" Gustav voiced out as he noticed her frown and her eyes that were still glued to the door.

Miss Aimee heard him and responded by standing to her feet.

"Let's go somewhere... There's something I want to show you," She said while walking towards the door.


Gustav followed Miss Aimee to a part of the barricaded environment surrounding the mansion.

It was a small storehouse beside the hangar area where aircraft were kept.


The place opened up, and Miss Aimee led Gustav past the bunch of mechanisms and gadgets arranged all across the place.

They got to the end of the room and what Gustav saw in his line of sight was a large greenish rock.

It was so massive that it even reached the ceiling of the room.


It glowed up the instant Gustav was nine feet away from it.

"This is exactly why I came here... I didn't even know that such a situation would happen during the final phase. Good thing I decided to come," Miss Aimee said.

"Hmm? I don't understand..." Gustav was saying when a system notification appeared in his line of sight.

His eyes widened slightly as he read through it.

"So Gustav... tell me, what is your relationship with this rock and why do I keep sensing your presence when I'm around it?" Miss Aimee asked while staring at the rock.

If she was looking at Gustav, she would have noticed his weird expression. Still, instead, her eyes were focused on the rock after noticing its glow as well as sensing Gustav's presence increasing even more than before.

"I got this from that asshole Yung Jo, and I know it must be something phenomenal. However, he has not been able to figure out its secret and had even conducted numerous experiments trying to crack it open..." Miss Aimee paused her speech when she noticed Gustav moving closer to it.

"What are you doing?" Miss Aimee asked, but Gustav didn't respond.

Gustav walked till the rock was right in front of him and placed his hand on it.


The rock instantly lit up like a star, shining a blinding light across the vicinity.