The Bloodline System - Chapter 284 - Rewards

Chapter 284 - Rewards

Chapter 284 - Rewards

That's because we came to a kind of agreement..."


Before miss Aimee could complete her statement, the A.I. installed within the mansion made an announcement.

Miss Aimee paused her speech after hearing that before standing to her feet.

"We'll continue our chat later. It's time for you to meet one of the five great commanders," Miss Aimee said towards Gustav while gesturing for him to follow her.

They walked out of the second living room and arrived at the corridor that led to the luxurious stairway.

From above, Gustav could see a man with white hair and beards sitting on a three-seater sofa in the middle of a lineup of about four sofas.

He had a rhombus-shaped green diamond in the middle of his forehead. He had two slanted eyes with a sharp and penetrating gaze. An aura of calmness and solemnity surrounded him as he sat on the sofa and stared at Gustav and Miss Aimee, who was currently descending.

He looked around the age of sixty, but Gustav knew this man couldn't be less than the age of a hundred years with his level of strength.

It was quite normal to live up to the age of two hundred and beyond so long as you are a powerful mixed blood.

His military-like uniform was crystalline and silver in color, with royal blue stars plastered on his left chest area.

The others had also heard when the A.I. announced the arrival of the great commander, so they also moved towards the main living room.

They had tense looks as they arrived there and noticed great commander Shion sitting on the sofa comfortably.

'So, this is a legendary great commander?' They all had thoughts similar to this.

"Youngsters, please find a place to sit. We don't have all day," Great commander Shion voiced out as he noticed that Falco, Angy, and E.E. were still standing at different corners.

After hearing that, they had embarrassed expressions on their faces as they found a spot to sit.

They all avoided the chair he was sitting on and moved to other sofas in the living room.

Gustav and miss Aimee also finished climbing down the stairs and found a place to sit.

Gustav sat down opposite commander Shion and secretly scrutinized him.

He could sense the energy radiating from this man was not ordinary and also very powerful.

("On other planets, this man would be on the level of a planet conqueror,")

The system suddenly spoke in his mind.

'What's a planet conqueror? I mean, does it have something to do with conquering planets, or it's just a term for powerful figures?' Gustav asked internally.

("Both... With the information I have, powerful figures such as himself would be capable of taking an entire planet on and successfully conquer them. Even in lots of galaxies, there aren't a lot of them on this level,")

The system explained.

'Oh, I see, and the earth happens to have multiple mixedbloods on this level. This must be why the earth has successfully conquered some planets,' Gustav was reminded of the imprisoned vindruellas.

'But how do you know this if your memory is incomplete?' Gustav asked the system.

("My incomplete memories doesn't affect my knowledge of the universe,")

This was the system's last response to him before great commander Shion began speaking.

"I have witnessed your performances during the test phases and noticed the massive potential dwelling within each and every one of you present here," Great commander Shion voiced out.

"The research team did not do a great job of surveying the ruins properly. They were unable to notice the danger that would have caused a massive death if not for you five. We deeply appreciate the effort you five put into stopping the threat." Commander Shion said with a solemn voice filled with genuine gratitude.

"Erm, sire, why am I among? I shouldn't be here," Glade voiced out with a conflicted look.

She kept hearing great commander Shion say 'five of you,' which meant he was referring to just five of them being the heroes who saved the day. This made it obvious that she wasn't included since she didn't remember being of any help.

"We'll get to that..." Commander Shion replied, "First off, we will like for you to keep this blunder a secret," He added with squinted eyes.

The five of them stared at each other in silence and a look of contemplation after hearing that.

In a few seconds, they nodded in response. All this time, Gustav never took his eyes off Great commander Shion who assumed Gustav also agreed to keep it a secret.

"Good... secondly, for your meritorious deeds, we have rewards for you all," Grand Commander Shion added.

"The first is, you all are now special class cadets," He revealed.

"Wow, are you for real?" E.E. couldn't help but voice out.

Great commander Shion nodded in response with a light smile on his face.

"Yes," E.E. jumped up in delight while Angy, Maltida, and Falco had looks of excitement on their faces.

Only Glade looked a bit sulky since she didn't understand why she was also receiving such privilege.

"The second reward is that you all are going to be given the opportunity to pick up any supportive weaponry or gadget of your choice from the Base arsenal store," Great commander Shion added.

They all became more excited as they heard that and looked forward to enjoying the privileges of being in a special class.

"Excuse me, great commander, but I already passed the special class test," Gustav, who was silent all this time, finally spoke.

"Doesn't that mean the first reward is irrelevant for me," He added with a calm look.

He and great commander Shion exchanged eye contact at this point, and Gustav didn't even flinch in the slightest.

'He truly is just as I expected him to be,' A smile appeared on Great commander Shion's face as he said internally.

"You are correct..." Great commander Shion agreed with Gustav