The Bloodline System - Chapter 283 - Mixedblood Ranks

Chapter 283 - Mixedblood Ranks

Chapter 283 - Mixedblood Ranks

Three out of the five great commanders were also present, along with an MBO officer named Mack Freindzer.

This man was hailed as the most powerful MBO officer. Aimee had never even met him before since they were never in the same place at the same time. However, she had heard about him, and he had heard about her.

Miss Aimee listened to their restraining order and gave them all cold looks before raising her middle finger and heading for the door.

"Mack, Restrain her,"

These were the next words she heard coming from one of the great commanders.

"Sigh, what a drag? You called me all the way out here to deal with an ordinary alpha ranked," Mack Freindzer voiced out with a look of boredom.

"Watch your tongue. She's no ordinary alpha," One of the great commanders voiced out.

Mack Freindzer yawned before standing to his feet, but the moment he did that, a loud blast occurred, and half of the building was blown away.

When the dust in the air cleared, Mack was back on his seat, leaning his jaw on his fist with a more bored expression on his face than he had before.

"We didn't ask you to destroy the building, idiot," One of them voiced out again as they stared at the open space in front of them.

"Mission complete there she is," Mack said while pointing at the ground in front.

Miss Aimee was lying on the ground unconscious.

The three great commanders present nodded. 'As expected, even though she's really powerful, she's no match for him,'

These thoughts appeared in their minds as two officers moved over to pick Miss Aimee up.

Unexpectedly, they stopped when they were only a few feet away due to an invisible force pressing against them.


Purple like aura covered Miss Aimee as she floated upwards and opened her eyes to stare at Mack with a chilling gaze.

Mack was shocked as his eyes widened, and he stared at miss Aimee, 'She regained consciousness... No, she's not even injured,'


'She is the first to take my fist without getting injured in the slightest... Even though I only used a small fraction of my power, this might be fun,' He thought.

The higher-ups and great commanders present were extremely shocked.

'Why is she using a different power entirely from her original?' They wondered

The entire environment was drowned in an unfathomable pressure as both Mack and Aimee dashed towards each other.

Swwiiiiihhh! Swwiiiiihhh!


The entire vicinity disintegrated the moment they came into contact with each other.


"Wait, Miss Aimee has more than one bloodline?" Gustav asked with a look of confusion as he cut into her narration.

"Yes... I have two bloodlines which is the reason I'm this powerful with two B grade bloodlines," Miss Aimee confirmed.

Gustav had widened eyes as he heard this, 'She hid it so well and never even made use of it even once when training me,' Gustav had a look of amazement as he heard that.

"Also, Miss Aimee is an Alpha ranked mixedblood and not a Kilo ranked?" Gustav asked with astonishment.

"That was three years back. I improved a little after that," Miss Aimee answered bluntly.

'She's practically at the pinnacle... '

Gustav remembered the bloodline ranks to be, Zulu > Serial > Gilberk >Martial > Falcon > Echo > Kilo > Delta > Beta > Alpha > Beacon > Evolver.

Each rank had four steps.

These were levels said to have been attained by the most powerful mixedbloods in the past who passed down this ranking. However, there were rumours that it didn't end here.

Fifty per cent of mixedbloods in the entire world are unable to surpass the serial rank. Thirty per cent manage to make it to the Martial and Falcon rank. A mixedblood would be known as a powerhouse if they managed to make it to this rank.

Around ten per cent were able to make it to the kilo and delta rank, which were known to be among the powerful in the entire world.

The mixedbloods that managed to reach this point were mostly in high places of authority. They weren't seen as normal people, neither were they normal people in society.

Less than one per cent of the mixedbloods in the entire world reached the Alpha ranked, which was considered the pinnacle for all mixedbloods in this age.

For hundreds of years, no one had been able to surpass this rank. Even the five great commanders were stuck in this rank along with Miss Aimee.

Only one person was an exception, and that was Mack Freindzer. The only mixedblood in the last five hundred years to make it to the Beacon rank.

He was the most powerful mixedblood on the entire planet, and the number of battles he had lived through along with the successful missions and planet conquering added to his name added to his fame.

According to a lot of MBO officers, he had never had to throw another punch when battling with a person because it always ended up with an instant win. According to others, he didn't even need to act to defeat an opponent. Some exaggerated his strength and added that a single sneeze of his could part the oceans.

The alpha rank was already god like to others, but it was nothing compared to the Beacon rank.

'Hold on, Miss Aimee is only around twenty-five years old, so how did she achieve this in such a short period?' Gustav wondered as he stared at miss Aimee.

"So, miss Aimee, how did the fight with him end?" Gustav decided to ask the most mind-boggling question.

"Since I'm still here, I obviously didn't lose..." Miss Aimee voiced out.

"So that means..." Gustav's eyes widened slightly in astonishment, but Miss Aimee interrupted before he could complete his statement.

"But he didn't lose either... We had to stop halfway since the base was getting destroyed each time we collided," Miss Aimee added.

"So how is it that you are kilo ranked right now, and how are you still affiliated with the MBO even if you're no longer a part of them?" Gustav inquired with a confused expression.

"That's because we came to a kind of agreemen..."


Before miss Aimee could complete her statement, the AI installed within the mansion made an announcement.