The Bloodline System - Chapter 282 - Miss Aimee's Backstory

Chapter 282 - Miss Aimee's Backstory

Chapter 282 - Miss Aimee's Backstory

Inside one of the living rooms within the mansion, Miss Aimee and Gustav sat opposite each other.

"Now, ask me what you want to know," Miss Aimee said to Gustav.

Gustav stared at her for a few seconds before replying.

"I want to know who the real Miss Aimee is... Tell me everything," Gustav voiced out as he placed his chin on his knuckles which were being supported by his elbows that were placed on his thighs as he sat.

"Of course, I can't tell you everything, but I will clear your doubts and make things less confusing," Miss Aimee replied.

Gustav nodded slightly in response as he waited for miss Aimee to start speaking.

"But we're trading secrets, so I expect you to also reveal some things to me after I'm done," Miss Aimee added.

Gustav was already expecting this, and he didn't see any problem with letting miss Aimee know. She already knew he could use different kinds of abilities, so he only had to straighten a few more things out.

By now, it was obvious that Miss Aimee meant no harm, so trusting her wouldn't be a bad thing.

"Alright," Gustav responded.

After Gustav gave affirmation, Miss Aimee started to explain from somewhere close to the beginning.

Miss Aimee narrating her story from when she was still a kid. She happened to awaken her bloodline since she was an infant.

Which was unseen and unheard of. She practically turned the cradle she was placed in into a tree. It grew leaves and branches.

Aimee was born into a prestigious military family that had a good standing in the MBO, so this was good news for her father.

From that day, he decided that Aimee would be a part of the MBO when she grew big enough.

He started training Aimee on how to use her bloodline from the age of three.

Not only was it forceful training, but whenever she failed to complete tasks, she would be dealt with mercilessly by her father.

He was mostly concerned about his reputation and wanted Aimee to do well so she could outshine all of her peers, which she eventually did.

Aimee grew to understand that society only cared about power and having a great bloodline. These two things determine how you were going to be addressed by others.

Aimee's mother was the only person she would always run to because she only had hate for her father, who was objectifying her.

Her mother treated her nicely and always told her to grow up to be whatever she wanted, and she didn't have to play by the rules of everyone.

Her mother always advised and comforted her while listening to all her worries and complaints. In her eyes, her mother was the only person who wasn't objectifying her and wanted her to truly live a happy and uncontrolled life.

Her mother, who had a low bloodline, was treated like a pile of poop by the entire household even when she managed to mother someone as talented as Aimee.

The only difference was after everyone found out Aimee was a genius, the discrimination reduced. However, due to poor feeding and treatment over the past years, even though her mother was now being treated better, she fell ill.

The maltreatment had nurtured a sickness inside her that was slowly taking her life away.

Eventually, Aimee's mother passed away.

This broke Aimee and made her hate bloodlines.

As she grew up to be powerful, she turned cold and heartless to anyone with bloodline abilities.

Miss Aimee was said to hate mixedbloods, but the truth was, she only hated bloodlines and wished they didn't exist.

She had read about how humans in the past were powerless and only had weaponry. She wished the world could be like that again without discrimination, but... She didn't care anymore because her reason for caring was gone, so her hate was transferred to the mixedbloods who carried bloodlines.

At the age of eleven, she got enlisted into the MBO camp. She entered before she was done with the four years of training because, within that time, she had successfully completed lots of missions that were issued to cadets who were still undergoing training.

She ended up being placed in a squad before those four years were up.

Aimee's bloodline was said to be B grade, which was a little common in the MBO, but she was stronger than others for some reason.

Battle prowess, making use of her abilities and dealing with opponents made her stand out.

When Aimee was sixteen years of age, she became a captain of an emergency squad that got sent to different places to assist in battles when the situation had gotten out of hand.

This was where Miss Aimee earned the title Demon Queen.

Miss Aimee was totally ruthless in taking the enemies down and sacrificing her own subordinates to get the job done.

She would sacrifice a teammate without batting an eyelid if it meant getting the job done, and she always did things in the most gruesome way possible.

When tales of her deeds spread far and wide across the MBO, a fellow captain who happened to be more powerful than her at that time approached her with the intention of knocking some sense into her.

Instead, he left with a broken skull. He had an A grade bloodline and was even two levels above Miss Aimee, yet she defeated him easily.

The next one that came to try and do the same had his limbs uprooted by her.

By the time she dealt with several of them, no one had bothered to try meddling in her affairs anymore.

For some unknown reasons, the higher-ups also didn't take any measures.

Other MBO officers only prayed to not be put in her squad.

For up to six years, miss Aimee fought battles and successfully completed each and every single mission assigned to her by the MBO.

However, the price paid in those six years was something the MBO finally decided to do something about.

In those six years, Miss Aimee had grown so powerful rapidly that even the higher-ups became worried. They also wondered if she was just a B grade.

Other MBO officers apart from miss Aimee were also popular and well known for their feats and strength. However, Miss Aimee's case was always a topic that put fear in the hearts of other MBO officers, making her a more discussed topic.

The higher-ups called Miss Aimee in and decided to try and put a leash on her free reign.