The Bloodline System - Chapter 281 - Special Treatment

Chapter 281 - Special Treatment

Chapter 281 - Special Treatment

"Hey, kid," Miss Aimee voiced out and placed her palm on Gustav's left cheek.

Gustav responded by placing his own palm on hers that was placed on his left cheek as he looked into her eyes.

'Just what is going on here? Why are they displaying so much affection for each other?' Not just the female officer but even the others behind were wondering the same thing.

However, they were not as surprised as the female officer since she knew who miss Aimee was.

Angy knew miss Aimee was Gustav's teacher, but she had no idea that she was affiliated with the MBO. Even if she knew miss Aimee was Gustav's teacher, she was still jealous to see how close the two were.

She wished to be the one Gustav stared at with so much admiration.

"You don't look surprised to see me," Miss Aimee said as they started walking forward.

"Why would I be? After all, I had to find out from someone else that my beloved teacher is a part of the MBO," Gustav said with a wry smile.

"Oh, are you holding a grudge now? You also hid your true power from your so-called beloved teacher," Miss Aimee said playfully with a light chuckle.

"Besides, I am not part of them… at least not anymore. Don't worry. I'll explain my relationship with the MBO later on. You also have a lot of explaining to do." Miss Aimee paused as she said that and turned to stare at Gustav from head to toe.

"Are you still hurt?" She asked with a tone of worry.

"No, I'm perfectly okay now," Gustav replied as he paused his footsteps to turn to the side.

That was when he noticed that everyone was still behind.

"Are you guys not coming?" Gustav asked with an uncomfortable look after noticing they had been standing and staring the whole time.

"Oh yeah," Wry smiles appeared on their faces as they started walking forward also.

The female MBO officer also moved forward along with them.

"Don't worry, Sasha, I'll handle it from here," Miss Aimee said while leading the youngsters out of the landing area.

"Yes, ma'am," The female officer known as Sasha had a look of relief on her face as she left the premises.

Meanwhile, miss Aimee led the kids into the luxurious mansion.

Sasha, who had left, prayed that the other kids will not be misled by Miss Aimee's affection towards Gustav and mistakenly piss her off.

She had seen miss Aimee in action before, so she knew just how ruthless she could be. She was even surprised that miss Aimee knew her name.

They entered the mansion, which only had two staff working within. They were both maintenance staff that kept the place clean.

The kids found it surprising that there were no butlers. They knew luxurious places like this always had one, but then they remembered they were in one of the MBO bases. With that thought process in mind, they felt it was normal for things to be different from how they knew them to be.

The mansion had different kinds of designs and like painting and arts of battles pasted on some part of the walls.

Luxurious rugs and carpets, as well as the chandeliers made from crystals hanged from different parts of the ceiling.

Miss Aimee showed them to the rooms they'll be sleeping in. In the meantime, she also explained to them that they only had to be here till after the result announcement, which would be held.

After that, she mentioned that Great Commander Shion will be coming to meet them personally, and they would be able to go back to their various cities and homes for the next two weeks. After resting during the two-week break, they were required to get back here.

Gustav wanted to converse with Miss Aimee since he had a lot of questions, but she told him to go rest like the others, that they could talk during daybreak.

Gustav complied and went to bed with the others.

The next morning everyone woke up and freshened up.

They hadn't really taken their baths in the last four days. The ruins had places with water supply, but who in their right minds will take a thorough bath knowing that they were in the jaws of danger and every moment they spent letting their guard down is very dangerous.

They finally took proper baths and freshened up.

This wasn't happening here only. The other participants that were taken to a private lounge within the base also enjoyed the privilege of finally having a good night's rest and a clean bath after four whole days.

After doing all this, the participants got dressed since convoys were waiting for them outside the residential building they were lodging in.

They were taken to a place called the Orbitrary coven, where the results would be displayed.

While that was ongoing, Gustav and the others were having a nice breakfast along with Miss Aimee.

"Who knew you were such a good cook, man" E.E voiced out in delight as he downed a spoonful of food.

Even Falco and Glade were surprised as they ate the food Gustav cooked.

They hadn't expected someone who killed so easily to be this good at cooking.

Only Angy and Maltida knew that he cooked, but this was the first time Angy was tasting his meal.

Miss Aimee and Maltida were the only ones who had enjoyed eaten Gustav dishes before.

"This reminds me of my mother," E.E smiled as he took another spoonful of food.

"Likewise," Angy and Falco voiced out together as they ate.

'Hmm, I wonder what having a mother that cooks for you is supposed to feel like,' Gustav said internally as he took one spoon after the other.

Miss Aimee turned to stare at him with a smile on her face and placed her left hand on his.

It was almost like she could sense what he was thinking. Gustav smiled back and continued eating heartily.

Of course, these details did not go unnoticed by the rest, but they all acted like they didn't see and continued eating with looks of delight and chatting.

After the meal, everyone decided to contact their families about the good news of how they had passed.

While miss Aimee called Gustav over to the second living room to talk.

As this was going on, the participants in the Orbitrary coven had gotten their verdict.

The scoreboard was displayed, and they were able to see the top hundred from every city in the world.

The scoreboard was divided into three hundred places. Only the first hundred with the number of points they amassed were displayed.

Cries of sorrow and joy filled the place as some found themselves fortunate to be among the top hundred while others weren't so lucky.

Those who didn't make it were escorted out of the premises immediately to be transported back to their cities while the others stayed behind to listen to the information being passed across.


Inside one of the living rooms within the mansion, miss Aimee and Gustav sat opposite each other.

"Now, ask me what you want to know," Miss Aimee said to Gustav.