The Bloodline System - Chapter 280 - So The Demon Queen Smiles?

Chapter 280 - So The Demon Queen Smiles?

Chapter 280 - So The Demon Queen Smiles?

"A seperate aircraft has been prepared for you six," She said with a smile while gesturing at them and pointing towards a silver and blue coloured aircraft by the side.

Angy and the others stared at each other in confusion while Gustav wasted no time following behind her.

The others followed after Gustav and went into the aircraft.

The aircraft was smaller than the ones taking the rest of the participants, but it was more luxurious and less crowded since it was just the six of them.

"To what do we owe this awesome treatment," E.E voiced out with a delighted look as he sat behind Gustav.

"Your deeds have been heard of by the higher-ups who took it upon themselves to prepare a better place for you to rest in the base," The female MBO officer explained.

"Great Commander Shion asked me to also pass a message across to you six… You have officially passed the MBO entrance test regardless of your scores or the number of stones you gathered. You will only be required to attend the enlistment ceremony," She added.

This was when the others fully understood that the special treatment must be based on the rock creature's situation within the ruins.

Glade started wondering why she was here since she didn't participate in the battle and proceeded to ask. The female MBO officer said her orders were to bring the six of them, herself included.

"So, you're Gustav?" The female officer turned around to strike a conversation with Gustav. The latter was currently seated on the second chair towards the left.

"Hmm, why?" Gustav said while turning towards her.

"You're just as they described you to be… I'm sure you'll make a fine officer in the future," She said with a smile.

"They?" Gustav said with a look of suspicion, 'Was I wrong about Gradier Xanatus? Did he mention something about my abilities?' Gustav stared at the female officer as he thought, trying to read her expression.

'She knows nothing… This is just an expression of admiration,' Gustav sighed in relief internally.

"When will the enlistment ceremony be holding?" Gustav asked.

"It will be held two weeks from now. After the participants who passed the entrance test have been announced today, they will be free to do whatever they want for two weeks. Most times, it is used to say goodbye to loved ones and prepare yourselves to leave home since the camp goes on for four years. After those two weeks have gone by, you all are required to arrive back here for the enlistment ceremony. After the enlistment ceremony, you all will be transported to the training camp." The female MBO officer explained lengthily.

The six within the aircraft had looks of understanding after hearing that. It turned out they were exempted from the results announcement that would be held during the daytime since they had been given an automatic pass.

Gustav scoffed internally at the MBO's act to hide what truly happened by indirectly isolating them.

'They better have a good reward waiting,' Gustav said internally as he stared at the monitor that showed footage of the places they were flying over.

It was currently around 2am and they had been flying over a dark sandy area the whole time. However, Gustav could now see the outline of a brightly lit city in the distance.

Gustav and the others asked questions about the city and were informed that this was not a city but an MBO base of operations. It was located within the borders of two cities above the tallest mountain region on the earth.

Gustav's initial reaction and thoughts weren't wrong since it did look like a city. Highrise and technologically advanced-looking buildings, as well as strongholds, could be seen.

A massive crystalline round structure could be seen floating above tens of thousands of feet above the base.

The base had operatives moving around in troops even though it was midnight. It was as if sleep wasn't a thing here.

There were no walls surrounding the base, but Gustav could guess that security measures have been put in place.

Even if security measures weren't put in place, one would have to think twice before trying to attack an MBO base full of numerous powerful mixedbloods.

The multiple aircraft carrying the mixedblood candidates moved towards the public hangar area to land. The aircraft transporting Gustav and the others moved towards a private area where only a few operatives could be seen moving in.

In a few, they could see a massive mansion in the distance with a wide landing space behind it.

The mansion was silver and green in color, with fences surrounding it and MBO scouts standing guard around it.

It was among the most exotic buildings in the entire base. Gustav could see the outline of a familiar silhouette close to the landing spot as their aircraft descended.

A small smile appeared on his face. Angy, who was sitting beside him all this time, had been wanting to strike a conversation during their journey here but was feeling shy for a lot of reasons. She was about to say something when she saw the smile on his face.

"Huh?" She followed his line of sight and noticed the person he was staring at within the monitor.

'Who is that?' Angy wondered, but as they landed, she noticed it was a lady but couldn't see her facial features well.


The aircraft doors slid open, and everyone moved out of it.

"Um? Who's that?" Everyone besides Angy and Maltida wondered as they stared at the beautiful lady with ash-colored hair approaching.

Gustav, Angy and Maltida recognized this lady.

The female officer who was their guide during the trip had widened eyes upon noticing this lady.

"Demo… Young miss," She bowed with respect as she voiced out.

The rest except for Angy had looks of confusion, wondering who this lady was.

Gustav walked forward with a smile and stood in front of her, "Miss Aimee, it's been a while," He voiced out.

The officer who greeted earlier had widened eyes as she noticed the smile on Miss Aimee's face, 'She's smiling..? just who is this kid?' She wondered with a look of disbelief.