The Bloodline System - Chapter 263 - Close Call

Chapter 263 - Close Call

Chapter 263 - Close Call

Scruffles of Gustav's hair were sliced off due to that.

Gustav slapped his left palm on the ground, throwing himself back up before swinging his right leg towards Falco's face.


Falco grabbed his leg with ease. Gustav tried retracting it.


Fangs grew out of Falco's mouth, and he quickly took a bite at Gustav's leg.


A small icicle-like covering appeared on Gustav's leg, protecting him from the bite.

However, Gustav still felt the pain as Falco's fangs pressed intensely against his leg.


Gustav threw out a punch towards Falco's face again, but he dislodged his fangs from Gustav's leg to dodge the punch. Instantly, Gustav used this opportunity to pull himself from Falco's grasp.

[Warning!!! Low Energy!!!]

[Warning!!! Energy points are below 200!!!]

The system kept warning Gustav of his energy points that were currently below two hundred points.

Gustav couldn't keep up the fight for too long, so he started thinking of a way out.

Gustav jumped backwards with speed.

"Hey, you're still in there, right? Don't let him control you like this... Are you really going to watch him kill a friend of Angy?" Gustav voiced out.

"I don't care about that," Falco voiced out before dashing forward again, but just as he wanted to thrust out his fingers, his arm started trembling.

"Hey, what are you doing, idiot? Why are you trying to regain control?" Falco's arms trembled while being stretched out halfway as he spoke to himself.

Falco's face suddenly turned a bit lighter.

"Did you just say, Angy?" Falco asked with a light masculine voice different from the dark and sinister tone that he had been using to speak earlier.

'Looks like it worked. I triggered the awakening of the original consciousness,' Gustav was glad internally, but before he could reply, Falco spoke again.

"What are you doing, idiot? Let me avenge my pride! This bastard knocked you out too," His mind went back to being dark and sinister.

"Yes, but if you harm him, Angy will be sad. You've done enough already," Falco's voice went back to being light and gentle.

"You soft idiot, that's why you and that girl are meant for one another! Let's kill this bastard right here!"

Gustav watched with a look of astonishment as Falco exchanged a conversation with himself.

'So, this is how two different consciousness in the same body communicate,' It was as if Gustav was adding new knowledge to his collection.

[Sprint has been activated]


While they were arguing, Gustav suddenly dashed to the back of Falco and locked his neck in a tight grip.

His arms transformed as he used the bull's strength to squeeze Falco's throat.

"Yo..u... Chea..ting bas...tard me a man do..n't use ch..eap tact...ics," Falco's alter ego was taken by surprise, so before he could act, Gustav, had locked him in a grip he couldn't get out of.

"On the battlefield, the only thing that counts is victory," Gustav voiced out as he kept squeezing.

In a few more seconds, Falco's eyes blanked out, and the dark tattoos on his body and face retracted back into his skin.


He fell to the ground unconscious.

Gustav also fell to the ground and sat on his butt with a tired expression.

'Petty idiot, how could you try to kill someone just because he knocked you out,' Gustav wondered as he breathed in and out profusely.

He was glad he already put on clothes after leaving the previous battle scene. If not, it would have been an awkward meeting since Falco's alter ego wasn't being mind-controlled.

'I only have a little over hundred energy points left. I need to get out of here,' Gustav said internally as he proceeded to stand up, but then a thought came to his mind, which made him halt his movement.

Gustav brought out a rope and tied Falco tightly before lifting him and placing him on his shoulders.

'It would be a pain in the butt if this guy is taken and ends up being a puppet of that rock being later on,' Gustav thought as he activated dash.


In a few minutes, Gustav had arrived in a small settlement of inmates.

These ones also happened to be aliens, but unlike most, they weren't hostile.

He found somewhere to settle down with Falco and started making plans to deal with the rock.

'I have to wait till I have regained my original stats back,' Gustav calculated that only about an hour was left for his stats to return to normal.

Currently, it was midnight, but somehow a lot of participants were awake.

It was mostly due to the fact that groups were being ambushed by participants with purplish glowing eyes all over the ruins.

The groups had to stay awake to battle these participants that ambushed them at unexpected times to steal their gathered stones.

Today was the last day of the final test phase, and it would seem that everyone would be awake for the next twenty-four hours.

'Why would that rock being need me and the stones to be free... I have a feeling that the MBO doesn't know about this. It is well above the level that kids my age can handle, but I think I've seen that location before,' Gustav thought about the location of the rock existence and brought out his virtual map.

Using the remnant energy from Life Signs Tracking, Gustav traced the location on the map and figured out the place.

'So, this is why,' Gustav noticed that the location was on the other side of the hole he spent night and day in.

If he could jump over the hole, he would only need to go through one passageway before turning to the left and arriving at the location.

While Gustav was planning, he heard someone call out to him from the front.

"Hey Gustav, you're here too," A dark-skinned kid with a handsome face and bushy afro hair voiced out as he approached Gustav.

"E.E?" Gustav remembered working with this participant to deal with the first mixedbreed they met after arriving here on the first day.

"What's up? How is it going?" E.E asked with a smile as he arrived in front of Gustav.

"Huh? Why do you look so tattered and bloody?"