The Bloodline System - Chapter 262 - Returning The Favor

Chapter 262 - Returning The Favor

Chapter 262 - Returning The Favor

'This must be his alter ego that I knocked out the other time. I don't remember him being this powerful... Is he also being controlled by the rock?' Gustav prepared for a difficult fight as he stared at Falco, who was slowly walking towards him.

Gustav could remember knocking Falco out twice when he met him in the bathroom. At that time, Gustav wasn't even aware of Falco's alter ego. So, it took him by surprise when he knocked Falco out repeatedly before he could attack.

In that brief time, Gustav had noticed the difference between the two. Now Gustav felt he might have just gotten lucky at that time because the alter ego hadn't stabilized himself before Gustav struck again.

Falco approached Gustav with a frown on his face.

'I could hardly see his movements earlier. His speed is almost comparable to my original,' Gustav said internally as he pushed his perception to the limit trying to capture every single movement around him.

His plan was to read the moves of Falco as they battled so he would be able to dodge them in a timely manner, even though Falco was currently faster than he was.

Falco paused his footsteps after arriving fifteen feet in front of Gustav.

He stared at Gustav angrily, like he had a personal vendetta against him.

"You... I will return the favor!" Falco voiced out before dashing forward.


'Return the favor?' Gustav didn't get the chance to unravel the meaning of that statement before Falco arrived in front of him with an outstretched hand.

Gustav spreading his perception to the max, already used Falco muscle movement to predict where the attack was headed and swerved to the right.

He was able to dodge Falco's thrust by only half a centimeter.


A small cut appeared on his right cheek due to the shockwaves from the palm.

Falco didn't waste time before thrusting out his left palm also.


Gustav swerved again, dodging that, and it became a game of thrust and dodge between them.

Gustav was always moving out of the way before Falco thrust his arms out. If not for that, he would have been pierced through by now.

Falco's fingers were black and two inches long, and he wasn't just thrusting out his palms. He was actually thrusting out his fingers in a piercing format.

Gustav could tell that if those fingers made contact with his body, it would pierce through