The Bloodline System - Chapter 264 - Original Strength Regained

Chapter 264 - Original Strength Regained

Chapter 264 - Original Strength Regained

"What's up? How is it going?" E.E asked with a smile as he arrived in front of Gustav.

"Huh? Why do you look so tattered and bloody?" E.E asked as he noticed the bloodstains all over Gustav.

"Don't bother about that," Gustav replied with a dismissive expression.

"Were you perhaps in a battle? Are you injured, man?" E.E squatted and placed his hand on Gustav's shoulders as he asked.

Gustav wanted to reply that it was nothing serious since all of his injuries were already healed, and he was only feeling fatigued.

However, something came to his mind.

"E.E, can you tell me how your bloodline abilities work?" Gustav asked with a contemplative expression.

"Hmm?" E.E wondered why Gustav would ask that, but he decided to explain anyways.

E.E explained that he could open different kinds of vortexes to either teleport himself or rip something to shreds if he wanted to.

He could also teleport objects and other people to his desired destination, which could only be about four to five hundred meters away from himself. If he decided to make something travel a longer distance with his vortex, he would have to expend more energy.

Gustav proceeded to ask if there was any place, he couldn't open a vortex. Whether there was some kind of limit or something.

E.E replied that as long as it is within his range, he could open vortexes anywhere, even inside a person, as long as the right conditions are met.

"Inside a person? You can do that?" Gustav asked with a look of astonishment.

"Yes, but the requirement to do that is too hefty of a price to pay. It also needs extreme concentration because I and my vortexes share links with whatever area they appear in," E.E explained with a weird look on his face.

He seemed to be disgusted while talking about this.

'That's really powerful… if only he was a bad guy or someone that did wrong by me….' This was the first time Gustav was lamenting about meeting a good person.

He always felt there were not enough good people, but now that he met another one, he started wishing he was a bad guy.

"Why do you ask?" E.E inquired.

"I need your help with something, will you…" Before Gustav could complete his statement, E.E interrupted.

"I'm in." He voiced out.

"But you haven't even heard what I was gonna say," Gustav was surprised at his sudden agreement.

"I don't care, count me in on the adventure… remember I said I'd still like for us to work together in the future. I wasn't messing around," E.E said while stretching out his right hand for a shake.

Gustav stared at E.E's hand and then his face, 'He doesn't seem to be the type that hides evil intentions underneath a bright face,' Gustav could tell that there was no ulterior motive behind E.E wanting to team up with him.

Although it had waned a bit after spending time with Miss Aimee, Boss Danzo, and Angy, he still had trust issues. So, Gustav found people that showed good intentions suspicious.

Gustav also secretly wanted this since the first time they worked together to defeat that mixed-breed. He felt a kind of vibe with E.E that he didn't feel with others that he had met so far.


Gustav reached out and returned E.E's handshake.

They shook hands for the second time, and E.E proceeded to sit beside him afterward.

"Even though there is the danger of death, are you still going to be willing to work together?" Gustav asked.

"Hehe, look around you. Since the first day we arrived here, we have been facing life-threatening issues," E.E said while bringing out the comb in his bushy afro hair.

"That was there all these times?" Gustav voiced out with an astonished look as he stared at the comb in E.Es hand.

"Haha yeah," E.E laughed lightly as he combed his hair for a few seconds before pushing it back into his hair.

His bushy afro hair covered the entire comb up, and there was not even a sign that something was placed in his hair.

"Now, are you gonna tell me about the situation and why that unconscious guy is tied up over there," E.E said while pointing at the still unconscious Falco tied up three feet behind them on the left.

Gustav nodded and started narrating the train of events to E.E as well as what his role in dealing with the situation was going to be.

They talked at length for about an hour, making various plans and thinking of the best possible method to handle the situation.

E.E felt the situation was indeed very dangerous. 'What if these participants remain mind-controlled after the final phase had ended and they go on to join the MBO and become leading forces in the future,' E.E was thinking far ahead, 'Also for it to want him because of its freedom makes it even more dangerous if such a being escaped this place,'

After another thirty minutes had gone by, they had decided on a plan they were going with.

Gustav found a spot to change his outfit and check on the system.


[Recreation Complete]

[Host has acquired C-grade bloodline Sticky Pus]


Gustav smiled as he saw the notifications, 'Finally, I'm back to full strength,' Gustav felt his increase in strength and his body becoming lighter, signifying that he had regained his original strength.


[Goal Completed: Combine a total of ten bloodlines]

<+50,000 EXP>

<+3000 Credits>


Gustav saw the completion of another goal and felt elated once again. He decided to check his stats to confirm his recovery.


[Host Attributes]

-Name: Gustav Crimson

-Level: 21

-Class: Sub-Parallel Being

-Exp: 637,800/3,360,000

-Hp: 9590/9600

-Energy: 4250/4250


»Strength: 67

»Perception: 64

»Mental Fortitude: 64

»Agility: 64

»Speed: 66

»Bravery: 64

»Intelligence: 65

»Charm: 64

»Defence: 64

»Vitality: 66

»Endurance: 69

{Attributes points: 23}


'Good, everything is back to normal… now I wonder how many EXP I'll get if I manage to kill the rock being,' Gustav held his chin as he thought.

[Quest Has Been Issued]