The Bloodline System - Chapter 250 - Using Recreation Repeatedly

Chapter 250 - Using Recreation Repeatedly

Chapter 250 - Using Recreation Repeatedly

The ceiling was also high enough.

Gustav brought out a cube from his bag pack and tapped on it.


It unfolded and transformed into a tent-like house.

'Now I can start my experiments, but first I will cook,' Gustav smiled as he walked in.

In a few minutes, the aroma of a delicious delicacy being cooked wafted across the surroundings.

Some participants were either getting killed or fighting life and death battles, but Gustav was cooking and enjoying sweet delicacies.


After having a good meal and putting some other things in place, Gustav decided to get down to business.

He sat in a crossed legged format within his tent-like structure and activated Recreation.

[Recreation has been activated]

Gustav felt hot on the inside after activating Recreation. He remembered the first time he activated it; the same thing happened.

He could feel every bloodline within him bubbling.

[Which bloodlines does Host wish to combine?]

The system asked.

'Combine Muscle Enhancement and Energy Compression Bloodlines,' Gustav commanded internally.

[Host has decided to combine Muscle Enhancement and Energy Compression bloodlines]


[Calculating Compatibility Rate: 0%]

[Calculating Compatibility Rate: 17%]

[Calculating Compatibility Rate: 37%]

Gustav watched as the system calculated the Compatibility Rate.

In a few seconds, it was done.

[Compatibility of combination is 64%]

[Does Host still wish to combine these bloodlines]


"Yes," Gustav answered.

Unlike the last time where he got a notification saying the combination might be dangerous, this time seemed to be safer since he didn't get such notification.


[Combining Muscle Enhancement and Energy Compression]

[Recalibrating bloodlines to their initial genetic form]

[Combination process will begin]

[Combination procedure: 0.01%/100%]

[Estimated Finish Time: 06 Hrs]


Gustav noticed that this time recreation wasn't going to take as long as the other time.

'I don't feel weird like the last time,' Gustav also noticed this; however, he received a system notification in the next moment.

[Host Body Will Undergo Extreme Temperature Changes Within The Six Hours Time Frame for Bloodline Recreation]

'Looks like I spoke too soon,' Gustav had a wry smile on his face after noticing this notification.

It turned out that there would be different effects for the combination of different bloodlines. Gustav had been thinking it was going to be like the last time where he was unable to control his little brother down there, but now, he confirmed that there would be a different effect each time.

'This is good too... I can sleep on it. When I wake up, it will be done the next morning, and I can combine other bloodlines during the day,' Gustav came to this conclusion before laying on his back.

During the night, the effects of Recreation kicked in.

Sometimes Gustav body would turn immensely hot that steam would be erupting from his skin. Even his clothes would be affected, and the entire tent would turn hot.

Other times his skin would turn cold and pale white. Ice would start to appear on his skin due to this causing him to start shivering.

Gustav had thought he would get a good night rest and wake up the next morning to see the work done, but he was sorely mistaken.

The whole six hours went by, and Gustav was unable to close his eyes even once.

'It's gonna be two long days,' Gustav had a feeling he'd be unable to get a single ounce of sleep for the next two days.

He had gotten twenty-seven different bloodlines. He had combined two, so he still had twenty-five left.

He knew he wouldn't be able to perform Recreation on every one of them, but the two days was enough time for him to research how Recreation worked properly.

He believed that he should have figured out a thing or two after about six to seven tries.

[Recreation Successful]

[B+ Grade Bloodline: Overhaul has been created]

Gustav checked the information immediately.




Energy is generated inside the muscles that create a protective membrane that covers up the Host's desired body part, protecting one from blasts.


'This proves that the bloodlines can transform into something different entirely after being merged,' Gustav said internally as his face shown contemplation.

'Those were two grade C bloodlines. Now, let me try merging two grade B,' Gustav was noting down the grades of the bloodlines he merged.

All this was for research purposes so he would know how to combine bloodlines more effectively in the future.

Gustav wasted no time in looking for two grade B bloodlines within him to use for Recreation.

In a few minutes, he had started combining another bloodline.

Just as expected, he went through a different side effect. Still, this time wasn't as extreme as before since the compatibility rate was higher.

Gustav bore the effect, and in about six to seven hours, the recreation process was done.

Gustav continued this till evening time.

After successfully combining three bloodlines, Gustav was starting to understand some things about Recreation.

'This time, a grade D and grade B,' Gustav decided.

[Host has decided to combine Chemical fingers and Iced Fox]

[Calculating Compatibility Rate: 2/100%]

[Compatibility Rate of Combination Is 57%]

[Does Host Wish to Combine These Bloodlines]


Gustav had a feeling this was going to be low since the grades were up to a level apart.

However, for research purposes, he still decided to agree to it.

[Combination Procedure: 1/100%]

[Estimated Time: 06 HRS]

[Host Stats Will Be Halved for The Next Six Hours of Recreation]

'Hmm?' Gustav suddenly felt his body weakening after this notification.

"Sigh! Something like this can happen too?" Gustav muttered as he laid on the floor.

He wasn't really bothered about it. In the next six hours, the Recreation would be done.

Something suddenly popped up in Gustav's mind.

"Ah, I totally forgot about that," Gustav remembered he was going to test out life signs tracking with God Eyes.

He had saved a life sign of a female participant back then during the fourth phase and decided he would use her to test it out.

[God Eyes Has Been Activated]

Gustav activated God Eyes and recalled the life sign of the female participant.


The instant Gustav recalled it, his eyes suddenly glowed a bright golden light.

[Life Signs Tracking Has been activated]

Gustav sight changed, and the view that appeared in front of him was that of a different location entirely.

"What is this? Angy?" Gustav instantly sat up as he noticed something or rather someone in his line of sight.

"What in the world is that?"