The Bloodline System - Chapter 249 - The Strange Hole

Chapter 249 - The Strange Hole

Chapter 249 - The Strange Hole

Gustav stared at the short, cute but violent-looking girl with indigo-colored hair that had just arrived.


This happened to be the same girl he jumped over at the stairway leading to the ruins.

Gustav could tell that she would be a nuisance.

"Now, I've caught up to you," She voiced out while laughing.

Gustav stared at her like she was retarded. She had been trying to catch up with him since the beginning, just like the participants that started a fight so they could be the first to reach the bottom of the stairway.

"Well, now that you've caught up to me, what's next?" Gustav asked as another sigh escaped his lips.

The girl's face instantly froze up after hearing that.

"What's... Next?" She muttered with a low tone.

For several seconds she stood in place with a contemplative look, unable to say a word in response to Gustav's question.

Gustav only shook his head and started moving towards the other passageway.

Some of the participants in the vicinity that took part in dealing with the inmates earlier walked up to Gustav and asked for him to be a part of their team.

However, Gustav refused all of them as usual and kept on walking towards the other passageway.


He heard a shout from behind and already figured out that it was the same indigo-haired girl.

"What is it?" Gustav asked while pausing his footsteps.

"Let us compare the number of stones we have gathered," The girl proposed.

Gustav turned around to stare at her, 'Her body size must be equal to her brain... Immature in every way,' Gustav could sense the zeal to be the best within her.

This girl wanted to be better than everyone. It would seem she derived joy in knowing and showing that she was the best.

Gustav guessed that she must have been above everyone else in her life throughout her lifetime, which gave her a kind of zeal to dominate others.

"Idiot," Gustav voiced out and turned around to keep walking.

"Hey! Hold it right there..."


Before she could complete her sentence, Gustav had dashed off into the distance.

"That... That..." She pointed in the direction Gustav dashed off into with a look of anguish.

"What are you looking at!" She shouted out at the participants behind before also dashing forward.

Some of them flinched backwards in fear.

These participants recognized her due to the fact that she had become quite popular when she decapitated the mixedbreed they met at the stairway.

They knew better than to mess with her. Some of them that witnessed her brutality couldn't tell who was stronger between her and Gustav.

What made her even more mysterious and scary was the fact that they couldn't figure out her bloodline ability, unlike Gustav, who they had seen transforming.


Gustav passed through different passageways as he dashed across the ruins.

It was already nighttime, so he was heading back to a particular location that he had decided to sleep in for the night.

Not only would he sleep in here for the night, but he had also decided to stay cooped up in there for the next two days.

After running for about twenty minutes, Gustav arrived in a sloppy area.

This area wasn't like the others. Moving on it was like going down a mountain slope. The difference was, it wasn't as sloppy as that of a mountain.


Gustav paused his running and slid a few feet forward before stopping in front of a wide hole.

Prrkk! Prrkk!

Stones rolled down from his feet position into the wide hole.

Any little sound echoed due to the silence of the place.

The hole was so wide that it covered the entire area. There was no way he could keep going forward since it was like a dead end. A person would have to go back and look for another route if they wanted to get to the other end of the hole.

It was so wide that it covered a radius of over two thousand feet. The depth couldn't be seen since it was also very deep.

From the view above, Gustav was like a dot compared to the size of this wide hole.

Gustav squatted slightly before jumping into the hole.


His body descended rapidly into the dark hole.

[God Eyes Have Been Activated]

Gustav activated God Eyes and looked down as he fell across the air.

He could see the dark hole clearly as he fell.

The bottom was too far down for God Eyes to see, but the surroundings were visible.

Rocks protruded from the sides of the wide hole in different areas.

Some had plants growing on them, while others just looked normal.

Some places had small holes.

Gustav had been descending for about thirty seconds now, and he had descended more than five thousand feet.

He still kept descending without the intention of doing anything about it.

It looked as if he was falling to his death.


Six Thousand Feet!

Seven Thousand Feet!

Eight Thousand Feet!

The moment he crossed nine thousand feet, Gustav activated an ability.

[Size Manipulation Has Been Activated]

His body started increasing in length as he closed in on a particular hole in the wall about six hundred feet below, towards his left.


Gustav's body length continued increasing in size as he descended to that particular point.

He was now the size of two trucks stacked upon one another.

The instant Gustav's body descended to the height of the hole towards his left, he stretched out his left hand with intense speed.


His hand reached out and grabbed the edge of the hole in the wall.

Gustav's body stopped dropping at this point since he was holding his body weight up.

He deactivated size manipulation and returned back to his original size before climbing up into the hole.

Unlike the other holes within the walls of this place, this particular one was large enough.

It was practically like a room due to its size.

Gustav looked around. Only grasses growing out of the floor and rough, rock-like looking edges could be seen.

The ceiling was also high enough.

Gustav brought out a cube from his bag pack and tapped on it.


It unfolded and transformed into a tent like-house.

'Now I can start my experiments, but first I will cook,' Gustav smiled as he walked in.