The Bloodline System - Chapter 251 - Power Of Life Sign Tracking

Chapter 251 - Power Of Life Sign Tracking

Chapter 251 - Power Of Life Sign Tracking

Gustav sight changed, and the view that appeared in front of him was that of a different location entirely.

"What is this? Angy?" Gustav instantly sat up as he noticed something or rather someone in his line of sight.

"What in the world is that?"

Gustav could see Angy and a group of four going against a shadowy humanoid-looking creature.

The creature would merge into structures, and the next time it appeared would be from another location. The instant it grabbed onto a person, the person's body part it made contact with would be covered in a web of blackish substance. Instantly, that body part will lose function, and the creature would gain control of it.

At the moment, piles of body parts could be seen on the ground. Heads, limbs, ears, eyeballs, e.t.c.

A boy sporting white dreadlocks was currently engaging in the battle with a single arm. His left arm was among the arms sprawled all over the place. Gustav could already guess what happened when he noticed those tendrils of the black web on the body parts scattered all across the place.

Gustav could only see what was going on, but he couldn't hear anything. When he tried looking down, he could see eyelashes and a pointy nose that obviously belonged to that of a girl.

Gustav could tell that he was seeing from the position of her forehead, but that didn't last for long.

He suddenly noticed the creature appear in front of his line of sight, covering the whole view. The next thing that happened was his line of vision tilted before he was disconnected from the girl.

'What just happened? Did she just get decapitated?' Gustav said internally as he hurriedly stood to his feet.

'That thing was like a physical shadow… could that be the silhouette I've heard about?' A frown appeared on Gustav's face as he figured that this was the case.

"To fight something that cannot be touched physically is practically impossible for Angy… If she wanted to use accumulative blast, she would need a large space to run in. Also, it isn't very advisable to use an attack that covers a wide range underground due to possible structural collapse. She must be limiting her abilities because of the group," Gustav sighed as he made an analysis based on what he saw a while ago.

"Sigh, Angy is just being Angy… This situation just had to happen in my current circumstance," Gustav sighed as he spoke.

He checked his stats and noticed that they had truly been halved. Although Gustav was surprised when he noticed the silhouette, he wasn't really worried because he knew Angy could escape from that place with her full speed if she wanted to. The only problem was she wouldn't be willing to leave the rest of the group to battle with the silhouette on their own.

He already saw tears in her eyes as her teammates were being butchered.

"I have to go," Gustav's face turned serious as he started to transform.

Black scales appeared on his body as ram horns grew out of his head. In a few seconds, Gustav had completely transformed into a large mixedbreed serpent.

His clothes were torn apart in the process as his current size took nearly half of the space in the cave-like hole.

He hissed as his body wriggled out of the hole with speed and started climbing upwards towards the top of the hole.

[Sprint has been activated]


Gustav, in his transformed state, crawled upwards across the walls of the hole. He coupled Sprint with the normal speed of the Savirinia Serpent Mixedbreed.

'At least the stats getting halved didn't affect my bloodlines or skills… I can still make use of them at their original power,' Gustav said internally as he noticed this.

His speed may have been reduced, but it was still fast when he coupled Sprint with the serpent's transformation.

In about two minutes, Gustav had climbed out of the hole and transformed back into human form before letting his feet take the form of the bloodwolf.

Originally, the bloodwolf could move at a hundred feet per second. Still, when Gustav activated Sprint, it was close to his original speed when Sprint was activated.

The Bloodwolf was the fastest transformation in his possession, so that was the best to use for the current situation.


Gustav dashed with speed across the passageway he first came into contact with. Even though Life Sign Tracking had been deactivated, Gustav was still able to sense how to get to the location.

He moved as fast as he could at the moment. He could have still boosted his speed by combining Dash and Sprint. However, he felt he should conserve energy for the upcoming battle since he only had little information about the silhouette.

'Be okay till I get there, Angy,' Gustav couldn't just get rid of the nagging feeling tugging at the back of his mind.


In the part of the ruins where the battle was ongoing, four participants with fatigued looking faces engaged the silhouette in front.

They couldn't touch the creature since a single touch would cause their hands to be infected with blackish energy. '

Even their long-ranged attacks were barely effective.

Angy was practically useless in the fight. All she could do was run around throwing some things she picked up at it.

The silhouette was currently handling their attacks with ease while feeding on the arm of a team member. Slurping and crunching sound reverberated across the place as it chewed casually.

It was almost like it was mocking them.

"You bastard!!! How could you eat Maddie?!!!" One of them shouted out as he swung out spiky rocks towards the silhouette.

Tears and snot had covered his face, which was filled with panic and rage.

"Hehehe. She's delicious, delicious, yummy, tasty…." Laughter could be heard coming from the silhouette as it phased into the ground dodging the attacks before phasing out of another part of the ground where corpses could be seen.

The silhouette quickly grabbed onto the leg of a female corpse and tore it from her body.

A wide opening appeared in its face area, and it proceeded to dip half of the leg from the thigh area into its mouth before biting down with intensity.

The group eyes turned red even more as they witnessed that. However, before they could attack it, it disappeared once again, only for it to reappear about three hundred feet away.

It stared at the group with a taunting look as it feasted on the legs of the girl.

"Ahhhhh!" One of them shouted out and dashed towards it with a crazed look.

"Johnson, no!" The group screamed out, but he totally ignored them.

A large grin appeared on the face of the creature as it watched the boy approach him.

Just as it was preparing to attack the boy…


Angy swooped in and grabbed onto the boy before forcefully returning back to their initial position.

"Don't be stupid. The closer we are to it, the more shadows it will be able to manipulate and deal with us," Angy voiced out with a slightly annoyed tone.