The Bloodline System - Chapter 248 - Psychopaths?

Chapter 248 - Psychopaths?

Chapter 248 - Psychopaths?

'Well, so long as it doesn't affect me... Why should I care?' Gustav threw it to the back of his mind as he continued his journey.

'Good thing that killing Mixedbloods now gives me EXP... I don't have to bother hunting down only mixedbreeds,'


In another part of the ruins, a group of six moved about the place frantically.


-"Jean, where the hell are you?"

-"Jean! How did she just disappear like that?"

-"It's been almost ten hours. How are we supposed to find her, Angy?"

The group seemed to be looking for someone.

Angy was among them. She paused her steps after dashing across the place repeatedly, "We have to retrace our steps," Angy muttered.

"We'll have to go back to the area we spent the night," Angy proposed.

The other teammates nodded in agreement

and started turning around.

The male participants with white dreadlocks in the group looked around the passageway with caution.

"Rumors have been spreading around about a silhouette..." He whispered softly into Angy's ear.

"I also heard about it... While looking around the place, I questioned a few of the groups I met, and they said we should leave this area as soon as possible," Angy whispered back.

"Then we shouldn't be going back, should we?" The boy asked with a confounded expression.

"Don't tell the others. We must find her first before leaving this area," Angy said before proceeding to move forward.

The participants behind sighed before proceeding to also move forward.

After they had all gone, a silhouette phased out of the wall on the left.

Slurp! Slurp!

"Hehe, To find her means you must find me since... She's already within me... Hahaha!" The silhouette laughed while rubbing its belly area.


[You Have Killed A Serial Ranked Mixedblood]

<+15,000 EXP>

[You Have Killed A Serial Ranked Mixedblood]

<+15,000 EXP>


Gustav was at it again, slaughtering a bunch of inmates that were going against a combination of several groups.

This clash was like an ongoing war. Around fifty participants were gathered here battling against these inmates that were over forty in number.

Gustav just happened to meet them while wandering about.

To the groups of participants, it felt like he was helping them. However, Gustav was only doing this for his own selfish gains.

The crowd was a good cover-up for him to perform his deeds.

Gustav noticed that among all the inmates he had slaughtered, none of them surpassed the serial rank.

He knew this wasn't their original strength since, according to the briefing, these criminals were weakened before thrown into this place.

He figured; the criminals being sent here were all probably on the same level of strength.

Which brought him to the conclusion that the government only had the power to reduce the strength of criminals to a particular level.

This meant they were other prisons with more powerful criminals who would be beyond the serial ranked level even after they had been weakened.


Gustav used his claws to decapitate another mixedblood criminal, causing their numbers to reduce to around seven.

At this moment, the mixedblood inmates were started to pull back.

They stared at the participants in fear.

To be more accurate, they were staring at Gustav in that manner since he had slaughtered a bunch of them singlehandedly.

"Just who is that kid, and why is his strength way higher than the rest?"

This was the thought of the inmates as they pulled back.

There were a lot of strong participants in the combination of groups, but they noticed that Gustav stood out more.

This is not just because of the way he fought or his strength but because he never hesitated when striking a deathly blow.

Unlike the others who seemed inexperienced, he was like a pro. No emotions showed on his face when striking down an opponent.


Within the building that was a few kilometres from the barricade surrounding the Caskia Ruins, leaders of the MBO from different parts of the world gathered around a table.

They seemed to be having an argument as they watched the footages being displayed in a holographic form above the table.

Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!

-"He's bloody ruthless!"

-"Like an emotionless killing machine,"

-"Where did this young beast come from?"

-"Remember he's not the only one,"

-"That girl has also proven to be a psychopath,"

-"The other green-haired boy still seemed pretty okay, but these two, the blonde boy and the indigo haired girl, must be real psychopaths,"

-"Even if they pass, I suggest they undergo a mental evaluation. Kids their age aren't supposed to be like this,"

The officials voiced their concerns and suggestions as they watched different locations in the Caskia Ruins being displayed in the holographic projections.

They seemed to be mostly focused on the projection where lots of inmates were being slaughtered by the participants. Gustav could be seen casually tearing limbs and heads apart as he moved across the battle area like a reaper.

One of the officers in the room dressed in a more and obviously dignified outfit than the rest raised his left palm.


The room immediately became silent.

"We should be celebrating that we have gotten such talented youngsters to participate in the test," He started speaking.

"So why is it that you lots seem quite dissatisfied?" He asked.


"These youngsters, if groomed properly, will become the next generation of future leaders of the MBO and lead earth to achieve more glorious deeds... They even have the ability to surpass the present generation. So, I ask again... Why do you lots complain?"

The room remained silent once again for a few seconds before a person positioned on the south of the table raised his hand.

"If I may say, great commander Shion..." He voiced out.

"You may speak, young Jo," The man hailed as great commander Shion gave the go-ahead.

"The other commanders aren't alarmed for no good reason..." Yung Jo started speaking.


Everyone listened attentively to Yung Jo's speech.

"Looking at these two mentioned, particularly the blonde youngster... Don't you find it abnormal that they can perform such deeds without the slightest bit of hesitation? Just how much would kids of their age be groomed and trained to be able to achieve such state of mind on the battlefield,"

Everyone still waited to see what Hung Jo was getting at.

"The worries of the commanders aren't unfounded because this blonde youngster was trained by someone that you all consider dangerous," Yung Jo stated.

Mutter! Mutter! Mutter!

"And who may that be?" Great commander Shion asked the same questions on everyone's mind.

"It is none other than the one known as the Demon Queen... Young mistress Aimee,"

Immediately Hung Jo revealed this, the entire room went silent again as the officials' expression were that of disbelief.

A strange tension suddenly filled the air as everyone stared at Gustav on the projection again.

"Are you sure about this, young Jo?" Great commander Shion voiced out.



Gustav finally took care of the last inmate by smashing his skull with his feet after taking his bloodline.

'That makes it a total of twenty-three,' Gustav calculated the number of bloodlines he had taken so far.

"Hey! I finally caught up to you!" A young female voice was heard coming from the passageway up ahead.

Gustav stared at the short, cute but violent-looking girl with indigo-colored hair that had just arrived.