The Bloodline System - Chapter 247 - The Strange Rock

Chapter 247 - The Strange Rock

Chapter 247 - The Strange Rock

Gustav didn't care about all that and still killed him afterwards since he didn't have the time to torture him to get answers.

However, Gustav still wondered, 'What did he mean? Silhouette...'

Gustav started his journey to the places he marked on the map.

His plan at the moment was not only to acquire different bloodlines from inmates but also gather enough grandstones.

After that, he decided that he would find a safe place to hide and rest for two days while using recreation.


In another part of the ruins, Glade and Maltida met up by coincidence and started journeying together.

They had gathered a particular number of stones together and split them equally.

They reached a certain part of the ruins together after dealing with a bunch of mixedbreeds.

According to the map, the end of the pathway that led them there was supposed to lead to another place. However, they met with a dead end.

There was a large rocky wall in front of them.

Still, within this large wall that covered their entire line of sight, there was a large opening where a rocky square-shaped boulder sat.

The color of this boulder was whiter than that of the wall, so it stood out in that particular spot. The boulder was square-shaped.

The two girls stared at the wall before them with a confused expression.

"There was supposed to be a path here. How could the MBO give us a wrong map?" Glade said with a tone of confoundment.

"Hmm, I don't know, but I feel like there's something strange about this place," Maltida said while looking around.

"Of course, it's bloody weird. There's a dead-end where there's supposed to be a road," Glade said while rolling her eyes before walking forward towards the wall.

"Glade, I think we should leave. There's no point in staying here if there's no path," Maltida could not help but feel a certain kind of eeriness creeping down her spine.

"Yeah, we should leave... What's this?" Glade noticed the rock in the middle of the opening on the wall and walked towards it.

"Glade... let's..."

"Hold on... What's this weird-looking rock?"

Glade could see engravings and weird runic-like drawings across the body of the rock as she moved closer to it.

She felt something weird coming from the rock, which made her intrigued. Glade started reaching out her hand to touch the weird rock.

"Glade, let's go, this place is... There's... I don't know. It just doesn't feel..."

Glade fingers paused, inches away from making contact with the rock after she heard Maltida statement.

"Alright, grandma, so baggy... Let's go," Glade gave in and retracted her hand.

"Alright, let's get out of here," Glade said while turning around. Still, the moment she saw Maltida's eyes widening in astonishment, she felt something wasn't right.


She heard a deep, monotonous, masculine voice from behind that sounded loud and echoed across the place.


Glade quickly turned around to look and noticed that the rock inside the hole had two wide open, large eyes that glowed purple.

Each eye was comparable to the size of a human head, but that wasn't the problem now.

The problem was, Glade found herself unable to move the moment she locked eyes with that of the rock.


Bam! Bam!

It turned out that she wasn't the only one who could not control her body movement because she and Maltida fell to their knees the moment that word was uttered.

Fear crept down their spines and dug deep into their hearts and souls as the eyes stared at them.

They tried everything in their power to move, but it was futile.



Just like that, seven hours had gone by, and in these seven hours, Gustav had made progress with hunting the inmates.

He had met two hordes of them while moving about.

Unfortunately, one of the groups he met had just finished decimating an entire team of mixedblood participants.

Gustav, of course, didn't spare a single one of them, and unlike before, he didn't engage them carelessly. Since he noticed them before they did him, he pulled them into a deathly trap to reduce their numbers before engaging them.

Gustav would look for areas with concentrated energy, which originated from the initial energy stones that used to be here.

He knew that there would be lesser hidden cameras in places like this because they won't be able to function properly.

Gustav reckoned that most of these groups that fell to the inmates were being too greedy.

The inmates never went too far beyond places where they resided, so these groups could have still escaped if they wanted to. Sadly, they tried biting off more than they could chew.

There were some grandstones in that location which was what clouded their reasoning.

The MBO had mentioned that this was supposed to be a survival test phase which meant surviving here for four days was the main goal while the gathering of grandstones was secondary.

However, most of the mixedblood participants had made surviving secondary and gathering of grandstones primary.

Gustav didn't feel pity for such parties because he felt that participants that had gotten this far should be able to use their brains and run for their lives when they came into contact with opponents they couldn't defeat.

At the moment, Gustav had acquired eight more bloodlines and four more grandstones, increasing the total count to twenty-one.

His plan was to gather up to thirty before finding a good place to hole up for the next two days since he had acquired enough bloodlines for recreation purpose.

Since his seven hours journey, he had gotten more information on the silhouette.

He found out that even the inmates feared it since it used to feed on them before it was sealed.

However, now, it was freed, and Gustav could guess that it was the doing of the MBO.

'Well, as long as it doesn't affect me... Why should I care?' Gustav threw it to the back of his mind as he continued his journey.