The Bloodline System - Chapter 246 - Silhouette?

Chapter 246 - Silhouette?

Chapter 246 - Silhouette?

Gustav's fist still slammed into the inmate's chest, but he also received the full brunt of the energy attack.

Bang! Bang!

Both of them were blasted backward, and cracking sounds rang out.

Gustav landed on his feet about seventy feet away from his initial position. He slid backward for a few seconds while the other inmate slammed onto the ground with his back and a broken sternum. He spat out blood and repeatedly coughed before passing out.

Gustav was back at his former position after taking that attack.

"You're bleeding!" The girl who Gustav saved earlier shouted out after noticing the palm-sized hole in Gustav's left shoulder area.

"I'm fine," Gustav voiced out as blood rolled down his arm.

'These ones are truly experienced, unlike the opponents I have been facing in the past,' Gustav said internally as he stared at his shoulder injury.

Even though that inmate was weaker, he still managed to injure Gustav.

Before the girl could speak another word, Gustav had already dashed forward to engage the remaining inmates.

The rest of the inmates, just like their companions, were also unable to properly follow Gustav's speed. This was a resultant effect of their bloodline abilities getting weakened before being thrown into Caskia ruins. However, due to their previous battle experiences, they were still able to put up a little bit of fight.

Gustav knowing that he had been careless earlier on and was getting too cocky due to his easy wins in the past, changed his viewpoint. He decided that he would handle future battles with caution from now on.

In a few, the remaining two inmates were taken down by Gustav while the group he saved just watched from the side.

They wanted to assist him when he was engaging the inmates previously, but not only were they awed by his movements, they also couldn't properly follow his speed, so they didn't know how to attack.

"You're still here?" Gustav questioned from upfront where he was standing in front of the last inmate he took down.

The group was brought out of their reverie and started thanking Gustav for his help.

Gustav just nodded and asked them to leave once again.

"Why don't you join our group? We'll let you be the leader," The girl with superhuman strength proposed.

"Hey Laura, leading is not only based on strength," The other guy fighting beside her was not in favor of the idea.

"If it is based on weakness, why weren't you able to defeat