The Bloodline System - Chapter 245 - Meeting Some Mixedblood Inmates

Chapter 245 - Meeting Some Mixedblood Inmates

Chapter 245 - Meeting Some Mixedblood Inmates

Gustav brought out the grand stones in his possession. He counted them after acquiring a few more from a group of mixedbreeds territory.

'Seventeen... I need to acquire more,' Gustav said internally as he walked within a passageway.

Clash! Bam! Bang! Clang!

He suddenly sensed a battle up ahead.

Since it was pretty far from the current position, the sounds of a collision were practically inexistent. However, Gustav was able to pick up on them due to his perceptive abilities.

[God Eyes Has Been Activated]

Gustav activated God Eyes and instantly zoomed in on the location, which was thousands of feet away.

After the passageway that Gustav was currently in, there was a small space that had six passageways leading to different places. Within the second passageway was where this battle was ongoing.

'Oh... Finally meeting some,' Gustav noticed that this group happened to be battling with many mixedbloods putting on red.

This red outfit was the same he found on the humanoid-looking aliens, which signified that they were inmates.

Those aliens that were supermassive in size wouldn't have this outfit on.

Gustav noticed that the number of the participants' group compared to that of the inmates was more, yet they were losing the battle.

They were only four inmates battling a group of six.

Two of the participants in the group were battling the supposed leader of the four inmates while the rest battled one-on-one.

"Ki ki ki! Brother, what are we gonna do with these kids after we've dealt with them?"

One of them, who had water running down his entire body, spoke as he leaped backward, dodging the slash of the youngster in front of him.

"What else? Hehehe, we're gonna have fun with them, of course, look at these fresh melons," The inmate who replied was currently battling two participants. Yet, he was able to strike a conversation with ease.

The participants' group consisted of two girls and four boys.

When they heard the conversation between the inmates, the girls felt uncomfortable, and it affected their fighting capacity a bit. They were reminded that these were hardened mixedblood criminals who must have been sentenced here for committing heinous crimes.

The boys were incensed and pushed themselves to fight better so nothing would happen to their teammates.

While watching from afar, Gustav could already tell what the problem was.

The group was inexperienced with battle. They may have trained in combat and sparred, but when it comes to real-life battles where they'd have to fight other people, and their lives depended on it, they were inexperienced.

Gustav could see that the inmates weren't much stronger than the participants' group when it came to power levels. However, due to the group's lack of experience, they were losing.

Gustav also noticed that only two from the participants' group were battling with the intent to kill. He could see that in their strikes and attacks. The rest were subconsciously hesitating due to not having killed a person before. So, their attacks were aimed towards causing injury than killing.

Pah! Grab!

The inmate battling two people suddenly made his arms grow larger and grabbed onto the neck of the participant on the right while kicking the one on the left in the guts.


His body travelled across the air and slammed into the wall while the other one that was grabbed happened to be a girl.

"Hehe, now I got one," The inmate voiced out.

The girl tried using her bloodline, which gave her superhuman strength to free herself from his grip. Still, his arms enlarged even more and covered her entire body as he held her in front of himself.

"Haha, brother got himself one already, time to get mine," One of them shouted out from the side.

"Laura!" The boy who was kicked earlier on shouted out as big icicles started protruding from his body.

"Don't come any closer, or she's..." While the inmate was speaking, he suddenly sensed something from the left where the entrance of the passageway was located.


A gust of breeze blew past them, and the next thing that happened was...


A heavy sound of collision rang out, and the lead inmate was sent flying towards the side with half of his face covered in blood and multiple teeth flying out of his mouth.


Everyone looked behind the girl that was held earlier on and noticed a male youngster with dirty blonde hair standing in place with his left arm outstretched.

He slowly brought down his fist in a cool manner and stared at the rest.

The girl who had fallen to the ground after being released from the inmate's grip turned her head to stare at Gustav's face.

Her face brightened up as her eyes sparkled with delight, 'Beau-tiful,' She said internally.

Gustav stretched out his hand towards her.

She reached out and grabbed it, and he proceeded to pull her up, "I want you and your group to leave,"

This was the first statement she heard from him.

"Eh?" She was surprised by his sudden statement.

"What do you mean leave?" She asked, but Gustav didn't wait to answer. He dashed towards the side and pushed the girl away, dodging an attack from one of the inmates in front.

"Just go,"


She only heard his voice, but his figure had already disappeared from her front.

The person who had shot out an energy beam from his hand was battling the second girl in the group. He had attacked him because they all paused their battle after Gustav sent their leader flying with a punch.


Gustav arrived in front of him and threw out his fist towards the chest of the inmate.

His arm transformed into that of the mutated bull as it travelled forward. Still, the instant it was about to make contact, green energy suddenly blasted from the inmate's body.

It was practically at point-blank range, so Gustav was unable to dodge. However, he didn't slow down his attack.

Gustav's fist still slammed into the chest, but he also received the full brunt of the energy attack.