The Bloodline System - Chapter 244 - Buying A Bloodline

Chapter 244 - Buying A Bloodline

Chapter 244 - Buying A Bloodline

The camera in front recorded as Gustav sexually assaulted Maltida while using Mr. Lon's face.


Inside the structure, Gustav laid on a mattress he brought out from his backpack.

'Now which bloodline to get,' Gustav wondered as he scrolled through the list of bloodlines in his line of sight.




┬╗Aqua adaptation - Grade C (30,000C)

(Adapt to aqua life and use aqua-related abilities)

┬╗Mutated Lizard Transmutation - Grade B (20,000C)

(Release venomous gas while in the form of a mighty lizard)

┬╗Wind Body - Grade B (25,000C)

(To become the wind and also manipulate it)

┬╗Rock Manipulation - Grade D (5,000C)

(Manipulate any form of rock)

┬╗Aephelis - Grade A (50,000C)

(Take on the alien form "Aephelis" and use their abilities)

┬╗Fiery Constitution - Grade C (33,000 C)

(Having the internal structure of fire and the ability to manipulate and resist fire)

┬╗Radioactive Distribution - Grade A (45,000C)

(Manipulation of radiation)

┬╗Mass Inflation - Grade C ( 20,000 C)

(Ability to increase the mass of things)



'A few of them look pretty useless, but...' Gustav remembered something, 'I don't have a fire-based ability, so I might as well get one now just in case,' Gustav thought.

He started looking at the bloodlines again for one that could grant him a good fire-based ability.

'Ugh, isn't there any way to filter out fire-based bloodline abilities?' Gustav wondered.

The instant he had this thought, the interface started changing.

Some current characters and words started disappearing, being replaced with new ones.

In a few seconds, the list of bloodlines had almost been completely replaced with new ones.

Now all the bloodlines in Gustav's line of sight had fire-based abilities.




┬╗Fiery Constitution - Grade C (33,000 C)

(Having the internal structure of fire, ability to manipulate and resist fire)

┬╗Flame Shackles - Grade C (22,000 C)

(Ability to manipulate flames in the form of chains and shackles)

┬╗Venom Rapt - Grade B (40,000 C)

(Transform into mutated lizard with the ability to breathe out venomous flames.)

┬╗Coat of flames - Grade B (45,000 C)

(Ability to summon a coat of flames around your person, degrading the state of the environment. Lifeforms with a particular radius get infected with fiery poisoning)



The list continued on, and Gustav checked for the most useful one among them.

After looking through the list of a hundred bloodlines repeatedly for about ten minutes, Gustav began to make his decision based on the information displayed underneath the bloodlines.

'Venom Rapt doesn't seem bad, but a coat of flames seems to have a better fire-based bloodline ability. It would help well against multiple opponents when activated,' With this, Gustav made his decision.

"Buy coat of flames," Immediately after saying this, a system notification popped up in his line of sight.


[Host has successfully bought Coat of Flames]

[-45,000 C]



[Goal Completed: Buy a bloodline from Shop]

[+10,000 Credits]

[+10,000 EXP]


Gustav stared at the notifications with a smirk on his face.


[Coat of Flames will now be installed]

<Initializing: 1/100%>


Gustav stared at the installation bar and waited for the bloodline to be installed within him.

During the process, he could feel something flowing into his body.

The source was the system, of course. Still, it felt like whatever was flowing into Gustav's body suddenly appeared from an invisible source.

While the installation process was ongoing, Gustav decided to distribute the attribute points he got from today's task.


[Host Attributes]

-Name: Gustav Crimson

-Level: 21

-Class: Sub-Parallel Being

-Exp: 525,200/3,360,000

-Hp: 9590/9600

-Energy: 3100/4250


┬╗Strength: 65

┬╗Perception: 62

┬╗Mental Fortitude: 62

┬╗Agility: 62

┬╗Speed: 64

┬╗Bravery: 62

┬╗Intelligence: 63

┬╗Charm: 62

┬╗Defence: 62

┬╗Vitality: 64

┬╗Endurance: 67

{Attributes points: 35}


He spent around twenty-two points in other to add two points to each stat.

By the time he was done, he had checked the notification bar for bloodline installment and noticed that it was almost done.

'If I get enough credits, would it be possible to buy every bloodline in the system... If that's possible, where exactly does the system, itself, get the bloodlines from?' This question plagued Gustav's mind.

He wished more than anything to know more about the system, but the system was not the talkative or friendly type. The history of their conversations was proof of that.

'Hey system, at least answer me, tell me something about how you came into existence?' Gustav asked internally.

However, as expected, there was no reply.

The system only responded to him whenever it wanted to.

Gustav, too wasn't the type who liked unnecessary banter and conversations. Still, the system was really leaving him with a lot of questions, so he started devising plans to make the system converse with him.


'We shall see,' Gustav said internally.


Nighttime came in the Caskia Ruins, and the participants stopped moving about after finding places to rest for the night.

Since groups had been formed, the participants took turns to patrol their sleeping environment during the nighttime.

Just in case they were attacked, whoever was patrolling during that time would alert the rest that was asleep.

Just like that, a night went by, and the next morning the participants were on the move once again.

Even though the participants were numbered in thousands, they had not yet journeyed to every part of the ruins.

There were still a lot of unexplored parts of the ruins that the participants hadn't gotten to.

At the moment, lots of participants had managed to get one or more stones and were interested in gathering even more.

A few groups still hadn't been able to collect a single stone because each territory they visited happened to be places where powerful creatures they weren't powerful enough to handle resided in.

Only a few powerful participants were traveling on their own. These participants felt it below them to join groups and wanted to be untethered and free from any form of burden.

Glade, Teemee, Ria, E.E, and the girl Gustav met on the stairs happened to be among the participants that moved on their own.

Gustav had already woken up quite early as usual, and he wandered out of his sleeping area.

Even when he was asleep during the night, his perception was still subconsciously spread out, so he would sense movements around him and wake up if something was amiss.

Gustav brought out the grand stones in his possession. He counted them after acquiring a few more from a group of mixedbreeds territory.

'Seventeen... I need to acquire more,'