The Bloodline System - Chapter 243 - Plot

Chapter 243 - Plot

Chapter 243 - Plot

He came out of the passageway and arrived in another vicinity where small structures made from the stones could be seen.

'Finally, a place to rest for the night,' Gustav thought as he walked forward.

This area was the territory of the mixedbreeds he had just slaughtered.

There were still a few of them on the inside but he dealt with them quickly since they were weaker than the ones he had just faced.

After he was done, he picked up all the corpses and took them to the passageway, placing all of them together.

He thought of using atomic disintegration to make them vanish but, he changed his mind.

'Any creature that wanders to this area will think twice before coming in once they see the stack of corpses,' This was Gustav's thought process as he left them there and went back in.

The small structures over here, were big enough to size a fully grown human. So, Gustav picked one of them on the side and went in.

'System Interface.' Gustav internally called for the system interface to open up.


[Host Attributes] [Skills and Abilities] [Bloodlines] [Quests] [Shop] [Goals] [Bloodline Information] [Alien Lifeforms]


Just as mentioned by the system earlier when Gustav finished battling the Kilapisole, another tab had been created where he was able to store alien forms.

'Alien Lifeforms,' Gustav decided to check on the information regarding the first one he took.


[Alien Lifeforms]


(An Alien species from the planet Kilantopia with an elastic outer membrane and the ability to harden the surface of its skin with an element it creates internally called "Iro silk".

It can also create objects and structure from the element it uses to harden the surface of its skin)


Gustav stared at the information and noted it.

As it turned out he'd also be able transform into this Alien if he willed.

This was another hidden source of power he added to his arsenal now.

The only thing he wasn't clear about was whether he could level up the power of the Alien Lifeforms after acquiring them.

He closed the 'Alien Lifeforms' window and proceeded to open the shop window.



(CREDITS: 59,100)

<Bloodline Items> <Bloodline Recipes> <Bloodlines> <Skills> <Abilities> <Training manuals>


Gustav stared at the number of credits he had accumulated and smirked.

Originally, it was around nineteen thousand he had saved from hunting down mixedbreeds within the border. Nevertheless, during the test phases, he had managed to accumulate forty thousand more, bringing everything to a total of fifty nine thousand.

'I can finally buy a bloodline from the system now,' A surge of excitement ran through Gustav's body as he thought of this.

He had only gotten techniques from the system since he had been accumulating credits since the number of credits needed for getting a bloodline was quite exorbitant.

Gustav recalled when the second time he got a technique was around six weeks ago.


Six weeks back after the closing periods, Maltida found her way to the disciplinary committee's block and headed for Mr Lon's office.

Kom! Kom!

She knocked softly and a masculine voice responded from within.

"Come in,"


The door slid towards the side and she proceeded to walk in.

Right in front was an office table with a middle-aged looking man sitting behind it.

Files were stacked on the table and a holographic monitor along with a keyboard was positioned in front of him.

He was initially busy with typing something but he took a pause when Maltida stepped in.

"Good day Mr Lon, you called for me," Maltida said respectfully.

"Called for you?" Mr Lon stared at her with a confused expression.

"I didn't," He denied.

"Mr Lon, the student who was sent to deliver the message specifically said you wanted me to see you in your office.

"What? I didn't send any student on such an errand!" Mr Lon exclaimed.

"Then how come Mr Lon? or you don't want to admit that you called for me in your secluded office," Maltida voiced out once again.

"Girl I did not..." Mr Lon was about to voice out again when he sniffed something, "What's that smell?" He questioned with a repressed look.

"What smell Mr Lon?" Maltida asked with a confused expression.

"Smells like..." Before Mr Lon could complete his sentence Maltida interrupted.

"Is this your way of getting out of your current predicament Mr Lon. Why did you call me here?" Maltida asked again with a suspicious look on her face.

"What are you talking about? There's a strange sme..." Mr Lon couldn't complete his statement because suddenly felt a wave of drowsiness.

Mr Lon was trying to hold his breath so as not to inhale whatever was in the air since he sensed that it was the reason for his drowsiness. However, Maltida kept engaging him, throwing accusations back and forth which made him keep talking.

"Mr Lon, are you trying to do something to me?" Maltida voiced out with a look of fright after noticing that Mr Lon stood up.

"No, it's the smell!" Mr Lon had to answer again causing him to inhale more of the strange smell in the office.

"Just... H.. I..." Mr Lon eyes rolled to the back as he fell and slammed his head on the table before sliding to the floor.

Maltida's expression that was initially that of fear changed to normal as she walked towards Mr Lon's table.


She sneezed and two small circular objects fell out of her nose.

The smell in the air was already disappearing.

"Hmm, you can come in now he's unconscious," Maltida voiced out.


The door slid to the side and a youngster with dirty blonde hair walked with an unbothered expression.

He looked around while walking forward.

Maltida was already holding Mr Lon's unconscious body up.

"Hmm, such foul air..."

The youngster who was obviously Gustav muttered.

"But it's already cleared," Maltida responded with a contemplative expression.

"Yeah, but so long as I remain in the same room with that creature, the air will keep on being soiled," Gustav voiced out before spitting out to one side.

'Oh, I'll have to clean that up. I shouldn't be contaminating the crime scene,' Gustav said internally while staring at his saliva few feet away.

"Let's begin," Gustav said to Maltida who nodded in reply before bringing out a flying camera from her storage device.

"Remember, whatever happens here is between you and I... If it ever gets leaked out, you're done... and you know what I mean by that," Gustav said with a cold expression.

Maltida gulped down saliva and nodded.

Gustav transformed into Mr Lon after wearing his current clothing and tying him up by the side.

Mr Lon was only clad in his underwear at the moment.

Maltida eyes widened as she saw Gustav transform into Mr Lon, 'He truly does have the ability to shapeshift... Scary but I have to do this... It's not Mr Lon, it's Gustav,' She said in her mind.

Gustav walked towards Maltida stretched out his right palm and grabbed her breasts.

Her expression at the moment was that of a helpless girl trying to fight against being assualted.

The camera in front recorded as Gustav sexually assault Maltida while using Mr Lon's appearance.