The Bloodline System - Chapter 242 - Situation Within The Ruins

Chapter 242 - Situation Within The Ruins

Chapter 242 - Situation Within The Ruins

Rays of light converged above the table, forming different holographic images that displayed several spots in the underground ruins.

There were about fourteen of them sitting around the table, and more empty seats were still around them due to the large size of the table.

A familiar figure was among them.

"Are you sure we can't see any deeper than this?" One of them asked from the side.


The man that had just spoken had a contemplative expression upon hearing the information the AI passed.

"Looks like we won't be able to see that kid's battle," He muttered.

"Great Commander Shion, shouldn't we be more worried about the insatiable Silhouette?" A feminine voice was heard from the other end of the table.

"From what we have seen, a participant had fallen by his hand... How many more will fall?" Another masculine voice questioned.

"Are you guys saying it should have been sealed?" Yet another voice different from the others was heard again.

"That situation can only be handled if they work together. If they can't work together, then they don't belong in the MBO,"

While people around the table were voicing out their opinions, an officer knocked and came in from the door behind.

"Sir Yung Jo has arrived," He announced, and behind him, a young man in a purple business suit walked in.


Within the underground ruins, almost ten hours had gone by.

It was already evening time, and the participants knew they'd have to turn in for the night. So, they began to look for places where they would be safe for the night.

At this point in time, several groups had noticed that one or two of their teammates went missing when they were battling some mixedbreeds.

This became alarming when several groups met up and found out that they went through something similar.

Several groups started sticking together due to this. However, this occurrence was only taking place in the southeastern part of the ruins.

Groups in other parts hadn't faced this situation.

Some had come in contact with inmates that they had to battle. In contrast, some had come into contact with inmates that didn't initialize violence upon noticing them.

All in all, no one had lost their lives according to what the groups had seen. However, no one knew the fate of the missing participants.

In a particular place in the southeastern part of the ruins, a girl with silver and pink-colored hair, with an innocent and beautiful look leading a group.

Her athletic figure, along with her tight clothing highlighted her hips and front busts, made her look especially attractive.

Among the rest of the group here, she seemed to stand out than others.

"Angy, which passageway should we pick?" A short boy with long white dreadlocks covering his face asked from the side.

Obviously, the girl was Angy. She happened to have formed a group of seven with these participants after arriving in the ruins.

The rest listened to her and practically saw her as the leader of the group because her opinions had brought them this far.

Also, the way she used her ability when dealing with the mixedbreeds they came into contact with garnered their respect.

They were currently in a wide space filled with short two-foot-long pointy rocks protruding from the ground.

Right in front of them were four large passageways. By now, the participants knew about the map. However, since there were no marked spots, that gave them a clue on what to expect from different locations, they were only using the map so they could find their way back in case anything happened.

Angy checked the map and looked for the passageway that led to the northwest area of the ruins.

She stared at the third passageway, which happened to be the one and gestured for everyone to go in.

The rest nodded and followed her into the third passageway.

'So far, we have each gotten two stones. We should move to another part to find more stones,' This was Angy's thought and reason for picking this passageway.

When the group had disappeared into the dimly lit passageway, a slurping sound reverberated across the area they had just left.

Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!

A silhouette phased out of one of the rocks and stared in the direction of the third passageway.

"Hehehe, more fresh and delicious meat," It muttered while moving towards the third passageway.


In the eastern part of the ruins, within a large passageway a bloodbath was ongoing.

Slash! Slash! Prriuuikh! Prriuuikh!

Sounds of battle and blood being sprayed could be heard within.

Gustav was currently engaging a group of mixedbreeds with spider-like features but human-looking heads.


Another of the creature's legs was severed, causing it to fall as Gustav spun around and slammed his right foot into the creature's face with the spinning force.


His feet were currently massive due to him transforming them to that of a bloodwolf's. His legs slammed into the head of the creature, causing it to dislodge.

It was sent flying and slammed into the wall on the other side before bursting apart.

Gustav didn't wait for a second more. He had already dashed towards another one and was currently pulling its head from its body.


[You have killed a level 5 Auslira Arachnids mixedbreed]

<10, 000 EXP>



[You have killed a level 5 Auslira Arachnids mixedbreed]

<10, 000 EXP>


System notifications kept ringing in Gustav's head as he massacred the mixedbreeds attacking him.

After about five minutes more, the entire passageway was littered with piles of mixedbreed corpses.

Gustav walked forward, stepping on a pile of corpses and a river of blood that he spilled.


He stepped on a corpse's head as he walked forward, which burst into pieces.

Even though the environment was nauseating and was filled with a stench of death, his unbothered expression didn't change.

He came out of the passageway and arrived in another vicinity where small structures made from stones could be seen.

'Finally, a place to rest for the night,' Gustav thought as he walked further forward.