The Bloodline System - Chapter 241 - Alien Lifeforms

Chapter 241 - Alien Lifeforms

Chapter 241 - Alien Lifeforms

Gustav jumped back down the instant the orbs went into the mouth of the large creature.

He effortlessly dodged the icicle-like rocks that were sent flying back as a certain word formed in his mind.


Immediately after the thought came to his mind, the energy inside the orbs within the creature's body went haywire. Instantly, it was accompanied by the sound of a compressed but loud blast.


The creature's body bloated immensely, and its skin cracked as light rays escaped from different parts of its body before it blasted apart.

Pluusshh! Pluusshh! Pluusshh!

Blood came pouring down like a waterfall as pieces of the creature's flesh were sent flying in all directions.

As Gustav landed on the ground, a wave of the creature's blood poured down upon him, dying his entire figure in a green-colored liquid.

Gustav quickly swerved towards the right, dodging a massive chunk of flesh that landed in his initial position.


It was a continuous shower of blood for about thirty seconds. Gustav couldn't even raise his head to look up until the shower of blood was over.

After it was done pouring, Gustav looked up and saw some pieces of flesh being held up by the tip of icicle-like rocks in different parts of the vicinity.

The icicle-like rocks in the vicinity had now become scanty because of the destruction during the battle. However, some of them were still standing.


The head of the creature rolled off from the tip of one of the icicle-like rocks and fell seven feet in front of Gustav.

Its mouth was still wide open, but its eyes had popped out of their sockets. Even with the massive size of its body, the Kilapisole's head was only half Gustav's height.


[You Have Killed A KIlapisole]

<+ 100,000 EXP>

[Goal Completed: Defeat an Alien Lifeform]

<+20,000 Credits>


'So many rewards for defeating this alien….' Gustav stared at the system notifications as he walked towards the head of the creature.

He understood why the rewards were so high. After all, this was the first time he fought a creature that put him in such a tough spot like this.

His left ribs area still had a hole due to the successful sneak attack of the creature.

Although, it had almost healed up completely.

Gustav arrived in front of the head and squatted.

He reached out his hand towards it, 'Let's see if this will work,'

Gustav's hand made contact with a particular spot on the head.

[Contact with Kilapisole's Corpse Has Been Made]

[New System Category created: Alien Lifeforms]

[If Host Wishes to Take the Form OF The KIlapisole Several Body Parts Need To Be Gathered]

Gustav retracted his hand after seeing the system notification and started dashing across the place.

He picked up as many body parts as he could and placed them beside the head.

He did this severally until he gathered a pile of body parts half the height of a person.

Gustav placed the creature's head on the pile of body parts, retracted his hand and made contact again.

[Contact with Kilapisole's Corpse Has Been Made]

[Does Host Wish to Add Form Of KIlapisole To The Newly Created Category 'Alien Lifeforms'?]


Gustav smiled as he saw the system notification, "Yes,


In other parts of the underground ruins, every group formed had faced one foe or another while travelling from one place to another.

Most had faced mixedbreeds since the place was practically overrun by them.

At every turn or area, there would always be mixedbreeds. Sometimes, the mixedbreeds moved in groups while others had territories where they stayed together.

During the five hours that they had spent in here, a group was nearly wiped out due to running into a pack of mixedbreeds.

Luckily for them, these mixedbreeds were the territorial types. Once the group managed to escape the range they considered their territory, they were safe.

However, they had noticed that a person from their group was missing. Since they had almost lost their lives a while ago, the group was not willing to go back and face the mixedbreeds again. So, they ignored that and easily forgot about the person. Since the group was created randomly, they had no emotional attachment to one another, making it easier for them not to feel remorseful.

Back in that territory, a silhouette phased through the wall while holding onto the decapitated head of a young girl. The girl had brown-colored hair and was obviously a beauty, but her eyes were extremely wide. Looking at the facial expression of the decapitated head, it was obvious that she went through something horrifying before her death.

Slurp! Slurp!

Slurping sounds reverberated across the vicinity. The silhouette lifted the head that was still dripping with fresh blood towards its mouth area.

"Thanks for the meal, slurp!" It voiced out as a wide opening appeared in the middle of its face.

A wide set of white canine-like teeth was displayed. Each of its teeth was the length of an adult's palm.

It pushed half of the head into its wide-open mouth before closing it heavily.


In an instant, the head was bitten into two halves, and blood along with brain matter squirted across the place.

"Ah delicious," The creature muttered before munching away.


A few kilometres away from the barricade covering the surroundings, a bungalow-sized facility could be seen outside the Underground ruins.

It didn't look anything special, but officers clothed in sets of dignified-looking uniforms could be seen surrounding it, armed with advanced weaponry.

From time to time, convoys would arrive carrying a set of people who would get down and approach the building.

Within the building, the internal structure was entirely different from what could be seen outside.

Not only was it larger in size, but it also looked structurally advanced in every way.

A rectangular table could be seen in the middle where a group of dignified-looking people sat around.

Rays of light converged above the table, forming different holographic images that displayed several spots in the underground ruins.

"Are you sure we can't see any deeper than this?"