The Bloodline System - Chapter 240 - Going All Out?

Chapter 240 - Going All Out?

Chapter 240 - Going All Out?

'Not even atomic disintegration could pierce through... Huh?'

Gustav suddenly felt movement from behind him just as he was about to slash the body of the creature again.

The movement of whatever was behind him was so fast that the instant he turned, it was already a few feet away from him.


The large icicle-like rock behind him had been uprooted from the ground and launched towards him.

Gustav's senses had warned him of danger, but it was almost too late.


Gustav moved to the side as fast as he could, but the large, pointy rock still stabbed into his left side.


[-600 HP]

Due to its large size, it couldn't penetrate thoroughly so, it ended up cutting a large chunk of his left ribs away.

Splurt! Splurt!

Blood jetted out of Gustav's side as he landed on the next icicle-like rock towards the side.

He stared at the creature, who had turned its body to face Gustav's direction with one of the icicle-like rocks floating in front of it.

'Ugh!' Gustav placed his palm on his left side, causing a loud spurting sound to ring out.

His palm was drenched in blood instantly.

'I was careless. I need to be on the ground since it can control these rocks,' Immediately this thought came to his mind, Gustav leaped down.

Swooooshhh! Bam!

He landed on the ground in a few seconds, causing more blood to spurt out of his injury, coating the ground.

Gustav could feel the pain, but he wasn't focused on it. He didn't let it hinder his movement in any way, and even though it stung, he bore the pain.

The large opening that was torn through his body on his left rib area was slowly starting to close up.

Gustav stared at the creature who happened to be staring at him back from up.

The large icicle-like rock was still floating in front of it and pointing towards Gustav's direction from above.

Swoon! Swoon! Swoon! Swoon! Swoon!

Suddenly the icicle-like rocks all around the vicinity started being uprooted from the ground by an invisible force.

While that was happening, Gustav's entire body was also transforming.

Black scales covered his chest and back area. This was a feature he got from the serpentine mixedbreed. The tusks that had grown out of his thighs suddenly wrapped around his legs, transforming into some kind of protective covering.

His skin turned sizzling hot, affecting the temperature around him.

Ten invisible energy orbs filled with energy had merged into the space around him without the awareness of the creature.

He looked extremely menacing right now.

As the icicle-like rocks in the area arose from the ground and pointed towards him in mid-air, a purplish beam was also gathering in his mouth, which was wide open.

Thwiisshh! Thooom!

He shot out the purplish beam at the same time the icicle-like rocks were hurled towards him.


The beam travelled with faster speed than the hurling rocks and slammed into the body of the creature.


It got pushed back and slammed into the ceiling.


At the same time it made contact, Gustav was already dashing across the ground, dodging the descent of the icicle-like rocks.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

They started slamming into the ground, missing Gustav's figure as he dashed across the place.

Swerve! Swerve! Swerve!

Gustav perfectly dodged every icicle-like rock.

He dodged up to twenty of the icicle-like rocks, which had a length of over a thousand feet.

[Combination has been activated]

[Dash + Sprint]


Gustav's speed suddenly increased immensely as he dashed towards the icicle-like rocks that had protruded into the ground.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

He clawed and punched at them, repeatedly shattering them in the process.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

[Atomic corrosion has been activated]

Gustav activated one of the new skills he got when atomic disintegration got to Zulu rank.

Any rock his fist encountered will slowly start to disintegrate into powder-like particles.

Even though he wasn't able to blast them to pieces after punching them, they would later be disintegrated into nothing since he had made contact with them.

The creature reorganized itself after slamming into the ceiling due to Gustav's beam. Even though it wasn't injured, it was still shaken up because the force was immense.

It quickly controlled another pair of icicle-like rocks and sent them hurtling towards Gustav again. It couldn't go down to meet Gustav due to its massive body since the icicles were in the way.

Gustav calculated the trajectory of the falling icicle-like rocks and squatted lightly.

The muscles in his legs and thighs bulged immensely, and the ground below cracked a little from the way his feet pressed against the ground.

[Super Jump has been activated]


Gustav leaped upwards in a diagonal format and kicked the first icicle-like rock he came into contact with.

Zwiish! Zwiish! Zwiish!

Using that force, he travelled from rock to rock in a zig zag-like format while moving upwards.


Due to the extremely fast speed, the creature was taken by surprise when it saw Gustav appear in its line of sight.

'There it is,' Gustav said internally as his body ascended towards the head area of the creature that was slightly buried into its large body.

The creature was unable to react in time before Gustav landed on its head area.


Gustav grabbed onto the head and pulled it out of the body forcefully before throwing his leg at the closed-up mouth of the creature.


The creature made a loud painful noise as its mouth opened up and started calling back the icicle-like rocks.

However, Gustav's next action surprised it.

Troiiin! Troiiin! Troiiin! Troiin!

About ten blue, glowing spherical orbs appeared around Gustav.

Before the creature could understand what was going on, the orbs flew into its wide-open mouth.


Gustav jumped back down the instant the orbs went in.

He nicely dodged the icicle-like rocks that were flying back up as he said a word in his mind.