The Bloodline System - Chapter 227 - Making Infiltration Plans

Chapter 227 - Making Infiltration Plans

Chapter 227 - Making Infiltration Plans

This made Gustav wonder, 'Why does the MBO never interfere in matters regarding lower graded mixedbloods abuse or the happenings within the neighbourhood area? They could have easily dealt with such happenings, so, why?'

'Did they truly feel it was beneath them to handle such tasks,' Gustav said internally as he moved across the floor.

Thinking about this, he knew the society trampled upon weaklings and made them feel less of themselves. Even though normal humans and slarkovs weren't treated as bad as weak mixedbloods, they were still made to feel inferior, which was one reason they lived at the edge of the city.

The fact that the MBO had ignored small matters like this made Gustav feel disgusted about joining them because he was also a victim of a similar situation. He would have died if not for the system so, he believed others would have successfully committed suicide since not everyone could be as lucky as him.

He wasn't feeling like a hero or anything. He just felt the MBO should at the very least live up to the name they built for themselves.

Since they called themselves the Mixedblood Organization and were supposed to deal with every situation concerning mixed-bloods on the planet, they shouldn't ignore even small things like that.

If Gustav was still feeling petty, the MBO would be among the places he would have decided to take revenge on since, in one way or the other, they were kind of involved.

However, his end goal in joining the MBO was to make use of them and build his strength till he reached a level where not even a single person would be able to dictate whether he lives or dies.

'This place needs to undergo some serious changes… time to start making plans,' Gustav's expression turned fierce as he came to an internal conclusion.


After another two hours had gone by, Gustav had finished touring all the five unrestricted floors. At this time, it was already late in the evening, but twelve hours were still left till the start of the fifth phase.

Gustav was not content with everything he had seen; he was still interested in climbing higher and seeing more floors.

He approached the exit of the 607th floor and moved towards the panel that would lead him to the next floor. As expected, a red barrier prevented him from going through.

Gustav placed his hand on the barrier once again, 'Should I just absorb enough energy to let me breakthrough,' Gustav thought internally with a serious look while checking his surroundings.


Gustav smirked and turned around, 'Hidden cameras are almost everywhere… with my rising popularity, there's a chance that I'm being observed,'

Gustav decided to head towards the closest restroom. He held his right hand up and stared at his badge number.

[God Eyes Has Been Activated]

Gustav used the see-through ability to check out his palm.

'Even though the badge liquified and merged my palm, I can still tell that a tracker was inputted,' Gustav noticed the small green dot hiding in the middle of the blood vessels underneath the number on his palm.

He instantly figured out that it was the tracker.

[Atomic Disintegration Has Been Activated]

Gustav was about to make use of Atomic Disintegration to get rid of it, but then he thought of something.

'What if they get alerted if one of the trackers gets destroyed or loses connection?' Gustav wondered.

Thinking up to this point, Gustav decided to try another approach.

[Gravitational Energy Container Has Been Activated]

Gustav conjured a spherical container and made it float in front of him.

He concentrated Atomic Disintegration around his left fingertips, causing them to be coated in silver light. He raised his left hand above his right palm and pointed his index finger that was coated in the silver light towards it.

[Slash Has Been Activated]

Gustav stabbed his left index finger down with intensity.


His finger pierced into his right palm and came out of the other side. Blood was spilled, but he wasn't done yet.

Swhii! Swhii! Swhii! Swhii!

He cut a square hole on his palm with his fingers causing blood and meat to fall from underneath. Gustav could see through the hole on his palm but surprisingly, no expression of pain could be seen on his face.

[-20 HP]

[-20 HP]

[-20 HP]

Underneath his right palm, the chunk of flesh he cut out fell into the orb he conjured a while ago.

It was currently filling up with his blood.

[Regeneration Has Been Activated]

In a few seconds, his palm stopped bleeding and slowly began to close up.

'With the way it mixed with my cells, I'm sure the tracker also makes use of blood to function properly. So, this amount of blood along with my energy should keep it functioning for the next thirty to thirty-five minutes,' Gustav analysed.

'That's how much time I'll have to check out more floors,' Gustav concluded.

He stared at the mirror in front.

'It's about time I put my original bloodline to the test,'


[Genetic Transformation Bloodline]

Grade: B

Abilities Tied To Bloodline:


<Joints Reversal>

<Size Manipulation>

<Cognitive Concealment>


Gustav stared at the system interface where Cognitive Concealment was displayed. This was a new ability that was added to shapeshifting after his bloodline got upgraded to B.

Gustav had tested out this ability before and noticed that it could hide his presence.

He would still be visible, but he could sneak up on almost anyone with his presence erased. It was similar to Silent Advancement but better because Silent Advancement only masked his feet, making his movement silent.

Now Gustav had decided he was going to shapeshift and also make use of Cognitive Concealment to hide from the cameras that could see through his change in appearance.

The only downside was Cognitive Concealment could only be activated for about ten minutes. With the amount of energy it consumed, Gustav could only activate it about three times if he didn't want his energy to run out.


Gustav's appearance transformed into a five-foot-tall middle-aged-looking man with short brown hair and a full moustache.

After changing his clothes, he walked out of the bathroom and left the spherical orb with the tracker floating inside one of the toilets.