The Bloodline System - Chapter 226 - Things Happening Behind The Scenes

Chapter 226 - Things Happening Behind The Scenes

Chapter 226 - Things Happening Behind The Scenes

He moved towards the exit area of this floor with a slightly disappointed look on his face.

When Gustav arrived before the panel that was going to move him up to the next floor, a smile appeared on his face. 'At least I got something out of it,' he said.

[Does host wish to absorb this energy into the system]


Gustav could see the system notification in front of him as he held onto the spherical orb filled with dark blue-colored energy.

It turned out that the energy he absorbed from the explosion was compatible with the system.

The system couldn't absorb every type of energy to upgrade. It could only absorb specific types of energy. Now Gustav had figured that the power source for spacecraft was also among those types of energy.

As the panel beamed Gustav up to the next floor, he activated God Eyes to check the energy points of the energy contained within the spherical orb.

[God Eyes has been activated]


Even though the number wasn't as high as when he absorbed the Salitre pure crystal, this amount was already high enough, and it came from just the shockwaves alone.

'Maybe it would have been higher if I had been in the heart of the explosion.' Gustav said internally as he arrived on the next floor.

'But if I was, I probably wouldn't have survived,' Gustav recollected just how mighty the explosion was as he started moving forward.

Gustav started touring the second accessible floor also.

'Yes,' He said internally, and the system began to absorb the energy from the orb.

<Absorbing energy » 1/100%>


On the 602nd floor, where all the participants were accommodated, Angy and Glade stood in front of the room with the number '00126' above it and knocked repeatedly.

"I don't think he's in," Glade spoke from behind.

She was tired of seeing Angy knock on the door over and over again.

"Maybe he's asleep," Angy sighed as she turned around and leaned her back against Gustav's door with a crestfallen look.

"Him? Does he even sleep with those menacing eyes? I doubt he does." Glade voiced out as she imagined Gustav's face.

"What? Hahaha." Angy started laughing after hearing that.

Glade made a low hmph sound and leaned against Gustav's room door also, "Maybe he'd be a lot more good-looking if he wasn't so grumpy,"

"Hehe," Angy giggled again.

"He is really... Go...od looking..." Angy muttered with a dreamy look.

Glade turned to stare at her and shook her head with pity before tapping her forehead.

"Snap out of it, fangirl," She stated while Angy held her forehead cutely with a look of pain.

"Come with me, let's go somewhere else," Glade voiced out while grabbing Angy by the wrist and pulling her along as she stormed off.


In a particular part of the city, Miss Aimee stood in front of a glass wall.

She seemed to be on a call with someone, and within a glass wall and was the large greenish rock she got from the tall building a day ago.

She was still clad in the full, black leather jacket and purple shirt, but at the moment, they looked tattered.

Parts of her clothes were torn and messed up.

She had a small scald on her left neck area.

"Yeah, those bastards were really strong, and I was almost forced to remove my limiters," She said with a frown.

"He really brought in some of the well-known powerful mercenary mixedbloods to guard the rock,"

"Of course, I didn't let them leave in one piece either,"

Miss Aimee spat out a chunk of blood from her mouth towards the side and continued speaking.

"Yeah, I got the rock now, but something doesn't seem quite right,"

"Hmm, with the information I gathered, those five bastards should be strong enough to cause me more injuries since I still have my limiters. For some reason, it seemed like they were reducing their attack strength... Don't get me wrong, they still attacked me severely, but with the information I gathered, they should be more powerful,"

"Hmm, I can sense that something is amiss somewhere,"

"It's doesn't matter what he plans in secret... He'll never get his hands on this rock again until I figure out what's within,"

"I am not handing it over! You lots suck at keeping things safe, especially in such a place that is full of corruption,"

"There's no guarantee that it won't end up in the wrong hands if it is kept there. Have you forgotten that his father's industry partners with you lots?"

"Shut up, you dimwit! I'm keeping it,"

Miss Aimee voiced out and cut the call.

She stared at the green rock within the glass wall barricade.

"What's so special about this rock? Sigh! One thing leads to another, and I still haven't gotten a lead on what Gustav found within the border," She muttered, but then she noticed something on the rock.

"Hmm? It just glowed up for an instant there."

Miss Aimee said while moving closer to the glass wall.

It was only for an instant, but she saw the glow.

'Why do I feel like his presence has gotten stronger, and it's coming from that,' Miss Aimee wondered while scrutinizing the crystal.

'Even if it's risky, I must make him have contact with this rock to confirm my suspicions,' Miss Aimee thought with a fierce look.

'Looks like I'll have to attend the final phase in person,'


After another six hours had gone by, Gustav had successfully visited three more floors.

His knowledge of the MBO had been significantly increased in the last eight hours.

He also realised that the MBO was very diversified.

Different departments with different purposes had all come together to make a perfect base of operations.

Remembering how there were other towers in the remaining five prestigious cities, Gustav came to the conclusion that the MBO had numerous resources. They would definitely be a force to reckon with if anyone tried to mess with them.

This made Gustav wonder, 'Why does the MBO never interfere in matters regarding lower graded mixedbloods abuse or the happenings within the neighborhood area? they could have easily dealt with such happenings, so, why?'