The Bloodline System - Chapter 228 - Final Phase Location

Chapter 228 - Final Phase Location

Chapter 228 - Final Phase Location

After changing his clothes, he walked out of the bathroom, leaving the spherical orb with the tracker floating inside one of the toilets.

Gustav had already activated Cognitive Concealment as he moved towards the exit area of the floor.

[Energy Instalment has been activated]

Even before he arrived in front of the red barrier, he had already activated the energy Instalment.

The energy from the red barrier was being sucked away. It weakened due to that, and Gustav only created a small entrance for himself to go in.

He passed through it and deactivated Energy Instalment as he stood on the panel.

Just as he expected, the moment he deactivated Energy Instalment, the barrier started regaining power and went back to normal.

'Since I only have thirty minutes, I should make it count... The floors where spacecraft are kept. It starts from floor one thousand nine hundred and three,' The instant Gustav thought of that floor, the panel activated.

Sshhhrroooouuumm! Swwhhhhiiiinnnnzzz!

He was instantly moved up and started travelling through the floors.

In just three seconds, the beam had taken him past a hundred floors.

After a minute had gone by, Gustav arrived on floor 1903.

The instant he moved past the entry point, his sight was greeted with a large blueish space.

"Wow," Gustav couldn't help but exclaim as he walked into this place.

The place was vast, but Gustav could see the walls behind were transparent.

'So, this is how space looks like,' Gustav couldn't help but admire how beautiful space was looking from this height.

The walls were transparent so he could see the endless darkness of space staring back at him; however, the shiny round lights in the far distance and even close by made everything look marvelous.

He could see a side of the blue earth floating and glowing.

This part of the floor was already in outer space. However, it wasn't really far since the earth still looked quite large. However, it had already stabbed through the stratosphere.

Gustav could see the moon. It still looked a bit far, but it was way larger than he expected.

He looked around his surroundings on this floor.

'Spacecrafts,' He had been so occupied with checking out space that he didn't notice the spacecraft lined up in front.

Trrroooiinn! Troiiin! Trrroooiinn!



Announcements from AIs could be heard as some of the spacecraft in the distance lit up.

Some spacecraft that he could see were as large as the size of an entire football stadium.

Officers in bright blue-colored uniforms could be seen moving from place to place.

Gustav also decided to stealthily check the place out while acting as a cleaner.


After about four hours had gone by, Gustav was heading back towards his room since it was late in the night already.

Even though he only spent about thirty minutes up there, he was glad about finally entering space.

Well, even though he wasn't really in it, he saw it as adding more knowledge to what he already had.

He wasn't able to enter any of the spacecraft but seeing functioning ones from a closer angle also brought him some kind of insight.

After leaving the 1903rd floor, Gustav headed for the training room on floor 602.

He tested out his new strength, did some combat self-training and meditated while making plans.

He was now going back to his room to get an early rest for tomorrow's final phase.

Unlike the fourth phase, which was broadcasted all across the city, the final phase wouldn't be broadcasted.

However, the final phase was like a world stage since it was so dangerous to the point that death was a possibility. So, the MBO didn't want it to be showcased to the public.

The only time a broadcast would be displayed was when the participants that passed the phase were being enlisted into the MBO.

This was also the time when the Five great commanders would show themselves.

These five great commanders were said to be the legends of MBO.

They were the five most powerful leading figures in the MBO.

There were other very powerful top legendary well-known officers in the MBO. However, the five commanders made decisions regarding things that went on in the MBO.

They were not just powerful in strength but also powerful in command.

According to the information, Gustav gathered, they were the only ones that could order the number one-ranked most powerful MBO officer to go on missions.

Gustav already heard rumors about the most powerful man who does not take orders from anyone even though he was in the MBO except for these five.

He was said to be the most powerful MBO officer and the most powerful mixed blood on the entire planet.

The MBO called him the Champion of Earth.

That title sounded a little cheesy to Gustav, but when he started hearing of his feats, Gustav began to rethink the title.

Gustav guessed the five great commanders had quite the power and influence for them to be able to pull off sending him on missions.

Although he didn't know much about the most powerful MBO officer, however, since he was hearing about him from a lot of people, Gustav was sure his strength wasn't just superficial.

'Miss Aimee did say she wasn't the most powerful... I guess I have to be prepared to meet these five great commanders after the final phase,' Gustav said internally as he arrived inside his room.

He proceeded to lie down on his bed and sleep off to regain his lost energy.

[Initializing Five Year Quests]

<Procedure » 1/100%>

[Five Year Quests will complete initialization in five days]

If Gustav was awake at this time, he would have noticed these system notifications.

Unfortunately, he wasn't, and just as these notifications appeared, they also disappeared a moment later.


The next morning the participants woke up early.

The moment twenty-four hours went by, an alarm rang out, and the participants were told to hurry towards the waiting room.

"We shall now head out to the Caskia Ruins!" Gradier Xanatus stated after all the participants had been gathered in the hall.