The Bloodline System - Chapter 220 - Final Phase Incoming

Chapter 220 - Final Phase Incoming

Chapter 220 - Final Phase Incoming

6. CANDIDATE 00126 » Gustav Crimson - 470 points


The names were arranged based on badge numbers and scores. Gustav's score was the highest among all the participants.

After the participants noticed his score, he became the subject of discussion once again.

'It seems she's the only one he doesn't look at with hostility... There must be a reason why he shuts everyone out,' Teemee thought while staring at them.

Ria and Glade were still in a heated argument while Gustav was complimenting Angy on her performance.

Teemee and Maltida were the only silent ones in the group currently.

"It's all thanks to you drilling me," Angy replied with a smile.

"No, it's all thanks to your ability. You don't have to give me credit for everything. Be proud of yourself this time. You truly did well," Gustav replied with a smile.

Angy stared at his face, which seemed to glow up in a very attractive format as he smiled.

A shade of red appeared on her cheeks as she turned to face the other side.

"Ah, but it truly is no..." Angy was in the process of speaking when Gradier Xanatus stood to his feet to address everyone again.

"Now that the scores have been revealed, candidates below the score of fifty have ten seconds to leave this place!" Gradier Xanatus voiced out with an authoritative tone.

A timer started counting down on the screens. Finally, some participants stood up with crestfallen looks before heading towards the glowing doorways behind the spectators' area.

In about ten seconds, thirty participants left through the doorways.

Right now, the participants left were a little less than two hundred.

All the participants that got below fifty points didn't bother waiting or trying to prove stubborn since they knew how the MBO operates.

The MBO wouldn't tolerate nonsense, so they all obeyed and left before the ten seconds timer was up.

"Now, I shall give some explanations regarding the fifth phase," Gradier Xanatus begun speaking.

"The fifth phase, which as you might have figured is the last phase. It will be situated at a secret location where participants that also passed the fourth phase from cities all around the world will be gathered..." Gradier Xanatus paused for a bit to let it sink in after saying this.

Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!

Joyous looks could be seen on the faces of the participants after hearing that.

-"If we manage to pass, we'll be enlisted,"

-"That is going to be the last step required,"

Gradier Xanatus started speaking again after a few seconds.

"The participants that passed the special test six months back are also undergoing the last phase..."

-"What? We also have to participate?"

-"How come we didn't know about this before?"

-"How can they place us in the same category as these losers,"

The youngsters in white uniforms didn't like this piece of information.

After passing the special test, they thought they wouldn't have to go through any other test, but it looks like their speculation was wrong.

"Only the special class candidates will be exempted from undergoing the final phase," Gradier Xanatus added.

Everyone had already expected this, so they weren't surprised.

Some of them started wondering if Gustav was also going to participate since he passed the special class difficulty.

"Now, the final phase is different from what you've been undergoing so far. But, it is the real deal because you're going to be facing true danger," Gradier Xanatus said with a serious tone.

"It won't be an understatement to say that there is the danger of death if you undertake this test," He added.

Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!

The place became noisy once again after the participants heard that.

The participants were starting to understand why the previous tests were so difficult.

It would seem the MBO was trying to eliminate the weaker ones who probably wouldn't handle the final phase.

Since the test was so dangerous, it would mean the weaker ones were bound to get hurt and most likely cause a death toll.

Participants who made it this far would be strong enough to get through the phase with little or no deaths.

"Now, mind you, only a hundred participants from each city across the world will be enlisted in the end, so the points you have gathered today will be a big help for you," Gradier Xanatus explained.

"Not to worry, even if you have low points, you only need to do what is required in the next phase to increase your points and get enough to be among the top hundred participants in your city," These words made some of them calm their minds.

Everyone was either tense or intrigued about the final phase or both.

The normal participants realized that since candidates that passed the special test would be participating in the final phase, not only was the competition going to get tougher, but the numbers would be higher.

This meant there will be over two hundred participants, and more than half of that would be unable to make it through.

This made them feel even more tensed since the candidates that passed the special test were stronger than normal.

"You have a twenty-four hours break to do whatever you want and also think it over if you truly want to participate in the final test phase. More information on the test will be given at the gathering tomorrow before you're transported to the secret location,"

"You're free to visit anywhere on floor 602, and the next five floors above floor 602, beyond that, is restricted. Rooms and other facilities needed are available for every participant. Fighting or getting physical amongst each other will result in disqualification,"

After saying this, Gradier Xanatus and the other four supervisors disappeared with a flash of bright light.

When the supervisors disappeared, the participants stood up and started leaving through the glowing doorways behind the spectators' seats.

They were transported back to floor 602.

Immediately they arrived on floor 602, Gustav excused himself from the group and started heading towards the room area.

'It's time... I only need to channel it a little bit more to get to the fourth step,' Gustav said internally as he moved across the corridor.