The Bloodline System - Chapter 221 - Unexpected Contact

Chapter 221 - Unexpected Contact

Chapter 221 - Unexpected Contact

They were transported back to floor 602.

Immediately they arrived on floor 602, Gustav excused himself from the group and started heading towards the room area.

'It's time... I only need to channel it a little bit more to get to the fourth step,' Gustav said internally as he moved across the corridor.

Gustav activated the map and confirmed that the room area that was restricted to the normal participants was now accessible.

Gustav deactivated it and started moving towards that area once again.

When he got to the area of intersection he could see the route that led to the room area on the left while going up ahead led to the exit of the floor.

"Hmm?" Gustav noticed a figure coming from up ahead.

The figure also seemed to be heading towards the room area but he paused when he noticed Gustav.

It was a black curly haired 5'7 kid with similar facial features to that of Gustav.

The both of them paused their footsteps before arriving at the corner spot that led to the turning and made eye contact.

Smirk! Frown!

Gustav smiled while the other kid who was obviously his little brother had a long scowl on his face.

The atmosphere became tense in an instant but Gustav's reaction seemed to be reducing the tension.

"I know what you did kid... I may not have the time to deal with you right now but don't worry soon enough," Gustav voiced out before turning towards the side to head into the room area.

"You..." Endric turned around and was about to attack Gustav from behind when he remembered something and paused.

Gustav's grin grew wider as he kept moving forward.

"By the time I'm done with you, you'll be sorry!" Endric shouted out while pointing at Gustav's back.

Gustav ignored his exclamation and kept moving forward. He looked around for his room.

Endric clenched his fist as Gustav's back grew farther and farther away from his line of sight.

'Just you wait... Big brother my ass!'


After about seven minutes of searching Gustav found a room with his badge number on it.

He used the same method as before to unlock the door and went in.

This room happened to be more spacious that the previous one.

There was even the view of the city from the window panes behind.

Gustav wasted no time in heading towards the bed area and sitting in a cross legged format.

He closed his eyes and breathed in as he started channeling his bloodline.

In the beginning before he became a zulu ranked or even started channeling his bloodline, the system gave him a kind of boost.

His bloodline was channeled past the third point and since there were only four channel points he only needed to channel it to the fourth to become a zulu ranked.

After he became a zulu ranked he noticed that the four channel points located within his body had been linked.

Bloodline channeling was literally making the bloodline within the body increase in saturation so the points became linked by his bloodline after getting to the zulu rank forming a circle.

Within the circle was a kind of small red pool that increased in size as Gustav went from the first step to second step.

Now that he was third step the red pool had increased in size to the extent that it was nearly making contact with the circular barricade the four channel points formed around it.

The moment it's volume increased to the point where it made contact with the four channel points barricade, Gustav would have achieved fourth step.

Gustav focused his senses on the red pool inside and it started bubbling.

His focus at this moment was so intense that a kind of serene vibe had been formed around him.

The surroundings was silent, except for the bubbling sounds coming from Gustav.


-Five weeks ago

After Gustav got the confession from Ebun, he gave him something he had been preparing for a while.

When he was abducted back then, he asked miss Aimee to get him the brain tweak helmet used on him.

Of course she asked why he needed it and he just claimed that it was for research purposes and truly Gustav wanted to experiment on the helmet but he never truly had the time to do that since he was preoccupied with so many things.

When he was putting revenge plans into motion he remembered the helmet which he kept within his second room.

He was initially going to wipe Ebun's brain with atomic disintegration but remembering that he couldn't control how it went due to what happened with Hung Jo and Ben the other time he decided making use of the brain tweak helmet would be a better option.

He wiped Ebun's memory of the last one day with the brain tweak device and returned him back to the laboratory after making him unconscious.

Gustav didn't want to arouse any suspicions when he finally came for the true culprit behind the scenes which was why he resulted to this. He had decided he would fully deal with Ebun after taking the entire disciplinary committee down.

For the next two days Gustav made plans. However he didn't negate his training and hunting down mixedbreeds within the border.

Even though he hadn't really been focusing on killing mixedbreeds within the border he still kept feeling a kind of tingling on his skin whenever he went there.

It always felt like there was an invisible eye watching him and it got stronger each time.

Even when he tried to shake the feeling off by running from location to location within the border it was futile.

Gustav had to multi task to make plans to discover why he felt that way within the border while also dealing with the kitchen incident.

After Gustav finished making plans he had to contact a particular person to assist in a crucial part of the plan.


During break in school the next day he stood underneath a shade behind the school cafeteria conversing with a girl.

"Do you understand the plan?" Gustav asked the white haired girl in front of him.