The Bloodline System - Chapter 219 - Ranking Score Board

Chapter 219 - Ranking Score Board

Chapter 219 - Ranking Score Board

A hidden skill that can only be activated when I'm enraged? Hmm... Looks like it might never be activated,' A sigh escaped Gustav's mouth as he thought.

Gustav couldn't remember the last time he was enraged about something. Even when beating up Ebun who was the cause of the kitchen accident, he wasn't enraged.

He always calmed himself down which was why he was able to handle the situation the way he did.

He could tell that this hidden skill was probably one that would only take effect when he lost his mind to rage.

While Gustav was busy contemplating about other things and making plans the fourth test phase was finally coming to an end.

The last two participants dealt with the last sub phases simultaneously.

The AI calculated their score and in a few seconds their assessment score was displayed.

This marked the end of the fourth phase which had been going on for more than twelve hours.

Even though it took up a lot of time, almost the entire city stayed up to watch it.

At this time it was already early the next morning.

So far lots of participants had shown talent and promise. This was to be expected since the more than ten thousand candidates that participated in the test phase had already been disqualified.

Those left were amongst the best of the participants.

Gradier Xanatus stood up to address everyone after the last two participants finished their test.

"I commend you all on on a job well done today. Each and everyone of you have successfully completed the fourth phase but what comes next will determine if you get to participate in the last phase or not," He voiced out.

"As it has been mentioned before, an hidden ranking was prepared since the beginning of the test where points have been attributed to every candidate based on your performance in each phase... The requirement for participating in the next phase is having at least fifty points," Gradier Xanatus added.

"Rest assured that even if you're at the bottom of the ranking, so long as you managed to get up to fifty points you would be granted access to participate in the final phase," Gradier Xanatus had a feeling that some of them might feel this way so he decided to add this.

"Now the ranking shall be revealed, make sure to check for your badge number or name," Immediately after he finished saying this Gradier Xanatus took his seat.

Troiiin! Troiiin! Troiiin! Troiiin!

On the four screens placed in different parts of the stadium like arena, a ranking board suddenly appeared.

On this ranking board names and badge numbers of two hundred and thirty three participants appeared along with scores in front of them.

The participants begun to check the ranking out for their names and scores.

Even though there were up to two hundred names on the screens, the screens were big enough so everyone was able to check for their scores without having to strain their eyes.

All over the city everyone could also see the ranking board on the screens.

Parents prayed while checking for the names of their children, hoping they made the cut.

Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!

The spectators area became noisy as participants began to see their names and scores.

-"Ah I'm safe, 60 points,"

-"80 points yes,"

-"I really cut it close with 51 points, sigh! I was really lucky this time,"

-"Damn it, I only needed one more point... How could this have happened?"

Some voices were cries of joy while others were the opposite.

"Haha you weaklings bow before my one hundred and fifty points," Ria shouted out and stood while laughing after noticing his score.

-"Oh my he truly got that high,"

-"Damn my points are nothing compared to his,"

-"With points that high I guess he does have the right to be cocky,"

Voices of defeat could be heard coming from the participants sitting around them.

"Hey idiot, check out the number three name," Glade folded her arms and closed her eyes as she spoke in a cool manner.

"Hmm?" Ria did as he was told and looked for the third name on the ranking board.

He noticed Glade's name and checked for her score.

His mouth hung wide open immediately after he saw it, "T... Tw... Two hun...dred and thirty points..." He stuttered with a look of disbelief after seeing her points.

"Fool also check two names below yours," Teemee also voiced out while folding his arms on Ria's left.

Ria did that also and noticed Teemee's score was a solid two hundred.

-"Haha he's the weakest among them all,"

-"Serves him right for being so cocky,"

Ria's forehead creased as he heard that and sat down with a dejected look.

'How could they get such higher scores than I did?' Ria looked down as he thought.

"Hmph! Weak loud mouth," Glade said with a look of dominance.

"Eh? What are you talking about cow tail! You only managed to defeat me this time but next time you both will kiss my ass!" Ria replied while shouting out.

"I'm very sure I wouldn't want to kiss something so smelly and disgusting!" Glade voiced out with a repressed look.

"You... You... Who told you it's smelly?" Ria questioned with a annoyed tome.

"I can sniff it from miles away!"

"What??!!! How dare you cow tail?"

"Who are you calling cow tail!? I'll kill you!"

"Not if I kill you first!"

Teemee shook his head from the side as both of them argued back and forth.

'You both have no sense of your surroundings do you?' He said internally with a look of pity.

He turned to stare at Gustav and Angy who were seated on the right side of Glade.

"As expected, who else would have gotten the highest," He muttered while turning his face to look up.


1. CANDIDATE 00032 » Edwin Umbrella - 67 points

2. CANDIDATE 00045 » Estrella Lombard - 102


3. CANDIDATE 00054 » Glade Inayusha - 230 points

4. CANDIDATE 00098 » Gunter Badmus - 52 points

5. CANDIDATE 00121 » Angy Vilandrobadia - 223 points

6. CANDIDATE 00126 » Gustav Crimson - 470 points