The Bloodline System - Chapter 218 - Hidden Skill

Chapter 218 - Hidden Skill

Chapter 218 - Hidden Skill

However, Gustav had something way worse in mind for the four. He decided that after getting the evidence he needs, he would put that plan into motion.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

"Ple...ase yo...u haven't ev...en blergh! as...ked any ques...tions yet..." Ebun pleaded while vomiting out more blood.

"I'll ask when I'm ready... For now, take the beating like a champ. It's your reward for doing such a great job of killing innocent people," Gustav smiled like a psycho as he approached Ebun again.

"D... De.. mon sp...are me arrrghh!" Ebun screamed out again as Gustav grabbed his arm and twisted it at an unimaginable angle.

Screams kept ringing out, and in a few seconds, all of Ebun's limbs had been broken.


After several more rounds of beating and suffering for Ebun, Gustav stopped.

Ebun's face, at this time, looked listless.

He had almost lost his mind from receiving unimaginable pain. He stared at Gustav with a look of fear and panic.

"Now, tell me everything," Gustav voiced out while squatting in front of Ebun.

Ebun, who was already traumatized by the pain he received earlier, started spilling everything about how he was approached by Mr. Lon.

How everything was planned by them.

After spilling out everything, Gustav got a system notification.

[Goal completed: Abduct, torture and successfully break a mixedblood]


Back in the stadium-like arena, Gustav decided to check his rewards from completing the hidden quest and goal after taking a trip down memory lane.

'I hope the goal rewards are as good as back then,' Gustav said internally while checking them out.


[Hidden Quest Completed]

[Achieve the Highest Assessment Score]


<+1 all attributes' stats>

<God Eyes level up>

<+50 Credits>

<+20000 EXP>


'Hmm, these rewards are not bad,' Gustav said internally after checking out that of the hidden quest.

He decided to check out the upgrade God Eyes got first.

Gustav opened the system interface and proceeded to check out his skills and abilities.



{Skills and Abilities]

»Dash: Level 6

»Sprint: Level 5

»Regeneration: Level 4

»Shapeshifting: Level 3

»Joint movement: Level 3

»Toxin immunity: Level 3

»Recreation: Level 3

»Bloodline acquisition: Level 3

»Slash: Level 4

»Chop: Level 7

»Palm strike: Level 5

»God eyes: Level 3


God Eyes had gone from level two to three.

Gustav decided to check out the improvements.


»God eyes: Level 3


<3000ft eyesight zoom in>

<Visualize life signs>

<Read internal energy>

<See through anything three inches thick and below>

<Track life signs>


'See-through ability has improved... Track life signs...?' Gustav had a contemplative expression on his face as he got to this part.

The issue of life signs was something Gustav had been investigating since when he got God Eyes ability.

Unfortunately, he always hit a brick wall after every research. These life signs were something every living thing that existed on the face of the planet had.

Gustav always saw it on living things whenever he activated God Eyes. Regardless of that, till today, he couldn't figure out the functionality.

The life sign on every human/slarkov/mixedblood was always on the forehead.

Gustav once asked miss Aimee if she knew what life signs were, but her reaction to his question was something Gustav never expected.

"Wherever you heard that from and whatever you know about it... Forget them all and never mention those words to anyone," Miss Aimee forbade him from speaking, asking or researching about it.

This made Gustav feel extremely suspicious.

Even when he promised miss Aimee that he would forget about it, he kept researching secretly, but it all proved to be futile.

He could only see them, but now according to the rewards, he could track them.

'Does tracking them have anything to do with actual tracking,' Gustav wondered.

He decided not to dwell on it for too long and activated God Eyes.

[God Eyes has been activated]

The surroundings instantly changed color in Gustav's line of sight along with everyone within the vicinity.

Gustav zoomed in on the forehead of one of the female participants in the vicinity.

Even though her blue hair covered her forehead, he could still see through it.

He could see the sign, '•^•' on her forehead.

Life signs were always different for each person. Gustav had never seen the same life signs twice on two different people's foreheads.

Gustav inspected the life sign on her forehead. The instant his sight focused on her forehead for u five seconds, he received a system notification.

[The life sign '•^•' has been saved]

'Huh?' Gustav didn't expect that.

(To track life sign, visualize the saved life sign)

An explanation appeared afterwards.

Gustav deactivated God Eyes after seeing this.

'If this truly enables me to track them, then I'll have to try this when she is farther from me to confirm it,' Gustav decided.

He didn't want to get too excited about this since he hadn't confirmed it. However, internally he was hoping it would be what he wanted.

'If it is what I want, then this just might be God Eyes best feature,'

Gustav said internally before proceeding to check the next reward.


[Goal completed]

[Become A City-Wide Known Figure]

<+2000 Credits>

<Host has received a hidden skill that can only be activated when rage has gone beyond a particular level>


'2000 credits? That's a lot,' Gustav felt a rush of excitement upon seeing this.

He could only get a hundred credits after gathering a million EXP, so getting two thousand from completing a single goal was something he didn't expect.

There were a lot of goals in the goals panels, and he could check for their rewards. Still. he had never seen this one before, so he guessed this was one of the ones that were at the bottom.

'This is good... Looks like I can save up for that bloodline once I get about twenty more of this same reward,' Gustav thought before proceeding to check the next reward.

'A hidden skill that can only be activated when I'm enraged? Hmm... Looks like it might never be activated,' A sigh escaped Gustav's mouth as he thought.