The Bloodline System - Chapter 217 - Breaking A Full Grown Man

Chapter 217 - Breaking A Full Grown Man

Chapter 217 - Breaking A Full Grown Man

However, in that few seconds, when its bright light dyed the cliff area of this particular mountain, a devilish smile could be seen on the face of the person standing in front of the terrified man.

"This is for boss Danzo," He muttered while reaching out to grab the man again.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Sounds of beating resounded across the vicinity.

The man being beaten up was none other than Ebun, the same person who caused the kitchen accident.

Few hours ago Gustav visited the laboratory in the form of the persona he had been making use of.

After selling off the corpse of the mixedbreeds he killed recently, he sneakily found his way to Ebun's office.

He assualted Ebun the instant he got in and fed him the sleeping drug he prepared down.

Gustav held Ebun down till the drug took effect and wrapped him in a cover cloth he prepared.

He placed Ebun's unconscious body on his shoulder and jumped out of the building through the window.

After successfully abducting him, Gustav took Ebun to the mountain area he tried commiting suicide from in the past.

Although the mountain had practically been halved since the incident with the system, it still had a remarkable height.

Anyone who fell from the top would definitely have thier body turned into meat paste upon making contact with the groud.

By the time Ebun opened his eyes Gustav's cold face was what greeted him.

Gustav was squatting right in front of him with their faces a few inches from each other.

"Did you enjoy the nap?" This was Gustav's first question to him.

"" Ebun voiced out while moving backwards in fright.

"This might be your very last nap depending on how you answer the questions I ask you..." Gustav stated while moving close to him again.

"What do you mea... Wait it's you..." Ebun muttered with a look of realisation while pointing at Gustav.

"Before I start my questions..." Gustav ignored Ebun words while saying.

"Did you think you could just get away with what you did and there wouldn't be consequences?" Gustav's face suddenly turned colder as he reached out to grab Ebun by the neck.

"Grrhhuukll!" Ebun choked on his words as he felt Gustav's strong grip on his neck.

"Ba...sstt...tarrd...d I...m ss...tttiiill," His words turned muffled as the tightness of Gustav's grip increased on his neck.

He felt he would be stronger and grabbed onto Gustav's hand to remove it from his neck but no matter how much he tried it was useless.

Bom! Bom! Bom!

He pummeled Gustav's arm with his fist but even with that there was no reaction.

Tears and snot had already filled his face and his vision was starting to darken.

He stared at Gustav's face which was brimming with coldness.

He could sense the murderous intent exuding from his being.

'He's truly going to kill me? I'm going to die in the hands of a kid?' This thought plagued his mind and just as his vision was about to darken completely Gustav released his grip.

Cough! Cough!

Ebun held onto his neck while coughing profusely and spitting out the saliva that was clogged in his throat.

"Oh, my bad... I got carried away," Gustav muttered while standing up.

"Now where was I?" Gustav asked while staring down at Ebun.

"Yo..u... ho..w... are y..ou trying to kill a mixedblood? The MBO will come for you!" Ebun managed to voice this out while raising his head to stare at Gustav.

The moment he raised his head to meet Gustav's cold eyes that were staring back at him he flinched.

"Before I start my questions..." Gustav clenched his fists causing his knuckles to make cracking sounds.

'This kid... he might be young but I stand no chance against him,' Ebun face shown a frightened look and he wanted to get up but the next thing he knew a leg had appeared in his front.

Swoon! Bam!

Gustav's right foot accurately slammed into the middle of Ebun's face.

"Arrrhh!" He screamed out as his body was sent flying a few feet back.

He still hadn't gotten a sense of his surroundings when Gustav dashed forward, grabbed him and started raining slaps on his face.

Pah! Pah! Pah! Pah! Pah!

Ebun was like a defenseless little chicken in the hands of Gustav who kept raining mighty slaps on his cheek causing it to bloat in a manner of seconds with blood spilling out of them.

"Ah, see what you did... My hands are all messed up with your filthy blood now," Gustav muttered as he let go of Ebun who fell face flat to the ground.

Blood dripped from Ebun's mouth and face as he hit the ground.

Gustav stared at his right hand which was currently bloody and squatted.

He rubbed his hand on Ebun's previously white laboratory coat, cleaning off the blood before grabbing onto him again.

"Now let's try another part of your body that wouldn't mess up my hand," Gustav stated before throwing out his fist towards Ebun's stomach.

Bam! Blergh!

Ebun spat out a mouthful of blood as his body rolled back. Gustav dashed out again and grabbed him.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

He started raining punches on Ebun's body.

This occurrence led to the current scenerio.

Ebun was unable to run when he figured that they were on a mountain top.

He couldn't go backwards since he would fall off neither could he move sideways or forward since Gustav would catch him.

He had no choice but to receive the beating being fed to him by Gustav.


Gustav beat Ebun up repeatedly and fed him recovery pills just to beat him into a pulp again.

It took everything in him not to kill Ebun because at the moment he was extremely incensed.

He knew killing Ebun wouldn't bring him any gains since he still needed for him to confess about everything that had happened.

This would also give him the evidence needed to deal with the four teachers from the disciplinary committee.