The Bloodline System - Chapter 216 - Future Special Class?

Chapter 216 - Future Special Class?

Chapter 216 - Future Special Class?

However some parts of his data didn't make sense to them. Especially when his bloodline information was displayed.

According to the data, Gustav had a B-grade bloodline. This meant that his bloodline potential shouldn't be above B+ or at most A.

Even A was considered rare if you had a B-grade bloodline.

However, at this moment, they saw that his bloodline potential was given the grade S. Only mixedbloods with A-grade bloodlines could have this. Also, it was very rare because only one out of a hundred mixedbloods with A grades were blessed with this potential.

It didn't make sense that a B-grade had an S-grade potential.

On a side note, they felt his strength was probably attributed to this, and his bloodline must be a unique one.

-"He's definitely going to become special class, I must make friends with him,"

-"How come his abilities cannot be computed completely?"

-"This guy is on another level compared to us..."

-"He's just a step three Zulu rank but the strength he displayed must have surpassed the serial rank... How?

-"Does this mean he can defeat other special class candidates since he has the highest scores?"

While everyone was checking out Gustav's information, Gustav was checking out Angy's.



« Full Name >> Angy Vilandrobadia »

« Age >> 17 »

« Height >> 5'7 »

« Weight 49kg »


« Endurance >> 9.5 »

« Strength >> 7.8 »

« Combat Capability >> 9.5

« Attack Power >> 9.8

« Speed >> 10 »

« Mental Capacity >> 8.8

« Reasoning Aptitude >> 8.5


« Bloodline Potential >> A »

« Bloodline Grade >> C »

« Bloodline Rank >> Second Step Zulu »

« Bloodline Ability >> Speed, Amplification and Discharge Kinetic Force.


'She really went at it,' Gustav smiled after seeing her assessment score.

Although Angy wasn't getting as much recognition as Gustav right now, the participants had to admit that she was among the most powerful here too.

The walls around Gustav and Angy descended, and they were asked to return to their seats.

The supervisors stared at both of them from their sitting position while having a conversation with each other.

"Has the score been submitted?" Gradier Xanatus inquired.

"Yes, the higher-ups should be reviewing it by now. Still, I don't think they'll give us feedback till after the last test phase," Supervisor Valgus replied from the left while rubbing her blue facial hairs.

"Which means he still has to participate in the last phase," Supervisor Chuks stated from the last seat on the left as his worm-like hairs wriggled above his head.

"But he isn't the only one with the potential to become a special class," Supervisor Gondraga said with a deep tone.

He didn't believe that any candidate with the potential to be a special class would come out of this batch. Nonetheless, he now acknowledged the fact that Gustav might be more special than even the rest of the other special class candidates.

"The others are too, but since the AI didn't react to them like they did him, they will just have to try becoming a special class candidate the usual way," Supervisor Chuks replied.

"He will still be questioned by the higher-ups later on his sudden improvement... So much potential, they are bound to be attracted to him," Gradier Xanatus said with a small sigh escaping from his lips.

"Why do I feel like there is still more to uncover about this young man," Supervisor Errie, the second female supervisor, muttered.


Gustav and Angy had returned to their seats after completing the sub-phases.

They received attention from everyone around them even though other participants were currently undergoing the test sub-phases.

Glade and the others were intimidated by Gustav's presence, but he wasn't even bothered.

He ignored everyone as usual.

Maltida, who was seated on his left, was feeling very excited at the moment, 'I was right to stick by his side... I need to gain his trust,' she said internally.

'With his help in the future... Maybe I can finally change my fate,'

All around the city, Gustav had suddenly gained popularity and became the topic of discussion everywhere.

The people that were shocked the most were the ones that used to know Gustav from school and his parents' neighborhood.

'Wasn't he F-grade?'

'Why is his last name no longer Oslov but Crimson,' They all had thoughts similar on this.


As time passed, participants completed their sub-phases one after the other.

Even though lots of them performed well, no one was really excited to watch them after seeing Gustav's performance.

They would always try to compare anyone that appeared on that floor to Gustav.

Gustav was receiving both admiration and envy.

The same Gustav was currently not even paying attention to anything around him.

He stared at the system notification in front of him.

[Hidden Quest Completed]

[Goal Completed: Become A City-Wide Known Figure]

As Gustav stared at these notifications, his mind went back to a few weeks ago.


Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

The sounds of beating echoed in the vicinity as a full-grown man was being struck down by a 5'6 tall silhouette repeatedly.

"Blergh! Y..o..u..." He vomited blood as he tried crawling backward while pointing at the silhouette.

The silhouette reached out his hand and grabbed onto the finger.

"Uh?" Before the man could react, a loud cracking sound echoed in the vicinity, and he noticed his finger had been bent to the back.

"Aarrgh!" He screamed out in pain while retracting his finger as he kept shifting his body backward on the ground.

"W..hy are y..ou this..?" He asked with a teary and bloodied face.

"Are you seriously asking me that right now?" The silhouette voiced out while moving closer to the man, who kept shifting backward.


He got to the edge as his body pushed a stone backward, and it ended up falling from the height they were currently positioned on.

"Kiiiarrhh!" The man screamed out again in fear as he looked behind him.

His body was close to falling off a cliff. He could see the bottom of the mountain, which was more than a thousand feet away.

This was when he realized that they were on a mountain top.

The setting sun shone its light on this part of the mountain before going down completely.

However, in that few seconds, when its bright light dyed the cliff area of this particular mountain, a devilish smile could be seen on the face of the person standing in front of the terrified man.

"This is for boss Danzo," He muttered while reaching out to grab the man again.