The Bloodline System - Chapter 215 - Assessment Data

Chapter 215 - Assessment Data

Chapter 215 - Assessment Data

Immediately after doing that he was ready to stop lifting. However, the AI made a different announcement from what he was expecting.


After that announcement was made, Gustav stopped feeling the weight of the large cylindrical structure bearing down upon him.

He retracted his arms and stared at the score of Ten projected on the wall up ahead.

-"Such inhumane strength,"

-"He didn't even transform after lifting up to thirty thousand pounds,"

The crowd spoke about Gustav's insane strength as he walked towards the wall up ahead.

In the household of the Oslovs, Gustav's birth parents stood in front of the screen with their mouths wide open.

His mother's fingers trembled as she pointed at the screen, "Is that the same person I gave birth to?"


Gustav moved onto the next sub-phase amidst the cheers and chatters coming from the spectators' seats.

On the southeast side of the stadium-like arena, a youngster with silver-colored long hair sat within the crowd.

His eyes were closed, but if they were open, it would look like he was staring in the direction of the screen ahead.

"So that is Endric's brother... Why wasn't he the one chosen for the special class?" The youngster muttered underneath his breath.

"His power is immense. Even if I try to steal his glow, I doubt he'll dim," He added.

"I hope we can be comrades in the future,"


Gustav was currently taking part in the next phase as Angy was finishing the final phase.

[Sprint has been activated]

Gustav immediately activated Sprint as he dashed forward.


Just like the others, he also saw the space in front of him expanding making it look like he hadn't traveled more than a few steps forward.

However, Gustav was currently moving faster than the speed Angy used earlier, so even though this sub-phase was more difficult than normal, he advanced faster than any other participant had.

Unlike Angy, who didn't use her full speed, it was apparent that Gustav was using his. So, even though he currently moved faster than she did, whenever everyone remembered how fast Angy moved in the furry world, they would dismiss Gustav's speed as nothing.

After two minutes of running, he finally got to the end of the room.

This was also the fastest anyone had ever gone in the special class speed sub-phase category. Gustav was given a score of '9.9' and proceeded to head to the next space, which was also the sixth sub-phase.

The last two sub-phases weren't really test-related.

They didn't have to put themselves to any rigorous task. So the last two sub-phases were more of an evaluation.

He channeled his bloodline while standing in the middle of the space.

A bar was being placed in front where different kinds of readings were displayed.

After a few seconds, the AI instructed Gustav to stop and move onto the next sub-phase.

The last sub-phase was just his body undergoing an internal test.

Different colors of lights scanned Gustav from head to toe.

This was the same thing that happened with others, but surprisingly for Gustav, it was taking longer.

Gustav recalled that this was the sub-phase where mixedblood grade was determined. They were trying to scan his body and reveal his bloodline grade.

It was easier for them to reveal his bloodline rank as step three in the previous sub-phase because when he was told to channel his bloodline, he channeled only that of Genetic Transformation Bloodline.

If he had channeled the others simultaneously, the AI would be confused since the other bloodlines within him had different ranks.

Now that they were checking for his bloodline grade, they will be unable to find any of his bloodlines if he doesn't channel it like he did earlier.

The system was able to protect him from any sort of infiltration. So, unless Gustav wanted to reveal his bloodline grade, even the best scientists in the world right now wouldn't be able to uncover the different bloodlines within him.

To save them the trouble, Gustav channeled his original bloodline, which was the Genetic Transformation Bloodline.

It wasn't the bloodline with the highest grade within him right now, but it was his original.

The results were displayed on the screens.

-"Wow, he has a B-grade bloodline,"

-"He shouldn't be so powerful with just a B-grade bloodline,"

-"I also have a B-grade bloodline, but I'm nowhere as strong as that,"

-"I have a friend with an A-grade bloodline, and I can tell y'all that his strength isn't even half of this,"

The participants spoke amongst themselves.

Glade, Ria, and Teemee all had A-grade bloodlines, so they expected Gustav to be the same.

This revelation made them feel shocked. They couldn't wrap their heads around the fact that a B-grade was way more powerful than A-grades.

The lights scanning Gustav kept scanning for more information on his bloodline, but they could only figure out a little.

The sub-phases ended, and Gustav's information was displayed on the screen along with Angy's.

The information they displayed about his bloodline was different from everyone's since they couldn't completely read all his bloodline abilities.



« Full Name >> Gustav Crimson »

« Age >> 18 »

« Height >> 5'9 »

« Weight >> 67kg »

ASSESSMENT DATA (Special Class):

« Endurance: 10 »

« Strength >> 10 »

« Combat Capability >> 9.9 »

« Attack Power >> 10 »

« Speed >> 9.9 »

« Mental Capacity >> 10 »

« Reasoning Aptitude >> 9.9 »


« Bloodline Potential >> S »

« Bloodline Grade >> B »

« Bloodline Rank >> Step Three Zulu »

« Bloodline Ability >> Transformation (unable to compute more data than this) »


This information was displayed at the end of every participant sub-phase.

The sub-phases were for the computation of every participant's assessment data.

Now that Gustav had completed the sub-phases, his assessment data had been computed so he could check it out with the badge at any time.

Everyone stared at Gustav's data with shimmering eyes. It was astonishing that he could get this high even after the difficulty was increased.

However some parts of his data didn't make sense to them. Especially where his bloodline information was displayed.