The Bloodline System - Chapter 214 - Another Perfect Score

Chapter 214 - Another Perfect Score

Chapter 214 - Another Perfect Score

Still, just like before, Gustav did not even change his posture.

His palms were still placed underneath the large cylindrical black structure with a casual expression.

His legs didn't buckle, neither did his arms tremble.

just like before, Gustav did not even change his posture.

His palms were still placed underneath the large cylindrical black structure with a casual expression on his face.

His legs didn't buckle, neither did his arms tremble.

After a few seconds, the AI went on to increase the weight to six thousand pounds, and it still didn't have any effect on Gustav.

Gustav held up the structure with ease and waited for the AI to increase the mass again.

As time passed, everyone watching went from being shocked to amazement and from amazement to disbelief.

On the other side, Angy had gotten to the wall within thirty seconds after she decided to be a little bit serious.

She didn't use her full speed, but she was able to finish the speed sub-phase within that time frame.

Others had taken seven to ten minutes, whereas she had only spent thirty seconds.

The AI displayed the score, and she was given a perfect score, just like Gustav in the previous phase.

This was to be expected since no one here could move as fast as she could. Also, the supervisors could tell that she wasn't using her full speed, so they decided to give her a full score.

They also remembered her performance in the virtual furry world.

After this, Angy moved on to the next sub-phase, which had to do with bloodline grading and rank.


In a particular part of the city, a beautiful lady sporting grey-colored hair stood atop the roof of a large two hundred storey building.

This part of the city was a business area, so tall sky scrappers could be seen all around.

She was clad in a full black leather jacket and skirt with a purple t-shirt. Her figure was slim and slightly curvaceous.

Anyone that recognized this lady would be very surprised to see the expression on her face. Because at the moment, she had a beautiful and warm smile on her face as she stared at the footage being displayed on the skyscraper towards the northwest.

"You're doing a great job, kid," She muttered.

On the screen, Gustav could be seen lifting a large cylindrical structure.

"You're playing your part. It's time for me to play mine,"

The lady, who was obviously miss Aimee, added and looked down at the roof she was currently standing on.

"Will I have to take off my limiter today?" She questioned no one in particular as she kept staring at the roof.

Faint bumping sounds could be heard coming from underneath.

As seconds passed, the sounds increased, and once it got to a particular level, miss Aimee moved a few steps backward.


A hole was torn through the roof the next moment, and a large piece of greenish rock came flying out of it.

The rock was so large it could be compared to twice the size of a trailer truck.

Miss Aimee quickly jumped upwards and grabbed onto the large rock in mid-air.

She placed it on her left shoulder while still in mid-air as her body and the rock traveled on the roof area from building to building on the other side of the street. The distance between these buildings was well over one thousand feet away.


Miss Aimee landed on that roof along with the large rock on her shoulder.

"That wasn't as bad as I expected," She muttered while turning around to stare at the building she just leaped across from.

"Just as before, I can truly sense it better... It feels like him. Why does it have a hint of his presence?" Miss Aimee questioned with a confused look while staring in the direction of the sky scrapper that was currently showcasing the entrance test.

Just as miss Aimee wanted to turn around and keep going, she noticed something.

"Uhm, I knew it wasn't going to be as simple," She muttered while turning around and leaping towards another tall building thousands of feet away while carrying the huge rock.


In a study-like room, a man with smooth dark brown hair sat in a cross-legged format.

He was clad in an azure-colored business suit.

He stared at the person in front of him with a cold expression.

A man in a full black bodysuit knelt in front of him and was currently speaking.

"So, she has taken the bait?" He asked the man kneeling.

"Yes, sir Yung," The kneeling man replied with a respectful tone.

"Tell them to remain on her tail and not in any way give her a break because the slightest hesitation will result in suspicion... We cannot give her any reason to feel suspicious," He instructed.

"Yes, sir Yung," The man on his knees proceeded to get up and leave after responding with that.

The man seated reached out his hand and grabbed onto the teacup beside him before proceeding to lift it towards his mouth.

He took a sip and placed it down.

"What better place is there to keep it than in your hands," He smirked devilishly after muttering those words.

This man was none other than Yung Jo, the big brother of Hung Jo.

"If you do find a way of cracking it open, you'll just be doing me another favor. All I'll need to do is get it back," He added.

After taking two more sips from the teacup, he stood up.

"Anyways, I need to prepare for my attendance at the final phase... Looks like I'm going to meet that brat in person soon," He smirked again as he walked out of the room.


Back in the stadium-like arena where the sub-phases were ongoing, Angy was already finishing the sixth phase and moving onto the seventh while Gustav was still in the fourth.


The weight of the cylindrical structure increased again, but this time Gustav's body slightly descended.

However, in the next instant, he pushed the structure up again.

At this point, everyone had been shocked senseless.


This was when Gustav finally decided to take the partial form of the mutated bull transformation bloodline.

The weight became lighter the instant his arms transformed into that of the mutated bull.

He pushed up the structure again.


'This should be enough,' Gustav decided that he would stop and let his strength score be calculated after he pushed the structure upwards.

Immediately he did that, he was ready to stop lifting. However, the AI made a different announcement from what he was expecting.