The Bloodline System - Chapter 207 - Glade's Amazing Attack Power

Chapter 207 - Glade's Amazing Attack Power

Chapter 207 - Glade's Amazing Attack Power

'Hmm, both of them... Just like Maltida and Teemee,' Gustav could see a pattern here and looked forward to stare at the area of the supervisors.

There were tab-looking devices in front of all the supervisors where they input the data and observations they had gathered on different participants.

[God Eyes has been activated]

Gustav's eyes zoomed in on the supervisors' area, and he stared at them like they were right in front of him.

"Hmm?" The supervisors felt a weird sensation and looked around.

Gradier Xanatus suddenly raised his face and stared back at Gustav's position.

Since Gustav's eyes were zoomed in on them, it was like Gradier Xanatus was staring right into his eyes.

Gustav flinched back and deactivated God Eyes.

The supervisors returned their focus to their duties while Gradier Xanatus smiled before continuing.

'Gradier Xanatus seems really powerful... Not as powerful as Miss Aimee, but his strength cannot be taken lightly.' Gustav noticed this after retracting his vision.

I have to be careful, so he doesn't see through me and notice my many abilities like Miss Aimee did since I don't know his intentions yet.

Gustav focused back on the floor after making this decision internally.

Glade, just like Teemee, had the same red-like aura covering her body. Still, the usage of her ability seemed to be different from his.

However, when Gustav used God Eyes to inspect her body, he could see that her internals seemed similar to his due to the color showcased.

This had Gustav wondering if their bloodlines were the same, but they unlocked different abilities for it.

Having a similar bloodline to another mixedblood was not an uncommon experience, but there were always one or several differences. Miss Aimee and Yuhiko had the same bloodline, but Miss Aimee couldn't create things from thin air while Yuhiko could do the same and transform one object into another.

Yuhiko's bloodline could be said to be more advanced than hers. Miss Aimee, being stronger, could create objects from thin air on a grander scale, unlike Yuhiko, who was soon exhausted after a few attempts.

Either way, people with the same bloodline always share similar abilities with slight differences. Still, Gustav hadn't seen any similar ability between Glade and Teemee bloodlines.

Glade dashed forward and smashed the AIs and cannons to pieces with the large sickles she conjured from the energy surrounding her.

Her strength was very impressive as well as her combat techniques.

Gustav could tell that she had been trained well in combat, unlike most other participants who fought like novices.

A slash of her sickle would sever an AI in two, and she would still be able to dodge the others as well as the shots fired at her with ease.

Her tail swung at the back and latched onto the neck of an AI. She lifted it and threw it towards one of the cannons causing both to be shattered into many pieces.

Her tail was like having a third hand, and surprisingly, it could also extend in length.

Not only was she different in physique, she also had a bloodline which was like having two abilities at the same time.

Ria wasn't doing badly too. Since his bloodline ability was attuned to rock manipulation, he already carried with him a few stones that could fit into his palm, knowing that he couldn't find anything to control within the vicinity.

Twwiii! Thwii! Thwii!

Stones flew around at extremely super speed, tearing into the metallic body of the AIs.

Another thing that helped him was that he could increase the size of the stones to a certain amount, so he made it sturdier too.

Glade finished before Ria did, and her score was calculated to be 9.2, while Ria was given the score of 8.3.

Ria wasn't satisfied after hearing her score from his side of the floor.

He didn't want to be a sore loser among the three, so he vowed to do better.

When the attack power sub-phase began, he increased the size of the stones to the max, merging them all into one to become as large as a small car, and he hurled it towards the large board in front.


A loud sound reverberated across the entire place as the numbers went up like crazy, and the board vibrated.

The rock crumbled to little pieces after contact due to the immense force from the collision.


This was the highest so far. Teemee and Maltida got lesser by a thousand plus.

Ria was satisfied with this input, and since he hadn't heard any sound from the other side, he figured that Glade hadn't done hers yet.

"Hehe, I'm definitely getting the highest in this sub-phase! You can kiss my ass, Glade!" He shouted out in a loud voice while his score was being calculated.

On the other side, Glade was currently closing her eyes as the red energy around her kept increasing in size.

She had made the sickles she conjured earlier disappear, and right now, she was conjuring something else.

The red aura-like energy kept on climbing to the extent that the entire floor was now shining bright red.

Even Ria saw it and turned to stare at the side.

'What is she up to?' He recognized that it must have been Glade's doing.

Above Glade, a large red cylindrical-shaped object was being formed from her red energy.

It was currently as large as a small truck. Still, it kept increasing in size till it became as large as a bungalow building.

-"What in the world?"

-"How can she create something this large?"

-"I can feel immense power coming from that thing,"

The participants said with looks of bewilderment on their faces as they saw this.

At this point, Glade was already starting to look fatigued.

She swung her arms that were currently raised up towards the large board in front.


The large cylindrical object descended with force and slammed into the board.