The Bloodline System - Chapter 208 - Calculation Error

Chapter 208 - Calculation Error

Chapter 208 - Calculation Error

The large cylindrical object descended with force and slammed into the board.


Ria's attack sounded like a gunshot, while hers sounded like an explosion.

The board vibrated with intensity and was nearly blown off while the floor, which also took some impact, had a fifty-foot wide dent, but it went back to normal in a few seconds.


The entire city, along with the participants within the vicinity, was shocked.

They started wondering why a participant as powerful as this wasn't among the candidates that passed the special test.

Looking at her strength level, she should be someone who passed. Same with Ria, Teemee, and Maltida. They were all cut out from the normal participants, yet they weren't among those who passed the special test. This was something the other participants couldn't understand.

Sweat dripped from Glade's forehead, and she trembled slightly as she grinned.

"I pulled it off," She stared at the numbers, which were still climbing.




The supervisors also stared at the numbers with wide eyes.

The lowest so far had been 4000 while Ria was the highest with 12000 and now Glade has surpassed that.

It wasn't that an attack power of 6000 pounds wasn't powerful, but the likes of Glade were stronger than expected.

The supervisors had thought that no participants would be able to get past 9000 since these ones were supposed to be weaker than those who passed the special test. However, it would seem that this wasn't the case.

Who knew just how inferior the participants with lower scores were feeling now

The score finally stopped at '16,700' and Glade was given a score of 9.5 while Ria was given 8.8.

Ria was dejected about getting lower, but he cheered up immediately after remembering that there were other phases.

They went on to the next sub-phase, which was aptitude reasoning/intelligence.

Ria was able to get higher than Glade in this sub-phase by solving more issues projected in the space than she did.

After some minutes, they finished the entire sub-phases. Ria was only able to get higher than Glade in just one sub-phase.

Even in the strength sub-phase, she still managed to get a score of 9 by lifting up to seven thousand pounds.

She was once again the highest in this phase.

After both of them left the floor and went back to their seats, everyone couldn't take their eyes off them.

Other participants that came next hardly piqued the interest of everyone again after seeing their performances.

The participants would occasionally glance in the direction of Glade. They would also notice Gustav, who was seated in the midst of the five with Angy beside him whenever they did that.

They remembered that he was also supposed to be strong and started wondering how his performance was going to be. They wondered if he could get as high as she did.

Since he hadn't really displayed his bloodline ability, they didn't know what to imagine.

Time passed as the participants went one after the other to partake in the sub-phases.

After more than a hundred participants had finished their tests, Gustav was finally called upon along with Angy.


'So it wasn't a coincidence... Could it be him?' Gustav once again stared at the judging area while standing up.

He and Angy moved towards the floor.

-"Oh, it's his turn now,"

-"I wonder how his performance is gonna be,"

-"He is very strong but can his performance surpass that of Glade?"

-"The girl is also really powerful. I wonder how high her attack power is going to be.

The participants focused on both of them.

They didn't want to miss a single detail.

In different parts of the city, the students from Echelon Academy and the teachers all stared at the screens with wide-open mouths.

"Gustav made it to the fourth phase?"

"Was it luck?"

"How did he do it?"

They couldn't wrap their heads around how Gustav was among the two hundred plus participants that managed to get this far.

In Gustav's former household, his father and mother stared at the screen in their houses with looks of shock.

"Is that Gustav?"

"How did he make it there? This must be a mistake. I refuse to believe this!" The mother shouted out.

"Shut up, woman! Stop making unnecessary noises, and let me watch so I can confirm if this is a farce!" The father shouted out and focused on the screen displaying Gustav and Angy moving towards the floor.


Angy turned to stare at Gustav as they closed in on the floor ahead and smiled.

"Good luck Gustav," She voiced out.

"You too, give it your best," Gustav returned the smile after saying.

They arrived on the floor and placed their hand on the wall that extended from the ground.

Trrooiinn! Trrooiinn!

Bright light engulfed their bodies for about five seconds, and after it died down, the technology suit could be seen on their bodies.

The wall descended as the AIs and cannons started appearing in front.

'Angy is sure to pass this sub-phase with ease,' Gustav said internally and decided not to worry about her.

'Now then, I'll focus on mine,' A smirk appeared on his face as he dashed forward.

[Dash has been activated]


Gustav moved once and appeared in front of one of the AIs on the side before throwing his fist out.


His fist tore through the chest of the AI, and he instantly sh