The Bloodline System - Chapter 206 - Pairing

Chapter 206 - Pairing

Chapter 206 - Pairing

The female participant managed to get there two minutes before the male, but both were worn out afterward.

Even though their injuries were healed because of the suit, they still felt fatigued after they finished each phase.


The robotic voice instructed, and both participants returned to their seating positions.

'Seven sub-phases, each with different tests based on candidate assessment data,' Gustav had taken note of a lot of things when the first two were about to start theirs.

The Robotic voice went on to call out the next two participants, and just like before, the floors were split into two halves, each with subdivisions.

'Looks like the AI calls out the participants randomly.' Gustav had also noticed that numbers were not being called in an ascending or descending order which meant that anyone could be called on at any time.

This further increased the tension in most participants' minds since no one could predict when it would be in their turn.

Gustav wasn't really bothered by the difficulty of the sub-phases. He was only thinking about one thing at the moment.

There was a sub-phase where the participant would have to channel their bloodline while placing their hand on a particular measurement device.

This time he couldn't hide it anymore. He had to make use of a bloodline during that sub-phase.

This measurement device would record the rank of a mixedblood and display it along with some information on the bloodline like the grade and ability.

He wasn't really bothered since he already knew what ability he was gonna display.

As time passed, most participants were either first, or second-step Zulu ranks with bloodlines ranging from D-grade to B-grade.

Even though one of the requirements for getting into the MBO was having a bloodline no less than C-grade, participants with lower bloodline grades were still given the opportunity to try it out.

According to the MBO, if they were able to get to the last phase with such low-grade bloodlines, they might be given a chance to get in.

Only about five participants so far had F-grade bloodlines. The rest were mainly C-grade, and only about two were B-grade so far.

Different participants displayed their abilities passing through phases.

Not a single person had been able to get up to a seven in the attack power sub-phase besides the serpentine girl that was one of the first participants.

After about two hours had gone by, Maltida's and Teemee's badge numbers were called out simultaneously.

Both walked over to the static floor to start their test.

Everyone already knew that Teemee and Maltida were among the strongest participants here, so they were curious about their performance.

Immediately after they changed into the organic suit, the test began.

Teemee dashed forward as red energy surrounded his entire frame.

While a strange whitish mist started erupting from Maltida's body as a white rhombus tattoo appeared on her forehead.


Her skin suddenly started to change color, and in the next second, she had turned into a silver-like being.

She slid forward on the floor that was being transformed into her current skin color as her hand morphed into a long sharp blade.


She pierced her arm into the chest of one of the AI droids causing it to transform from blue and red into silver.

Trrhi! Trrh! Trhhi!

The AI suddenly started malfunctioning and at the same time attacked the other AI that was about to land a hit on Maltida from the side.

'This is the first time I'm seeing her use her ability on this scale... She seems to have increased in strength,' Gustav thought.

Although he had seen Maltida use her bloodline before, he never really knew what her abilities comprised of.

He also turned to stare at Teemee's side of the floor.

'Decomposition? Or something else?' Gustav activated God eyes and zoomed in on Teemee using his bloodline to deal with an AI.

Teemee would grab onto a part of an AIs body, and it would instantly age and crumble. Nevertheless, Gustav felt that since this was the ability of his bloodline, he shouldn't be able to have speed. Also, he shouldn't have been able to pass through the gravitational area where the green ball of light was located.

'It's not decomposition... He's able to speed forward at times, increasing his speed by a lot even though it isn't his normal speed. He fired a red beam at one of the AIs earlier, and its movement slowed down,' Gustav thought about this deeply and realised that Teemee's bloodline was actually a very powerful one.

'He can accelerate and decelerate the composition of things... That's really powerful,' Gustav longed for this ability inwardly. Still, he didn't have plans of stealing the ability of those who hadn't wronged him or done something that went against his principles.

As the test continued, both of them passed through the first sub-phase with ease.

None of them were injured in the slightest, and every single one of the AI droids and cannons had been smashed to pieces behind them.

Their combat scores were displayed as '8.5'. They had both gotten the same score.

The entire audience was in shock because these were the highest so far. No other participant had gotten past eight points in the combat assessment score since the test began, and over thirty participants had finished already.

They continued on to the next ones and kept on getting high scores.

Throughout the entire sub-phase, none of them got lower than '8'. In the end, they were also graded, and their data assessment was updated.

Both returned to their seats amid the cheers and discussion of other participants.

For the next hour, other participants also went in and had their tests.

After two participants that barely managed to finish their tests left the floor, Glade and Ria were called on to start their tests.

'Hmm, both of them... Just like Maltida and Teemee,' Gustav could see a pattern here, and he looked forward to stare at the area of the supervisors.