The Bloodline System - Chapter 202 - Time Up

Chapter 202 - Time Up

Chapter 202 - Time Up

"You see, and that was when I managed to choose the right gateway, hahaha I'm pretty amazing, right?"

As expected, it was the voice of Ria.

"Such uncultured personality..." Gustav muttered with a distasteful look while munching on his meal.

'Ah, six is definitely a crowd,'

Gustav really wanted nothing more than a way to ditch them because they were causing unwanted attention. However, he was pretty sure that his presence would still draw attention even without them being here.

'I guess I'll have to get used to such things soon enough... Life was so much easier when I didn't bring much attention to myself,' Gustav said internally with a sigh.

'Well, they don't seem like a bad bunch... Let's see how things will end up,' Gustav decided to stop whining and continue his meal.

The group stayed within the eatery for the next one hour, discussing different things, ranging from the participants' current situation to life outside in the city.

Ria, Glade, and Angy were the most talkative out of the six, while Maltida and Teemee hardly spoke.

Teemee was very cool-headed, while Maltida wasn't that much of an open book herself.

As for Gustav, he only said one or two words and ignored most of the questions Ria and Glade asked.

After a few more minutes, Gustav stood up, "I wanna check out the premises. I'll meet up with you in the waiting room later,"

He voiced out before leaving.

"Ah, come on..." Ria was interrupted by Glade, who knocked him on the head.

"Your loud mouth probably affected his eardrums, so he needs some air to blow into it," She voiced out.

"Eh? You fouled mouthed cow tail," Ria replied while pointing at her.

Another round of arguing started between them.

Gustav arrived at the corridor and turned left.

He started moving from place to place across the floor.

He would occasionally bump into one participant or the other while walking about, and every single time they would stare at him weirdly.

Word had already spread about how Gustav finished the third phase before everyone else.

Those who were also in the same batch with him also added that he had been coming first in the previous phases, which further skyrocketed his current popularity.

At the moment, even the candidates that passed the special test started comparing their strength to his.

They didn't want to agree to the fact that a normal candidate could be stronger than they were. They had decided to pay attention to the next phase, where they would observe the participants from a closer angle.

Some of them also heard rumors about Gustav being the big brother of a special class candidate. However, they had one thought on their minds which was "if he was truly as strong as they heard about, then why wasn't he a special class candidate also."

Heck, he didn't even pass the special test, so some of them that hadn't seen him in action felt his strength was just being exaggerated.

After moving about for some time, only a few more minutes remained before the fourth phase.

Gustav was currently loitering about the room area.

He had been organizing his thoughts for the past hour while walking and making plans.

When he got to the front of the corridor that led to the room area, a red barrier appeared in front and prevented him from passing through.

Gustav placed his hand on the barrier, 'Looks like even the MBO barriers aren't impervious to 'energy installment' as expected of an A-grade bloodline.' Gustav could sense that if he made use of energy installment, he would be able to absorb the energy from the barrier in front of him and breakthrough it. However, that wasn't his goal at the moment.

He only came here with the intention of confirmation.

'It's almost time. I should head back,' Gustav turned around immediately after this thought came to his head.

"That's him," some voices could be heard in the background.

"Hey, you're Gustav, right?" Someone called out to him.

Gustav turned to stare at the corridor area and noticed that it was a boy with green hair. Beside him was a blonde girl.

"Who wants to know," Gustav replied.

"Except for his attractive features, he doesn't look any special to me. Are you sure you're Endric's brother?" The boy voiced with an unimpressed look.

"I don't have a brother," Gustav replied before resuming his steps.

"Hey, I'm still talking to you. Where do you think you're going?" The green-haired boy voiced out before proceeding to move forward, but the blonde girl grabbed him.

"What are you doing?" She asked with a confused look.

"Let go of me, you female simp," He pulled himself from her grip and started walking towards Gustav.

"I'm just going to test his strength, that's all hehe," The boy voiced out after arriving behind Gustav.

He cracked his knuckles and smiled before reaching out his palm to place it on Gustav's shoulder to stop him.

"Hey, you don't mind if I..." Before he could touch Gustav, the green-haired boy felt a strong grip on his wrist.

Gustav had grabbed onto his wrist without turning around.

"He..." Before the green-haired kid could react, he felt a strong pull from his wrist, and the next thing he knew, his body was flying through the air.


He was unable to regain his composure before he slammed into the wall on the right.


"Only two minutes left... I don't have time to mess around," Gustav voiced out before he resumed walking forward.

Everything in the line of sight of the green-haired kid was blurry at the moment.

His body had slammed into the wall with such force that he felt his vision darken for a few seconds before lighting up again.

By the time his vision cleared up completely, Gustav was out of sight.

The blonde girl walked towards him and asked, "Are you okay?"

"He defeated me with just a casual throw..." He voiced out with a look of confusion.

From behind, a boy with black curly hair walked towards them.

"So useless! You couldn't even stall him for two minutes,"