The Bloodline System - Chapter 203 - Appearance Of The Second Special Class

Chapter 203 - Appearance Of The Second Special Class

Chapter 203 - Appearance Of The Second Special Class

The blonde girl walked towards him and asked, "Are you okay?"

"He defeated me with just a casual throw..." He voiced out with a look of confusion.

From behind, a boy with black curly hair walked towards them.

"So useless! You couldn't even stall him for two minutes,"

They recognized the voice and turned around to stare at the person.

He was a young and handsome-looking boy who was about 5'7 in height. His looks were a bit similar to that of Gustav's.

"Endric," Both of them voiced out at the same time.

Endric was Gustav's younger brother, who was currently eleven years of age. However, he looked like a sixteen-year-old.

"You had one simple task, and you messed it up. Worthless!" Endric walked to the front of the green-haired boy as he spoke.

"I'm sorry, I don't know how it happened! I'll get him next time!" The boy shouted out with a look of panic on his face.

It turned out that Endric wanted to delay Gustav so he would get there later than the time. With the MBO being time strict, he would definitely be disqualified if he arrived even a second later.


Endric spat on the green-haired kid's face. A boy who happened to be way older than he was. The green-haired kid didn't even try to fight back.

He had a panicked look on his face as the saliva rolled down his forehead.

"Endric what... Why did you do that?" The blonde girl voiced out, but Endric ignored her and raised his foot to stomp on the boy's face.

Thomp! Thomp!

"How could you let that useless trash throw you around like that!"

Thomp! Thomp!

"It means you're just as useless,"

Thomp! Thomp!

Endric kept stomping on the boy's face while speaking until blood started flowing from his face.

The boy kept trying to beg, but the sole of Endric's shoe would cover his entire face. So, he wasn't able to get the words out.

Thomp! Thomp! Thomp!

Endric's face shone anger as he repeatedly stomped on the green-haired kid's face. He pictured Gustav's face being underneath his foot and started laughing crazily as he stomped.

"Endric, stop it!" The blonde girl behind couldn't take it anymore more and shouted out while reaching out to grab Endric's arm.

"Get off, Paula!" Endric not only pulled his arm back but also pushed her.


It was just a casual push, but he subconsciously made use of his telekinesis, so she ended up flying far backwards till she slammed her back against the wall.


"I will kill that useless scum of a big brother!" Endric voiced out while laughing as he continued to stomp on the face of the green-haired kid that was already covered in blood.

There were about six candidates within the vicinity, but they only stared at what was happening and didn't interfere. Everyone was scared of interfering and incurring Endric's wrath on them.


A loud voice was heard in the hallway.

Step! Step! Step!

A teenage boy with pale white skin sporting silver-colored hair could be seen walking down the hallway towards Endric.

He was almost seven feet tall with a slender figure. His hair was so long, it was reaching his buttocks area, and half his face was covered due to this.

His looks were so beautiful that he could be mistaken for a girl.

He looked quite weak. Still, the candidates in the vicinity stared at him with respect and moved to the side to create a path for him to walk through.

-"It's Aidris!"

-"I can't believe he left his room today!"

-"Oh my goodness,"

-"I hope he ends Endric's bullying. After all, he's a special class too,"

The voices from the candidates in the background could be heard as more and more candidates arrived on the scene.

Aidris steps were very light and graceful. His eyes were closed, but he was walking perfectly like he could see the environment without looking.

Endric ignored his call and kept stomping on the face of the green-haired kid whose skull had nearly been cracked open at this point.

"BACK DOWN!" He voiced out again as he closed in on them.

His voice sounded calm, especially with the way he spoke, but it was extremely loud.

Endric still ignored his call and kept stomping.

Thomp! Thomp! Thomp!

Immediately the teenage boy was five feet away from their position; he opened his eyes.


A pair of beautiful eyes glowing with different colors were revealed.

-"He opened them?"

-"Oh, my goodness, I can't believe he opened his eyes,"

-"So pretty,"

His irises and pupils had so many different colors blended together that they could be mistaken for rainbows. Even rainbows could be said to be lacking in comparison.

However, immediately his eyes opened, the surroundings lost color.


It was almost like the color in the surroundings was being absorbed by an invisible force.


Aidris reached out his hand to grab Endric's as everything in the surroundings turned black and white.

Endric sensed a dangerous force building up around him and jumped backward.


He landed a few steps backwards and threw Aidris a provocative glance.

"WHAT IS IT? YOU WANNA GO?" Endric's forehead creased together as he stretched out his right palm towards Aidris.

The space around them turned weird and started to twist and turn.


Aidris also stretched out his hand, and glowing colors of different kinds like indigo, velvet, scarlet, aqua, blue, cobalt, ash, and yellow started gathering around his palm.

The tension in the air increased as they stared at each other for a few seconds.

Just as both of them wanted to lunge forward...

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

A loud alarm rang out, and three officials appeared in their midst.

One was in black while the other two were in red outfits.

"That's enough," The one in black voiced out, and everything instantly went back to normal.