The Bloodline System - Chapter 201 - Two Hours Break

Chapter 201 - Two Hours Break

Chapter 201 - Two Hours Break

After Gradier Xanatus revealed some of these things to them, he finally decided to speak about the next phase.

"I will now give explanations on the next phase; listen attentively,"

The hall quietened again after hearing that.

"The next phase is going to be based on your capabilities. This particular phase has a lot of sub-phases," Gradier Xanatus added.

The participants were once again confused by his statement but waited for more explanation.

"In other words, the next phase is going to be where we test out your physical capabilities based on your bloodline and some other things." Gradius Xanatus paused for a second before he continued explaining. "There will be a few sub-phases where different aspects of your abilities will be tested. One of which includes combat capability. We, the five supervisors, will observe you, participants, as you partake in each sub-phase. Based on our observation, we will give an evaluation that will reflect in your candidate assessment data,"

"Right now, about two hundred plus participants have successfully made it to this stage, and I commend you all once again," Gradier Xanatus stated.

"Like I have mentioned earlier, the next phase will be broadcasted across the entire city so everyone will be watching your performance,"

When Gradier Xanatus got to this point, tension could be seen on many participants' faces.

They were starting to feel pressure due to not wanting to mess up. Unknown to them this was the aim of the MBO.

The MBO wanted to increase the pressure that the participants felt while undergoing the test.

"Lastly, the grading system will be revealed after the fourth phase where your points will be displayed, and participants below fifty points will be disqualified." Gradier Xanatus pointed out.

Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!

Tension once again increased in the atmosphere after Gradier Xanatus finished speaking.

Since the grading system hadn't been revealed, no one knew how many points they currently had, which means they had no idea on how much effort they were to put in to make sure they achieved fifty points at the end of the day.

However, they knew they couldn't do anything about it, so they decided to give it their all like they had been doing earlier. Still, the fear of the unknown plagued the participants' minds.

"Now then, you have a two-hour break before the start of the next phase,"

These were Gradier Xanatus's last words for them before the five supervisors disappeared just as they had appeared earlier.

Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!

-"What are we supposed to be doing for the next two hours?"

-"Erm, how about resting and preparing ourselves,"

-"I wonder if this floor is like the ones we were previously on,"

Some of the participants voiced out after the disappearance of the supervisors.

"Map," Gustav called out while raising his right palm.


The outline of this floor's map was displayed in a holographic form above his palm.

Just like he suspected, the map had been updated and was no longer that of the floor they previously were on.

Everyone also activated their map and noticed this. Like the various floors these participants had been in, this floor also had an eatery, rooms, a training lounge, and some other places.

The only issue was, apart from the waiting room, eatery, and corridors, other places on the floor were reddened on the map.

Which meant they weren't authorized to visit anywhere else.

Gustav could already guess that the rooms were only available to the students that passed the special test.

He was still intrigued about the mention of a special class. However, he could tell that not everyone that passed the test was considered a special class.

"Angy, we're leaving," Gustav stood up after saying that.

He started walking towards the entrance on the left.

He paused in front of the large glass wall on the way and stared at the city in front.

"Come with us, Glade," Angy offered while smiling before standing up, "Um, and you too... Maltida, right?" Angy looked down at Maltida while speaking.

"It doesn't seem like he wants me around," Maltida said with a wry smile.

"You both graduated from the same school, right?" Angy asked with a smile.

Maltida nodded in affirmation.

"Then you have nothing to worry about... Among all his peers from, high school you're the only one he speaks to. That already means he wants you around," Angy said with a smile.

'This girl seems to understand him a lot... I wonder what their relationship is,' Maltida said internally before proceeding to stand up.

"Angy, are you coming or what?" Gustav voiced out from up ahead before proceeding to keep walking.

Angy, Maltida, and Glade approached Gustav from behind, and they all started walking towards the exit.

"Hold it there, rival! You didn't think you could get rid of me, right?"

A loud masculine voice was heard coming from behind.

Gustav didn't need to turn around before he knew who the voice belonged to.

"Not this loud idiot again," Glade voiced out as she turned around to stare at the person responsible.

Ria and Teemee could be seen heading towards them from behind.

"Haha, cow tail, since you managed to pass, then I'd naturally do so also," Ria pointed at Glade as he spoke.

"You little piece of shit, who are you calling a cow tail?" Glade said while her forehead squeezed in annoyance.

"You know she could still easily beat you just like the last time, right?" Teemee said with a look of pity.

"Hmph! As if... My only rival is him... Eh?" Ria pointed at the front after voicing out, but Gustav had disappeared.

"Ehhh?" He looked forward and noticed that Gustav was already leaving through the exit.

"Hold up!"


Several minutes later, a particular table on the southwest corner of the eatery was occupied by a group of six.

Everyone within the eatery would occasionally stare at that particular table because of the loudness of a particular person among the group.

"You see, and that was when I managed to pick the right gateway, hahaha I'm pretty amazing, right?"

As expected, it was the voice of Ria.

"Such uncultured personality..." Gustav muttered with a distasteful look while munching on his meal.

'Ah, six is definitely a crowd,'