The Bloodline System - Chapter 200 - The Five Supervisors

Chapter 200 - The Five Supervisors

Chapter 200 - The Five Supervisors

Ebun sabotaged the kitchen equipment and used his clone to fool them so there won't be anything tying him to the case.

Gustav kept investigating Ebun for two days while training and visiting the border.

He started seeing more strange things within the border the more he visited. However, he was more focused on dealing with the kitchen incident, so he only noted those weird things for the time being but didn't act on them.

During his investigation on Ebun, he also found out that he was just a serial ranked mixedblood. Gustav's strength had been increasing like crazy, so he believed he could handle a first step serial rank at the very least.

'Time to go have a chat with Ebun,' Gustav said internally after another day at school and proceeded to head towards the laboratory.

Gustav had formulated a plan already, so it was time for him to visit Ebun.


-MBO Tower (Floor 602)

Within the hall, almost two hundred participants could be seen sitting in various parts of the hall.

Only a few youngsters in white outfits could be seen at this time.

Most of them left the waiting room when it started to get crowded from participants arriving after finishing the third phase.

It was almost time for the third phase to come to an end.

Only a few minutes were remaining so participants still in the furry world could be seen moving around frantically, trying to look for a gateway.

Most of them could tell the difference between the real and illusionary gates after entering the wrong one numerous times. However, the main problem they had at the moment was finding a region that gateways still appeared in.

It was already well known that once a participant went through an illusionary gateway, the gateways wouldn't appear in that region anymore.

They would have to find another region with an unentered gateway, and this was proving hard for them at the moment. This was because most regions already had participants that had gone through one of the gateways that appeared.

Gustav was no longer focusing on the screen up ahead. Instead, he was currently engaging in a conversation with someone who appeared some minutes after Angy and Glade did.

A white-haired girl with beautiful and slender looks sat on his left side while Angy and Glade were seated on his right.

"Maltida, remember what I said... It all depends on your performance during the test. I will not bother helping you out or anything... Show me that you're worthy of being an ally," Gustav said with a solemn look while staring at her.

This girl was none other than Matilda, who wanted Gustav's companionship.

"I thought I had done that already," Maltida replied with a crestfallen look.

"Not enough... I need to see more. If that is all you got, then your plans are pointless," Gustav replied.

Maltida stared at Gustav with a saddened expression and was about to reply when flashes of bright light appeared in the middle of the hall.

Zing! Zing! Zing! Zing! Zing!

The five supervisors could be seen in the middle of the room after the lights vanished.

Gradier Xanatus was in their midst.

He walked forward immediately after they appeared.

"The third phase has ended!" He voiced out.

The projection in front disappeared after he said that.

"All the participants gathered here at the moment has successfully completed the third phase and are entitled to enter the fourth,"

Cheer! Cheer! Cheer!

The participants started cheering after hearing that. Smiles could be seen on everyone's faces because the next phase would be broadcasted all over the city.

This was where they got to show off before the ultimate fifth phase, which would be taking place in another location.

"Before I explain how the next phase is going to proceed, we, the five supervisors of this test site, shall introduce ourselves," Gradier Xanatus voiced out.

The five supervisors were known to the various batches they supervised, but to the others, they were unknown.

Now that they would all be supervising the rest of the participants together, Gradier Xanatus felt an introduction was necessary.

"I am Gradier Xanatus, the chief supervisor for this test site," Gradier Xanatus voiced out with an authoritative look.

"I am Tinant Valgus, a surbordinate of sir Xanatus," The female supervisor with blue facial hair all over her face stepped forward and spoke. She seemed to give off a dangerous vibe.

Afterward, the male supervisor with worm-like hairs stepped forward and spoke, "I am Tinant Chuks, a surbordinate of sir Xanatus,"

He gave off a slightly easy-going vibe.

The next supervisor was the female with black flowing hair, "I am Tinant Errie, also a surbordinate of sir Xanatus," She said with a cold gaze.

The last to introduce himself was the supervisor with a Rhino horn on his forehead, "I am Tinant Gondraga, a subordinate of sir Xanatus," He voiced out with a deep and menacing tone.

His name was just as intimidating as his huge figure.

At first, everyone wondered if the first and the second supervisor were related. However, as the rest also introduced themselves, they felt something was wrong somewhere.

Gradier Xanatus decided to disperse their confusion.

"Tinant is A rank in the MBO as is Gradier. You will learn more about that if you're able to make the cut," Gradier Xanatus explained.

Things made more sense after he mentioned that. The participants in Gustav's batch now understood that Gradier wasn't even a name but actually a rank.

Gradier Xanatus revealed a few more things to them, including the MBO tower.

This was when they learned that the MBO Tower here was one of the six in the entire world. There were other MBO bases but only six of these types of the tower were built.

Their main purpose was intergalactic travels. The MBO tower had a total of one thousand nine hundred and fifty-three floors.

The last fifty floors, which were also the biggest, were constructed especially for intergalactic purposes.

There were spacecraft of different kinds there, and it also happened to be that the last fifty floors also reached outer space.

After Gradier Xanatus revealed some of these things to them, he finally decided to speak about the next phase.

"I will now give explanations on the next phase; listen attentively,"