The Bloodline System - Chapter 199 - The Cloning Revelation

Chapter 199 - The Cloning Revelation

Chapter 199 - The Cloning Revelation

"How did you think of using that creature as a means of differentiating between the real and fake gateway?" Gustav asked with a look of amazement.

"Erm," Angy stared at Gustav's face

and her ears turned red as she moved her face towards the front to avoid eye contact.

"I only thought of what you would do in that situation, and the idea came to me," She muttered with a bashful look as her face turned even redder than before.

Glade heard that and sneakily took glances at Angy from the side.

'She's tripping hard,' Glade said internally before staring at Gustav from the side.

``With the reaction, I'm seeing, he doesn't seem interested in things like that... poor girl,' Glade said internally with a look of pity.

She was already fond of Angy because of her kindness, so she sympathized with her.

"That looked like something I could think of doing, but you deserve all the praise for coming up with something like that on your own, well-done Angy," Gustav praised her once again.

'Wow, the idiot has no idea, huh? Just how much of a dummy is he not to notice?' Glade secretly cussed at Gustav for his cluelessness.

Even if he did know, I don't think he'll act on it... He seems like he's very focused... His reason for joining the MBO is probably keeping all other things from causing a distraction for him. I think she also noticed this... Maybe that's why she never revealed it to him,' Glade Analysed while watching the both of them discuss.

Angy had made use of the furry creature because she noticed that they could sense their kind.

The furry world was virtual, but it had certain real aspects, including the illusionary gateway leading to where the furry creatures were located.

Her reason for placing the furry creature she took hostage after using her special ability was to use it in figuring out which gateway it was real.

The creature was terrified of her, so the moment she placed it in front of the gateways, it immediately started scrambling towards the gateway that led to its kin.

Angy instantly figured out that the other gateway was the real one.

Gustav didn't come into contact with these creatures, so he had no idea that this was the case. He praised Angy again.

He was genuinely proud of her because her new ability was unlocked when they were training weeks back. Not only did she use her ability properly, but she also made use of her brain to find a way out.

Glade looked around the hall, and she could see the people around them stealing glances at Gustav and Angy occasionally.

She could understand them staring at Gustav like that since he was pretty much the strongest participant in the hall. She also had no doubt that his strength rivaled even that of the students that passed the special test. Still, she couldn't understand why they were also staring at Angy in that manner.

She had no idea the feats Angy had performed before passing the test.

At the moment, it had been two hours since the test began.

Only four hours were remaining before the ending of the current test. So, the participants that had passed had to keep waiting.

The students that passed the special test could leave the waiting room at any time to walk around the floor, but the participants that had just arrived were not authorized to.

As they waited, the population in the hall was slowly starting to increase.

Every thirty minutes, about ten to fifteen participants would appear within the hall with a weary look.

The more a person remained in the pod connected to the furry world, the more mentally strained they become. This was the reason why the participants looked fatigued.

Gustav's mind wandered back to several weeks back as they waited.


After Gustav saw Anu, the dark-skinned new guy who was supposed to be in charge of the cooking equipment that exploded, he decided to do research about him in the lab.

That same day when he saw Anu with Mr. Lon, he overheard their conversation within one of the offices.


"I must say, you really did a fantastic job handling the kitchen incident, Mr. Ebun," Mr. Lon's first statement confirmed Gustav's suspicions.

"Haha, it was a piece of cake for me. All that was needed was the connections and right scenarios to fool that old man into hiring me," Gustav could hear Anu reply. However, at this moment, he already understood that Anu wasn't his real name; instead, it was Ebunoluwa.

"Your cloning bloodline really came in handy. It was really perfect to the extent that no one could tell that it was an artificial corpse," Mr. Lon added.

"Haha, thanks, Mr. Lon, but perfecting my clone for that mission cost me quite a sum since I had to use materials from the lab," Ebun said once again.

"Of course I have your payment here... That old man was really sickening for trying to side with a trash mixedblood. You did a good job getting him out of the way in the most degrading manner possible. hahaha, a chef that will never be given the opportunity to set foot in the kitchen for the rest of his life,"

Hearing Mr. Lon's laughter, Gustav felt an intense urge to kick the door open and murder him in the most gruesome way possible, but he held himself back.

'It's not time yet... When the time is right, I'll make them all pay,' Gustav swore within himself and proceeded to keep listening till their meeting was over.

After Mr. Lon left, Gustav stuck around the laboratory for a bit and asked about Ebun.

He confirmed that Ebun truly had a bloodline that let him split himself into two and create a clone from one-half of his body.

This was exactly how they were fooled by the corpse that was found in the kitchen.

Ebun sabotaged the kitchen equipment and used his clone to fool them so there won't be anything tying him to the case.