The Bloodline System - Chapter 198 - Clever Decision

Chapter 198 - Clever Decision

Chapter 198 - Clever Decision

"No, we'll have to go through one of them also. After this, I'll have studied enough to figure out the difference," The boy in full blue bodysuit replied as they moved forward.

"Do you still have enough juice to take us all on a jump?" One of them asked again, and the boy replied by nodding.

Ahead of them were two glowing silver gateways.

It would seem these participants could pinpoint the location where the gateways appeared.

From their conversation, Angy already deduced that they planned on entering one of the gateways blindly.


She quickly dashed forward and arrived in front of the group.

The group paused their movement and stared at her with suspicious gazes.

She finally placed the furry creature that had been in her arms all this time on the ground several feet in front of the two gateways.

"Hey! Who the hell are you? Get out of our way!" A girl in a pink outfit shouted out.

Angy turned around and stared at them.

"If you want to finish the test now, you can follow me," Angy said and proceeded to look forward again.

"Hey, you, why would we follow you?" The girl behind shouted out again, but Angy ignored her and focused on the furry creature she placed on the ground.

The creature's body erupted in flames once again as it started moving forward towards the gateway on the right.

The participants behind were about to attack Angy so she could get out of the way.

Immediately Angy determined that the furry creature was moving towards the gateway on the right; she dashed towards the gateway on the left.

They were surprised at her sudden action and were unable to react until she arrived in front of the gateway on the left.

-"Stop her!"

-"She's going to ruin everything!"

Despite their shouting, no one was fast enough to stop her.

The boy in full blue bodysuit disappeared and reappeared in front of the gateway, but it was too late.

Angy had gone right through it.

The furry creature she put on the ground was still moving forward towards the gateway on the right.

Both gateways were already starting to dim.

"Come on, we have to get out of here," The boy in full blue bodysuit shouted out.

The rest of the group ran forward to meet him, but that was when they noticed something.

-"Guys, those creatures haven't come out..."

-"Also, that girl didn't appear on the other side after going through the gateway,"

-"She immediately disappeared after going through this gateway,"

They all turned to stare at the furry creature that was still moving towards the gateway on the right.

They recognized it as one of the creatures that constantly flooded out of the illusionary gateways.

"That means this particular gateway is real," They realized this in the next moment.

With no further ado, the group quickly went through the gateway.


Within the hall where lots of pods were situated, a few pods opened up in different parts of the large room.

Tsshhh! Tsshhh! Tsshhh!

At the same time Angy finished, some other participants also finished alongside her.

The group she left behind also awoke several seconds after she did.

They climbed out of their pods and stared at the glass wall above, on the east side of the hall.

"Congratulations on passing the third phase! You shall now be transported to the waiting room," Gradier Xanatus's voice reverberated across the room before the participants all disappeared with a flash of bright light.

'That was a really smart move, candidate 00121,' Gradier Xanatus said as he stared at the hall through the glass wall for a few seconds before turning to face the holographic projection once again.

'Let's see what the others have in store,'


Within the hall on floor 602, about seven participants appeared.

Angy was among the seven as well as Glade, the green-skinned girl.

They didn't see each other when they were in the hall earlier. Still, they noticed one another the instant they appeared within the hall.

"I see you're also among the ones who finished first again," Glade said with a smile.

"The same could be said about you," Angy replied with a smile as they walked towards the sitting area.

The group that followed after Angy when she went into the gateway approached her.

"We're sorry for earlier," They apologized for almost attacking her and also thanked her for her help.

Angy, of course, held no grudge towards them and smiled dismissively when they apologized.

"What of Gustav? He didn't get finish yet?" Glade asked as they approached the sitting area.

"He's over there," Angy pointed at the front where Gustav was in the sitting area, crossing his legs with his face turned towards the side.

"He didn't arrive with us... That means he was first again?" Glade voiced out with a bewildered expression.

"Naturally, hihi," Angy giggled sweetly after replying as they walked towards Gustav's seating position.

The participants that had just arrived were feeling intimidated at the sight of the people on white. They recognized some of them and instantly realised that this must be the batch from different schools within the city that passed the special test.

Some of them didn't even have the guts to sit on the same row with them and proceeded to find an unoccupied row. However, Gustav, Angy, and Glade didn't even bother about that.

They were currently seated together at the front, where these students packed themselves. They didn't look disturbed or intimidated in any way. In fact, those sitting beside them were the ones who looked intimidated.

"You did well, Angy," Gustav praised her with a smile.

"Ah no, it was nothing... Compared to you, I'm still lacking," Angy replied with a bashful expression.

"Don't sell yourself short," Gustav said once again while turning to stare at her.

Angy ears turned red as she noticed his glance.

'Are they like a couple or what?' Glade was starting to feel like the third wheel around them.

"How did you think of using that creature as a means of differentiating between the real and fake gateway?" Gustav asked with a look of amazement.