The Bloodline System - Chapter 197 - Appearance Of The Gateways

Chapter 197 - Appearance Of The Gateways

Chapter 197 - Appearance Of The Gateways

By the time it finished blasting outwards from her body, only the bodies of dead furry creatures could be seen in the vicinity.

Piles upon piles of corpses stacked upon one another could be seen in different parts of the surroundings.


Within the hall, everyone had their mouths wide open after witnessing what had just occurred.

The environs were full of destruction. Angy could be seen standing in place while holding onto something underneath her left armpit.

They couldn't understand how someone they gave so little attention thinking she was ordinary, happened to be one of the most powerful participants.

Even the supervisors were just as surprised.

Gradier Xanatus had taken notice of Angy from the previous test and calculated that she had to be the fastest participant. However, speed was something that every mixedblood would have as long as they kept increasing in strength. So, he was hoping she would have something else up her sleeves.

Now that he saw this, he had no doubt that Angy had potential.

"Looks like she is able to accumulate that whitish force when the kinetic energy generated from her speed reaches a particular level," Gradier Xanatus muttered with a look of delight.

"Also, from the looks of things, she can only discharge it while running... She seems to be in control of the ability too. Even though the kinetic energy can be accumulated to a particular amount, it's still a very good ability," The other female supervisor with black flowing hair stated lengthily.

"She is a prodigy," The other male supervisor with worm-like hairs added.

"But what is her reason for grabbing hold of one of them?" The supervisor with Rhino horn on his forehead asked with an inquisitive look.

The supervisors stared at the screen where Angy could be seen holding onto one of the furry creatures. This particular one was still alive, unlike the rest in the vicinity.

"I guess we shall see," Gradier Xanatus muttered.


Within the furry world, Angy held onto one of the creatures that were chasing her earlier.

This one was injured, and the fire that was initially on its body had gone out.

Angy had grabbed onto this particular one when she was in their midst before she released the whitish wave of energy surrounding her.

It stared at her with a timid look as she held onto it tightly.

The red glowing eyes that looked intimidating earlier were now nowhere to be found.

Angy turned around and started moving forward.

Her third horn reduced in size and went back into her forehead after a few seconds.

Towards her northeast was a plateau landscape.


She moved speedily in that direction while holding onto the scared creature.

This time she was making use of her normal speed.

She was headed towards a particularly high ground area that was rectangular-shaped from her location.

Of course, this high ground was also blazing with green and yellow fire, including the path that led to it.

Angy ran for about ten miles before reaching that particular high ground.

Her reason for heading there was because she noticed a swarm of flies surrounding that particular high ground.

On a closer look, they were wasps similar to the ones Gustav dealt with before finishing the test.

Angy had also come into contact with these wasps when she was climbing up that mountain region earlier on. So, she had a feeling that these wasps were always in regions where a gateway would appear.

She didn't plan on going back to that mountain region to wait for another gateway because she had already left that far behind.

She made the right decision by not going back there because a gateway will never appear in that particular region again after a person went through the illusionary one.

The regions that had V-red wasps guarding them were where the illusionary and real gateways often appeared.

Angy once again made the right decision by deciding to travel there.

Angy ran from the bottom of the highland plateau across the diagonal surface that led to the top.

It was only about two hundred meters in height.


She closed in on the top in a few seconds and could already see the wasps positioned at the top area.


Her speed increased explosively, and she dashed through the sea of wasps, arriving at the top of the highland plateau.

The wasps knew that a silhouette just streaked past them. Still, after looking around, they couldn't find anyone around the vicinity because Angy's speed was just too godlike for them to follow.

She had already given them a gap of more than three thousand feet after passing through their midst.

Atop this highland, trees, and plants of different kinds could be seen in the surroundings.

Everything was still blazing with fire, so Angy didn't pause for a moment.

The top of this highland was as large as a small island, and the temperature was really high.

After a few seconds of running, Angy could see some participants in the distance.

These participants were a group of four that didn't move from their position. They surrounded a small tree and stood in place.

They looked like they were waiting for something.

Angy decided not to approach them for now. Instead, she kept moving around the vicinity, checking for any abnormalities.

She moved from place to place across the top of the highland for about ten minutes.

When she didn't notice anything, she started thinking that the gates weren't going to appear. Nevertheless, she kept circling around the top.

After another twenty minutes went by, Angy was already thinking of leaving the region when a flash of bright silver light appeared towards the far East of her current position.


Angy quickly dashed in that direction. In a few seconds, she arrived back at where she found those group of participants earlier.

"Jack, have you figured out which one is the illusion?" One of the participants asked a boy in a full blue bodysuit.