The Bloodline System - Chapter 196 - Angy's Special Ability

Chapter 196 - Angy's Special Ability

Chapter 196 - Angy's Special Ability

The supervisors couldn't count how many times they had been astonished by Gustav's feats in the last thirty minutes.

When they watched his battle with the wasps, they realised that he couldn't even be compared to his brother.

"Looks like the big brother is better than the little brother, but how?" The female supervisor with blue facial hairs said with a surprised expression.

'Looks like they already figured it out,' Gustav said Internally upon hearing that as he stared at the supervisors with a calm look.

"I don't have a brother," He replied.

"What do you mean by the..." The male supervisor that leapt through the glass earlier didn't get to finish his statement before Gradier Xanatus interrupted.

"Now, let's not bother the young lad. He passed the test so, he will be sent back to the waiting room on floor 602," He added.

The other supervisors nodded in response.

"You will meet others that passed the special test there, so please be nice," Gradier Xanatus said to Gustav.

"I'll try," Gustav replied while putting his hands his pocket.

Gradier Xanatus smiled and snapped his finger.


A flash of bright light covered Gustav, and he disappeared in the next minute.

"Have you all forgotten your tasks as supervisors of this branch test location," Gradier Xanatus said with a solemn expression on his face.

The supervisors showed a remorseful expression after hearing Gradier Xanatus reprimand them.

Gradier Xanatus turned to stare at the holographic split screens after saying that.

His eyes went from screen to screen checking out different participants that were still undergoing the third phase.

His eyes slightly widened as he noticed something.

"That girl..."

The other supervisors followed his line of sight and noticed the same.


Gustav reappeared in a large hall where young adults in white clothing could be seen seated.

They were all staring at the huge holographic projection in front before he arrived.

When Gustav arrived, everyone turned to the side to stare at him.

Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!

-"Is that him?"

-"Oh my, he looks so out of this world,"

-"He is crazily good looking but also intimidating in person,"

-"I can't believe he passed the third phase in less than an hour,"

Amid the discussions about himself, Gustav walked forward gracefully, attracting everyone's attention even more.

Some of the girls were blushing while staring at Gustav's extremely charming and confident looks. Most of the boys were feeling jealous, especially those that also graduated from Echelon Academy.

They couldn't wrap their heads around the fact that he was able to perform feats they couldn't, especially after remembering how he used to be the trash of Echelon Academy.

The question all of them had on their minds at the moment was, 'What caused such a change?'

Gustav could see his former classmates seated at a particular spot together behind.

"Losers will always stick together," He muttered with a look of disinterest.

Yuhiko stared at him from her seating position, hoping he would throw her a glance or two. However, to her disappointment, Gustav didn't even bother looking in their direction.

He moved towards the front and picked a seat there.

The participants on that line only stared at him. Some wanted to initiate a conversation but didn't know how to.

"Oh, she seems to be using it," Gustav muttered while staring at the holographic projection displaying the participants within the furry world.

On the top left corner of the projection, a whitish wave could be seen surrounding Angy's figure as she dashed across the place.

The others within the room also noticed this part of the projection and wondered who she was. This is because they couldn't see her looks properly due to the whitish wave surrounding her.


Angy had already passed the mountain regions in the furry world, and now she was running across a plain field.


Her body sliced through the air, generating massive gusts of wind due to her intense speed.

The whitish wave surrounding her continued to increase in size as she ran.

Her current speed was so fast that the creatures chasing behind her couldn't follow her speed a few seconds after she activated this form.

She already left them in the dust. After running forward for one more minute, Angy performed a surprising action.

She turned around and started running back in the direction she came from.

This action surprised everyone that was watching. They wondered why she would be heading back in the direction of those creatures after escaping them.

The whitish wave surrounding her had now covered a radius of more than a hundred feet as she closed in on the thousands of furry like creatures ahead.

Gradier Xanatus and the other supervisors already had an idea of what she would do. Still, no one knew what her end goal was.

Even Gustav had no idea of what her end goal was, even if he knew what she was planning at the moment.

Angy closed in on the creatures, with the whitish wave surrounding her expanding more and more.

The creatures already noticed her approach and crazily lunged towards her.

Immediately Angy arrived in front of them, they leapt upwards towards her.

Angy kept running till she arrived in the midst of the thousands of creatures.

They bared fangs and swung out their claws as they descended from the air upon her.

"Release!" Angy voiced out.

The creatures in mid-air suddenly felt a sense of crisis as their furs stood in fear, but it was too late.


The whitish wave that had been accumulating around her suddenly burst forth from her body, spreading across the surroundings.

It slammed forcefully into the creatures within the vicinity, sending them flying into the distance with broken bones and disfigured looks.

The whitish wave kept on spreading, disintegrating a lot of things in the surroundings until it covered a radius of more than a thousand feet.

By the time it finished blasting outwards from her body, only the bodies of the dead furry creatures could be seen in the vicinity.

Piles upon piles of corpses stacked uppn one another could be seen in different parts of the surroundings.