The Bloodline System - Chapter 195 - Finishing First Once Again

Chapter 195 - Finishing First Once Again

Chapter 195 - Finishing First Once Again

Zwooon! Swoooshhh!

Both Gustav and the wasp dashed out at the same time towards each other.

Just as they were about to collide again, Gustav suddenly turned towards the left.

[Sprint has been activated]


The wasp passed behind him as he turned to the side, and he dashed forward with intense speed.

Zwii! Zwii! Zwii! Zwii!

He dodged trees as he moved towards the gateways up ahead.

The wasp noticing that it missed its target turned around and started chasing after Gustav. After moving forward for a bit, Gustav started using his Sprint, so the gap between him and the wasp increased significantly.


Gustav leapt from the ground and landed on a blazing branch of a tree several hundred feet away.


Immediately his feet made contact with the branch; it bent to its limit before swinging his entire body upwards with force.

Due to Gustav's speed, the fire could not hurt him since his body only made contact for less than a second.


Gustav body travelled in mid-air towards the gateway on the left.

Both gateways were almost faded completely, but he could still see the difference between both gateways.

Both were already getting transparent as their light faded, but the right one was more transparent than the left.


Gustav's body was about seventy feet away when the first wasp he dealt with suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

This was the same wasp he threw away the other time.

'It was waiting for me here?' Gustav said Internally as he stared at the wasp approaching from underneath.

The wasps were able to accelerate at immense speed, and this one had been waiting for him to get here so it could attack, so contact was practically impossible.

'A moment pause will make me miss the gateway,' Gustav reckoned.

[Gravitational displacement has been activated]

Gustav's body suddenly became a lot lighter, causing him to stop descending as he travelled in mid-air.


He spun his body, missing the mouth of the wasp and appearing above its head.

[Gravitational displacement has been deactivated]

[Combination has been activated]

[Sprint + Dash]

[-800 EP]

Gustav landed on its head and squatted a bit before pushing himself forward.


His body blurred and appeared in front of the gateway instantly before disappearing into it.

The large wasp body descended from the air with speed due to the Intense push from Gustav's legs.


It slammed into the ground creating a small pit as blood burst out of its body.


It screeched out in pain as both gateways disappeared.

Gustav opened his eyes and found himself back in the pod.


The pod slid open, causing a small amount of gas to escape through it.

Gustav could see the shocked faces of the supervisors, especially the rhino horned one that he sensed hostility from earlier on.

"Welcome back," Gradier Xanatus smiled while speaking.


Back in the furry world, lots of participants had seen gateways appear in different regions. Still, due to both gateways looking exactly the same, not a single one of them had managed to pick the right one.

These gateways would just appear randomly, and whenever they went through the wrong gateway, small sinister-looking creatures with furs would appear to chase after the person that went through it.

These creatures looked like a mixture of rabbits, bunnies and squirrels. However, they looked a lot more menacing with red glowing eyes.

They would never stop chasing their prey until they had got them and devoured their entire body till there was nothing left.

After this, the participant would respawn thousands of feet behind where they had fallen and start travelling forward once again.

At least two hundred participants had fallen to this, and not a single one of them had been able to outrun these creatures. Because the farther they pursued, the faster they became.

At the moment, only one person had managed to outrun the creatures for so long, and that was Angy.

Angy had run down from the mountain she was being chased on earlier. She was now running on a path that was in the middle of two large mountains.

The path was also blazing with green and yellow fire.

Numerous numbers of furry-like creatures chased after her from behind.


Angy was currently moving at a speed that couldn't be followed with the naked eyes, yet the creatures were able to keep up with her.

'Looks like it's time for me to use it,' Angy said internally as her eyes color suddenly changed to silver.

A third horn suddenly sprouted from her forehead.


"Kid, how did you do it?" The rhino horned supervisor asked with a look of confusion.

Gustav shrugged his shoulders and climbed out of the pod.

"You went in there later than everyone but still came out earlier," He added with a suspicious gaze.

"What's wrong with that?" Gustav asked with an undisturbed expression.

"You are..." He was about to continue when the people on lab coats and helmets interrupted.

"Now now, Sir Nolan, we have to run tests for any abnormalities within his brain, so please refrain from disturbing him,"

The supervisor with the Rhino horn backed down after hearing that. Still, he stared at Gustav with a suspicious look.

The other supervisors were just as astonished. They watched as the people in lab coat placed two circular objects on the side of Gustav's head.

A diagram appeared in front of them, and they checked it out for a few minutes before taking the button off his head.

"He's perfectly fine... There's not a single sign of brain strain," One of them voiced out before proceeding to leave the room with the others.

"What the..?"

"Not even the special class candidates can make use of this pod without suffering one temporary brain strain or the other," The male supervisor with worm-like hairs said with a look of astonishment.

The supervisors couldn't count how many times they had been wowed by Gustav's feats in the last thirty minutes.