The Bloodline System - Chapter 184 - Second Phase Comes To An End

Chapter 184 - Second Phase Comes To An End

Chapter 184 - Second Phase Comes To An End

'It's time,' Gustav said internally while looking up.

Everyone followed his line of sight and stared at the spherical ball of green light above.

The next thing they saw was underneath the spherical green light ball open up, and everyone within the space was sucked into it.


All the participants, who were about three hundred, disappeared within a flash.


A loud voice resounded across the test phase.

Those that hadn't managed to enter into the barrier of light before the announcement started lamenting.

Looks of disappointment, unhappiness, and remorse could be seen on their faces as they were teleported out of the space one after the other.


Gustav and the rest of the participants opened their eyes a moment later. They realized that they were now in a hall similar to the one everyone appeared in when they first arrived at the tower.

The number of participants left was nothing compared to the number of participants that gathered here initially, and this was only the second phase.

From what they knew about the MBO entrance test, it had at least five phases.

Most of the participants that arrived really late started rejoicing after hearing the announcement.

Although they looked fatigued, they had managed to make it to the next phase.

Gustav sat somewhere in the middle of the seats on the right side.

Angy joined him and positioned herself on his right-hand side while the green-skinned girl sat on Angy's right side.

Surprisingly, Teemee and the loudmouthed Ria sat down at Gustav's left-hand side as they waited for the MBO to address them on the next phase.

Gustav wasn't bothered by their decision to sit next to him. He just kept staring forward.

They didn't know that he was actually looking at something.


[Host Attributes]

-Name: Gustav Crimson

-Level: 21

-Class: Sub Parallel Being

-Exp: 181,200/3,360,000

-Hp: 9590/9600

-Energy: 3100/4250


┬╗Strength: 65

┬╗Perception: 62

┬╗Mental Fortitude: 62

┬╗Agility: 62

┬╗Speed: 64

┬╗Bravery: 62

┬╗Intelligence: 63

┬╗Charm: 62

┬╗Defence: 62

┬╗Vitality: 64

┬╗Endurance: 67

{Attributes points: 20}


Gustav stared at his attributes after using the attributes points he gained from finishing the daily task.

He was satisfied with the way he distributed them, but something caught his attention again.

'Hmm, I still don't know what this is all about... So far, it hasn't given me any sort of benefits,' Gustav stared at his class.

'Sub Parallel Being,' The moment he got to level 20, this appeared in front of the class, which had been displaying '???' since he got the system.

Gustav had been trying to figure out if there were any perks to this development. However, he hadn't noticed any changes or boons.

He had his suspicions about it, but he had no way of confirming what 'Sub Parallel Being' truly meant with the system not talking to him.

While Gustav's mind was still in a state of conflict, Gradier Xanatus appeared with a bright flash of light in the middle of the hall.

"Well done for making it this far," His voice reverberated across the room.

The hall quietened, and everyone focused on Gradier Xanatus as he continued speaking.

"As you all know it, the second phase has come to an end, and you all managed to pass. There will be an assessment score for each of your attributes at the end of the entrance test. The assessment score will later determine what squad you'll be placed in if you managed to make it to the end. As of this moment, each and every one of you has been given an endurance assessment score that is rated from one to ten." Gradier Xanatus said and paused for a brief moment. His eyes locked with Gustav for a second before looking away again and continuing.

"All this will be revealed by tomorrow when you're all being briefed on the third phase of the test. When the fourth phase begins, the MBO entrance test will be broadcasted across the world. There are chances that some of you will gain endorsements from different entourages if your performance is considered great..."

The hall became a little noisy as some of the participants' faces lit up with excitement.

"However, that is only if you can be successful in the third phase.

Participants also have the chance to catch the eyes of the higher-ups and get some hidden boon... The weak and talentless do not have a place within the MBO! We are protecting the lives of earthlings from terrestrial and intergalactic forces! Show that you're capable and prove yourself worthy if you truly want to be here!" Gradier Xanatus voiced out with an authoritative tone.

The participants were fired up by his statement. Some even forgot about their hunger for the time being as their faces lit up with determination.

"You will be given twelve hours break to refresh and replenish your energy. Lodges are available for you to rest based on the number of your badges. Also, the feeding lounge is open to you all, and you can get something to eat before going to bed," Gradier Xanatus said.

"Your badges are also equipped with a map of this floor. No one is allowed to go below or beyond this floor. Everything you need is available on this floor." Gradier Xanatus added before concluding, "Your time has started, so you all have less than twelve hours to freshen up,"


After Gradier Xanatus finished saying those words, he disappeared with a flash of bright light.

Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!

The room became noisy the moment Gradier Xanatus disappeared.

Everyone looked around for places they were supposed to head to.

This particular room was very large, but they could see the walls surrounding it. They began to wonder how they were going to leave.

Grrumm! Grrumm! Grumm!

Three different openings suddenly appeared on the east side of the room.

The three openings were as large as four hundred feet, so everyone could see the corridor it led to.

They didn't need to be told to understand that the passages led to different parts of the floor they were currently on.

"Map," Gustav called out while turning his palm to face his head.


Rays of light shot out of his palm as a small holographic map hovered above it.